FF:Just For Him-Chapter 2

“Welcome Miss Khushi Gupta”

I never knew it before,a small sentence could have such an impact.Yes, i was standing there…but my insides were literally shivering.


Knees turning into jellies!
I had heard that phrase n number of times, but actually experiencing it myself for real that time.

I looked down to make sure that i was still standing, holding the ground firmly.

I glanced again into those hazel green orbs that were now shining with a different kind of glint.

Man, what he is doing here?

The reality came crashing down few seconds later.

Oh gosh!

So, this was not some xyz stranger,

Not even any HR personnel.

It was Arnav Singh Raizada.

The Arnav Singh Raizada!

Founder n owner of Raizada Corporation.

Shit..shit…shit !!

Damn it khushi!
cant you even for once afford to google his pictures while preparing for this interview.

yes..i had literally crammed almost all the business articles featuring Raizada Corporations, its growth stories, success stories n what not.

I had even read few things about Arnav Singh Raizada too.

But, hell!
how was I to know i’ll get interviewed by the man himself.

I mean,The CEO, the owner itself.

wasnt he supposed to be a busy person?

I came back to my senses when i heard something on the lines of “Ms. Gupta, you Okay?? ”

Are you serious?

i wanted to scream that on top of my voice, but i just answered with a polite “Yes” to him.

He asked me to take the seat and i wouldn’t have asked for anything more at that particular moment.

I somehow managed to cover that small distance on my wobbly legs n occupied the seat…just opposite him.

There was a complete silence in the room after that for the next few minutes.

He was just glancing at me..though i wasnt directly looking at him but i felt that piercing gaze all over me.

As if he was seeing right through me n that thought was enough to send a adrenaline rush through my body.

my heart literally was thumping out loud..n at that point i just wished i dint exist at all.

he was making me nervous.

very very nervous!

Relax Khushi Relax!
Its nothing..just some silly tricks to check your confidence..You have come long way, so you just cant let go of this opportunity like this.

A last opportunity towards life.


Think about,all that you have been through till now.

Do you wanna go back again?


Do you want demons of your past to win over you again?

how you are going to pay the monthly installments of your new apartment


This is the only last hope.


and suddenly,i got a flashback of that very person..whom i dont want to see ever in my life.

All cause of him.

That person..whom i had loved with all my heart, all my soul…with every fiber of my body
only to be emotionally injured n shattered for life!

At that moment..i knew my answer.

I had to be strong.


Not for anyone else but For myself.

and with that steely resolve i feigned a polite smile n looked at him for the first time..directly into those eyes.

hmm…Khushi Gupta !
He said my name slowly…almost seductively.

I nodded, flashing a small smile, unaware of what to expect next from him.

“Congratulations first of all…we are glad, you are a part of RC now

that sentence raised a bar of hope in me for the first time in months n i felt my tension loosening a bit.I politely replied with a thanks.

He nodded, then scribbled something on a paper n pushed it towards me.

whats that..?
am i supposed to read that..i glanced at him n he indicated me to do the same.

I glanced at the piece of paper, there was nothing but a figure written in the most awesomest handwriting i’ve ever seen.

This man is surely a charmer.

i read the content.

is this some secret code..what m i gotta do now.

i looked at him,confusion lingering v clearly in my eyes.

He leaned back in his seat n replied.
“That will be your salary Ms Gupta”

What the hell?

Somebody pinch me..80 k??
God..almost thrice as what i was expecting.

I could easily pay off all my installments within a year then.

My heart was still beating loudly, this time due to excitement.

My expressions must be quite clear on my face cuz next he said with a lil amusement
You seemed to be in a state of shock Ms. Gupta

It would just be an understatement.

of course i was..my future which was so vague n foggy till now, all of a sudden seems very bright.

“Y..yes sir. I am..i so wanted this job..i..i just cant thank you enough
.”,I replied..somewhat stuttering ,trying hard to control my emotions.

“Efforts are all yours Ms Gupta. your qualifications already made you the perfect candidate for this job..and the 3 rounds that you have cleared just proved that”

Thank you sir for giving me this opportunity..i will give my 100% to this job“, i replied enthusiastically, already my nerves were on fire.

He seemed to analyze my answer for a very long time before replying, looking directly into my eyes,with a sharp glint into those orbs


My entire being trembled by that very sentence, what does he mean by that.

and suddenly i felt the tremendous amount of salary offered my way,was not just for my secretarial services.


Am i getting it all wrong?

i clutched the arm of the chair very tightly..am i really entering into shit.

i certainly dont want my life to turn into that again..i have already suffered enough.


i gasped n came back to my senses when his sharp voice roared the whole cabin.



i looked with confusion..at his now hardened face..the amusement now nowhere to be seen.

what had i done now?
i wondered.

before i could gathered my courage to ask that question, he got up from his seat n came round the desk.

Next instant i found myself being yanked up my chair to be crashed into his hard chest.


“STOP biting your lips Ms Gupta”

He pointed towards them with his finger n then i noticed that i was unknowingly doing that, but i couldn’t help it.

Every time I am afraid,or nervous, or in deep thinking…my teeth seek my bottom lips as if they have a mind of their own.

He pulled the lip out of the hold n then said in a sharp voice,

“You need to learn obedience as your first lesson  Ms. Gupta,i cannot tolerate in-obedient employees AT ALL

And Before i could apologize to him or convince him that i wont repeat that..i found his head tilting down.

and next instant all sane thoughts lost my head..as his lips were forcibly crushed to mine!

5 thoughts on “FF:Just For Him-Chapter 2

  1. All this is not gonna good for Khushi …
    The beast kissing her.. I m shocked..
    wink wink…. i m reading this FF .. :p


  2. Ok. There is so much to gather in this update.

    Khushi being heartbroken and mived places, at least she is at a new appartment after being seperated/dumped.

    And she disnt want to get in to shit. Again?

    And here Arnav seems to can’t let khushi go. Hence the job and such a handsome salary. To top that he kissed her in the 15mins he was alone with her.

    What will happen with 100% ?


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