FF:Just For Him-Chapter 1

oh gosh!
What the HELL did just happened?

who was that stranger?

Why he touched me?

like that !

Like he know me or like he OWN me.

Hell, why the hell did i let him do that?

Why dint i opposed?

Why dint i stopped him there only?

What was that in those eyes that i couldnt concentrate beyond them?

These were few of the question that were spinning continuously in my mind after that strange, very strange encounter.

I came back to earth,after the doors of elevator slid closed.

I couldnt think of anything else n made a run for the ladies restroom, on the end of that floor.

I closed the door n leaned against it, controlling my breath n my body’s reactions.

After few minutes,i was a lil calm but still the occasional flashbacks of those hazel green eyes kept appearing in the back of my mind.

every NOW n THEN !

Get a grip khushi !
I scolded myself.

I m not here to drool on a pair of beautiful eyes,i have serious n more important tasks ahead.

I was completely normal when i exited the room.

ofcourse, my career was at stake n at this point..i could hardly concentrate on such useless matters..n next time i’ll find that man, i’m definitely gonna give him a piece of his mind.

He must be a womanizer or pervert for sure.

Gathering my confidence, i walked towards the reception desk and told the pretty looking girl over there about my interview appointment.

she definitely was the first person here, to have greeted me with a smile and my heart warmed a lil at that gesture.she gave me the directions,about where i need to go.

Thanking her, i made my way to elevator n punched my destined floor..15th.

I stepped out of the elevator into the heaven.

Yes, that floor was nothing short of heaven. The marble floor was so shiny that one could actually use it as a mirror, n so polished that i was worried i might  skid over there,even in my flats.

The interior was just out of the world. This was beyond awesome..it felt like some plush expensive hotel suite.

How it’ll feel like to work here everyday..my heart was already bursting with happiness at the prospect of being an employee here.

Bringing my dreamy mind back to earth, i walked towards the grand reception desk, behind whom another beautiful woman was sitting, a smile plastered on her face.

ah, what’s with Raizada Corporation n pretty ladies?

I told her the same about my interview details, she checked her mac desktop n confirmed it.Then, i was told to wait for 15-20 minutes, as my interviewer was buzy.

She asked my for tea or coffee, and i politely declined..though internally, i wished to have one.

shit..i should have accepted her offer. Leaving the coffee outta mind, i entered the waiting room ,where there were 3-4 other applicants were also there. I passed a smile at a girl,who looked at me when i entered, but she dint returned one.

why cant people just smile..its tax free,after all.

I sat on one big,plush sofa,where a girl was already sitting. It was so soft that i lost my balance on it and had to catch her arms,to sit straight.

She looked at me,as if i’ve just committed the biggest sin of my life. i mumbled a polite sorry n without glancing in any direction, opened my manila folder n started arranging the unordered documents.

all courtesy, the morning encounter with those ey..

NO khushi..DONT go there!


what if..what if my interviewer turns out to be that stranger?

The wayward thought entered my mind n i couldnt help but a shiver ran down my spine.

it couldnt be possible, but since the thought had already made its appearance..it was enough to unsettle me more.

so, by the time, i was called for my turn, i was nothing but a bundle of nerves.

oh god!
Dont let him be the interviewer…please..please…please!!

I entered the room slowly n glanced at the huge wooden desk infront. The chair was turned away from me n i couldnt saw the person sitting on that chair, which was  so huge that i could even sleep in that, by adjusting a little.

My heart started beating rapidly, my mind pleading to god n not knowing what else to do,i mumbled a weak ‘gud morning

The chair turned towards me now, n there i saw a middle aged but still gorgeous woman over there.

Another pretty lady!

unknowingly, i sighed in relief.

She must be approximately 35-40 yrs in age and was dressed in a crisp,black business suit.She greeted me with a smile n asked me to take the seat.

She offered me water which i accepted cuz i just then realized,how thirsty i was.

After that my interview got started.

It was an HR interview, where she asked me various questions, regarding my qualifications, my strength, my weak points, best day of my life, how i would cope under pressure and loads more.

In the starting, i was a lil nervous.That happens with me all the time..after the start of every interview. but she was such a supporting lady, she asked me to relax n offered water again when i stammered once in answering n started biting my lips. She told me, not to worry and that its all normal.

at her encouragement,i gathered my much needed confidence n then things went fine after that.

25 minutes into the interview and it was going perfectly fine.

just as i had expected.

I was answering her very confidently,we shared some jokes also, once or twice..n i was starting to get a very good feeling.

Those types,when u realize that things are started falling in place.

I was in the midway answering a question about ‘why they should select me and not others‘, when i heard clicking of the door knob and someone entered in the room.

I continued answering n was waiting for the person to occupy the empty chair, placed beside the lady interviewer, so that i could greet him.

or her!

but that someone, never took the seat.

The lady too greeted the new person over my shoulders n asked me to continue with my answers.

so, i thought of doing that only..telling her my qualities that separates me from the crowd.

my ambitious nature!

my dedication to reach the top !

However confident i was stating my qualities, internally i knew my confidence was loosening away.

cuz i could feel a piercing gaze on my back.

a constant piercing gaze.

I dont know, if its some kind of tactic to make the candidate nervous..then they were definitely successful in doing that.

cuz honestly, that gaze from some unknown,faceless person had started to unnerve me.

I somehow completed the answer and looked at the lady,whether she was convinced or not.

cuz,i think she wasnt..obviously, i was distracted a bit by the new yet-to-be-seen entrant.

It felt like as if that person had listened to my internal wish n i felt footsteps approaching towards the desk.

I shifted my gaze from the lady to look..

aah…those eyes!

Oh shit..NO!

NO again!

Not NOW!

NOT like this!

I met with the same pair of hazel green eyes, the owner of those had now occupied the seat beside the lady.

I felt my breath accelerating.

still, unable to put a finger,as to why this is happening with me.

The heart now pumping faster that ever.

the butterflies now started dancing.

He was glancing at my resume,with utter concentration.

He hadnt even said a word till now n here i was going speechless..with each passing seconds!

okay,khushi you can manage..if he will kept his mouth shut for the rest of the interview, then it will be all fine.

Dont act immature khushi.
the other voice raised in my mind.

if he’s here, that means..he’s gonna ask questions..obviously!

and why are you afraid, cant you answer few more HR questions thrown at your way..which you obviously have done numerous times in your career?


I cannot get distracted by the beautiful eyes of some good luking HR personnel.

I convinced myself mentally, and releasing a breath faced both of them with newly found confidence dripping from my face.

YES..i can do that.

The lady asked me this time, how would i behave in a situation if two of my team members cannot see each other in the eye.

i started with my answer, confidently.

till he glanced up to look at me.

the minute he did that,those strange feelings started returning.

i was occasionally looking at him too, so that it doesnt give an idea that i m answering to just one of them or that i m nervous of him.

and those few glances were nothing but bad move.

I felt his steely gaze on me..the continuous piercing gaze.

he was staring at me..without even blinking his lashes.

Those long,thick lashes,that i was sure would fan his cheeks, given a chance he would blink them.

The thumping grew louder

The butterflies now started dancing at a faster pace.

n i felt my heart beating so louder that i was sure he could hear it.

I was stumped midway, forgetting what i was saying when his lips started curving upwards from one corner.

Damn sure, that Bloody bas***d was aware of his effect on me !

i stopped midway..not knowing what to say..obviously nervous like hell.


I have ruined my interview with my own hands..NO way a company like this would select a under confident employee.

NO please!

but i was so sure about the results now, the expressions on the lady’s face were clearing showing..DAT ITS OVER!

The stranger turned to the lady n they discussed something in hushed voices..obviously i couldnt heard a thing, my ears were so full of steam now that i could hardly concentrate on my surrounding.

He nodded at something she had said and glancing at me,one last time..got up n left the room.

I instantly felt my body tension, leaving along with him.

The lady asked 2-3 more question before indicating that the interview was over.

I was asked to wait for 10-15 minutes,for the results..and i was already expecting the worst. My face lost its color n my body now dull..i knew it would never be in my favor, after my performance in the second half of the interview, i was actually sure of whats gonna announced before me.

So, it was nothing less than a SHOCK for me, when the same lady came in the waiting room and congratulated me, saying that i was selected.


I was too shocked to react cuz i ‘d already prepared myself for the rejection.

The reality sank after seconds n i thanked her,my yes brimming with slight tears that had now started accumulating.

The smiled and informed me about on last formal interview, for just discussing the salary n bond with the company.

I thanked her again, n she took her leave. my heart now escalating with joy n i was feeling literally on the TOP of the world.

I’ve Done that !

Oh my GOD!
Now i can actually move on in my life.
Thank you god.

The pretty girl with brown eyes,at the reception told me to enter the room at the end of the foyer.

I released my Breath.

Just this thing n the job is mine.

i couldnt help but chuckle while walking towards the end of the foyer.

i knocked n entered, n this time i greeted in a confident voice, to the chair,whose back was facing.

Whats the matter here..why cant people sit in a normal way..like we do.

Rolling my eyes, i mumbled a warm


The chair turned towards me slowly n the next instant, i felt my breath leaving my chest in a whoooshhh !!!

The Owner of those hazel green eyes was seated on it !

He glanced up slowly from the file he was reading n gazed at me.

He threw the file lightly on the wooden desk n smirked at me.

I felt an adrenaline passed through out my body,that made me shiver from head to toe,when i heard his deep,husky n dangerous voice, for the first time


I dont know why, but my heart just knew

i was standing on the edge of entering into a DEEP,DEEP SHIT !!!

4 thoughts on “FF:Just For Him-Chapter 1

  1. Superb update. Poor khushi was so flustered during the interview because of those green eyes and now she is back with him again after the interview !! Loved the chapter. 🙂 ship13(IF)


  2. Uh-oh!
    Reminded me ‘aag barabar lagi hai’
    Khushi gets nervous in his presence and looks like that guy, Arnav helped her in getting job!

    Liked by 1 person

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