FF:Just For Him-Chapter 3

You need to learn obedience as your first lesson  Ms. Gupta,i cannot tolerate in obedient employees AT ALL”

Before i could apologize to him or convince him that i wont repeat that thing again..i found his head was tilting down.

and next instant all sane thoughts lost my head..as his lips were crushed to mine!


My mind could only react for a split second and then it went blank.

all i was aware of him n his actions.

He grabbed me by my waist n pulled me yet closer towards him as if that was possible. we were practically clung to each other..but my senses were
really not working to notice that.

All i was aware of the havoc he was creating with his lips..just like a master he was playing with me as if he already knew each n every damn thing about me..Those expert lips were melding with mine with so much command as if it was some routine procedure for both of us..as if we are kissing like this from ages.

The breath whooshed out of my lungs suddenly when he nipped my bottom lip n couldnt help a gasp to escape my mouth.

Oh..that was what he was waiting for cuz suddenly i felt him smirking in the kiss as if telling me that its him who commands. without waiting for a second more he entered my mouth.

and that was the moment i realized that was indeed him..who’s having the say in this particular scenario.

His tongue was exploring each nook n corner of my  mouth, plunging in and out, playing with mine with that much passion that left me shivering to my very core.

My knees were turning into jelly and i wasnt sure i could stand up on my own feet for a second more..the unknown mushy n wobbly feeling arised somewhere deepdown from the pit of my stomach was running tenfold now..i clutched the lapels of his shirt very hard cuz at that moment they were my only pillar of support.

Before today..I never knew a simple kiss could play havoc to your senses,to your body, could numb your thought process to that level where you dont think about RIGHT or WRONG, where you dont care about morality, where sane thoughts were no where to be seen, all it felt like heaven, the feeling of being played like a guitar by someone very very expert and..

My thought process got interrupted n it felt like i’ve been thrown down back to earth from my dreamland when he suddenly broke the kiss.

He took one step back,crossed his arms across his chest n arched his brow,

YOU SEE Ms Gupta..”

and those words felt nothing but mockery on my face.

F*cking Hell!
i yelled internally.

That was just an ounce of what i was feeling at that moment..cuz i wanted to scream at the top of my voice..on HIM for doing this to me..but more on ME.

The thing that was bugging me like anything n laughing on my face right now was the fact that not even for once,i opposed him..i realized i NEVER
really stopped him from kissing me..but the million
dollar question was WHY?

and at this moment i certainly couldnt put all the BLAME on him cuz i too acted like some LUSTY WANTON BITCH!!!

with the last thought, it felt like somebody threw gallons of iced water on me.

HOLY shit!!!

Hell, m not that kind of girl..i’ve just gone through a terrible break up of my life where even the thought of going out with the opposite sex was something that puts me off..every time.

After that incident my friends, my buddies n my everything lavanya n payal were my only pillar of support. They were there every time i needed a
shoulder to cry on..to share my feelings or to vent out my frustration.

The reason m still alive n normal were because of both of them. had they not been there with me at that time i wont be able to overcome that incident of my life. They took care of me like my mothers,took me out
on shopping and yeah, literally dragged me out to party..we went out at nights to drink..it was their way of telling me that FREE, SINGLE n independent again is a reason enough to CELEBRATE..and i joined
them..even though halfheartedly.

They tried hooking me with other guys, tried setting up blind dates for me..I knew they were thinking of my well being only but i was wounded to a level that i was sure i wont be able to trust any male species again..going out..dating..or involving in some relation ship was certainly the LAST thing on my mind.

Slowly n gradually..life started becoming normal n i started LIVING once more..i realized i couldnt waste my life, crying over that jerk whom i loved more than my life..but easier said than done..somewhere deep down in my heart..i still wanted to meet him..to ask him once why he did this to me..i knew there would be some misunderstanding..i was hopping against hop that he too was suffering without me in the same way that i m.

“Take your seat..
“,a rough,low n dangerous voice coursed through n that was when i realized i was standing the whole time, without reacting, deep in my thoughts.

What to do!!!

i dint know why but i took the seat as he said..my mind continuously asking me, “why the hell m i listening to him” and my body was acting just

Just dont create any issues here khushi..came out of this cabin once n you are not gonna see his face again in your life.

Licking my lips, i took the seat..my heart still beating miles per minute..my legs still wobbly,my nerves were on fire and my mind BLANK!

still asking just one question WHY!!

What to do..i dont know..he took back his seat n picked up my folder..after gathering tonnes of courage i looked up at him, he was reading something
while his face was showing an amused expression.

That left me thinking ..what was that,he found so funny..? i tried remembering everything i wrote in my resume but couldnt came up with anything of that sort.

He cleared his throat n that was when i came back to my senses..thank god..i was about to nip my bottom lip…again. i took a breath of relief cuz i certainly dont want a repeat performance of that kiss.that left me shocked n errm..still wanting for some more.

He glanced at me..as if he’s capable of seeing through me.The tension inside the room was rising with each passing second…it was so thick that it could easily be sliced into two halves.My heart beating way too faster
as if I had just completed a Marathon.

I clutched a fistful of my skirt tightly in my hand, waiting for what he wanted to say next.

This is so dangerous..my sixth sense was alerting me since the moment I stepped inside his cabin.

He closed the folder n dropped it on the table. The only sound in the room was the thud with which the folder landed on that wooden mahogany desk.

and then he opened his mouth after a long time, looking directly into my eyes..and I couldnt even avert my eyes at that instant.

Let’s stop beating around the bushes. One thing I want to make clear..”

He stopped for a while, ensuring that he had my undivided attention, before uttering,

“I WANT YOU..Ms Gupta “

He said the last sentence with so much power n passion, looking directly into my eyes..with a glint in his hazel orbs, it sounded a statement to me more than a confession.

and it felt like that I have been slapped so hard on my face.

Holy shitt !!!

I should have known this coming.

I shuddered at his reply that was echoing in my mind now..dat too repeatedly.

The only sound coming from the room was ticking of the clock.

Why are you mute..answer him..say something..you cant sit like this for the whole day.

I slowly looked into his eyes,those hazel green eyes were surprisingly clear with not a spec of emotion over there and his face was surprisingly calm as if it was some normal interview session going on.


He was looking so unaffected by the kiss n here i was turning into bundle of nerves with each passing second.

i gathered my thoughts and bits of leftover courage ,hide those emotions that were suddenly writhing in my belly and finally opened my mouth,

“S..so..t…this was the reason i was offered that hefty amount of salary..”, i spoke in a low voice, my heart suddenly shattered n disheartened now that i know, all that was offered was not cuz of my abilities.

definitely NOT my working abilities!

“NOT AT ALL Ms Gupta..”
came his prompt reply.

I fired another question that sprang in my mind suddenly,

“Will i get to keep this job if i say NO to your early d…demands…?”

i dint knew from where i was getting the courage to say something like this.

Instead of his wrath that i was expecting in response, he took his time, as if replaying my question in his calculative mind..,his eyebrow cocked up n he

it was all as if, he was facing a denial for the first time n his life n he was founding it intresting!

I dint knew why i was waiting for his reply when just few minutes back i wanted to fled away from his cabin, not to look at him again in my life ever.

But even how much awkward that situation was..even how much mushed up my emotions were..I couldnt ignore the fact that this job is what i needed the most at this moment..something that would take me away from my haunting past.

i realized i had taken 99 steps n was just one step behind to claim what could possibly give me another chance at life..and at that time i was even ready to take risk of working under him..i remembered the amount of relief it would give to la n payal,they already had done so so much for me and i certainly dont wanna indulge them in my sorrows anymore.
This thing i wanted to do for them..to show them that yes..m moving..m living ..AGAIN!

n suddenly i felt my resolution getting stronger.

After few seconds,he replied with a “SURE” with a smirk still playing on his lips.

“okay..i would like to take this job then..n ONLY THIS JOB.
i replied suddenly feeling a bit confident..no i couldnt back down at this time.

i couldnt let go of this opportunity just cuz a person with hazel green orbs kissed me for biting my lips n left me wanting for more..i will deal with this later on, right now i need to secure my future.

Without saying anything, he took out one paper from the drawer, scribbled something on it n pushed it towards me.

I took it, still waiting for my answer ..whats with him and scribbling?

I gasped internally on founding out that it was my Appointment letter..hell i was not expecting it to be that simple.

I looked at him for confirmation n nodded,this time in appreciation,with no trace of mockery over there.

He got up from his seat,collecting his suit replied in a no nonsense manner,

You have to join from coming monday..contact my secretary..she’ll brief you the details. You will be working under Mrs. Collins..thats all..you may leave now..”

He dismissed me just like that without looking up, tapping something on his blackberry.

I thanked him quickly n the next instant fled away to the door without even giving a backward glance.

all the while feeling his unmoved gaze on me!

6 thoughts on “FF:Just For Him-Chapter 3

  1. Arnav seems to be a player at all this… It could be so insulting…
    I m eager to know how will Khushi avoid him..handle him .. when..despite making her point clear..she is wanting more…. wanting what …


  2. Arnav left her THAT easily or is there something else going in his mind?

    I really liked khushi’s courage and for stating her thoughts very clearly for arnav.

    Niw what happens in future will wait and read, aince sparks are on both side.


  3. Hats off to khushi for holding on her own against ASR and still getting the job on her own terms. Loved the update. 🙂 ship(13)


  4. Yeh kya???
    Sparks dono taraf hai but neither khushi accepted nor Arnav did fight!
    Khushi’s decision is acceptable but how did Arnav even leave her so easily?

    Liked by 1 person

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