FF: Winning My Boss-Intro

Welcome to a brand new short story of your very own, Arnav n khushi!!


It’s a tale of

A Boss!

Eh,Not any ordinary boss,but

A Rich cum ruthless boss,

A Dashing yet deadly powerful boss,

A heart stoppingly handsome Boss

A sexy yet stubborn boss.

A Greek god cum Tough-nut-to-crack boss!

Needless to say who the man in command here is,

Our very own

Arnav Singh Raizada !

Popularly referred among his employees as,

“ASR ”


”Mr Raizada”

“Sexy Singh Raizada”

“Oh-he’s-all-mine Raizada”

How-its-to-kiss-him Raizada.
(More specifically female employees)



Khadoos…Laad governor

This one by a very particular person!


Its a tale of his secretary

A very hard-to-describe secretary!

A One-of-its-kind Secretary!

A krazzy secretary!

Krazzy with a capital K !

A jelebified cum salmaaniac secretary!

A Bubbly,chirpy n full of life Secretary.

Needless to say,who the girl in command here is,

Our very own,
Khushi kumari Gupta!

Popularly referred as

Miss Gupta!”

“Khushi “


“Krazzy kumari Gupta!”



And lastly,


“Can’t-you-open-yor-eyes-n-walk ?”


Yes,all these by a very particular person.


Have you ever seen,

North pole fallin’ for the South pole?

But,the twist in d tale is,
They have !

Another twist in the tale,

Those Poles are hardly aware.

Irony, isn’t it?LOL


I,thereby welcome yew in yet another passionate yet joyous ride of this Boss-sec pair.


Winning my BOSS !

so,Will u join me in dis journey ? Embarrassed

3 thoughts on “FF: Winning My Boss-Intro

  1. While waiting for the password I thought I will start this I believe this is password protected too SO….
    Please please please send me the password. πŸ˜†πŸ˜’πŸ˜†πŸ˜πŸ˜—πŸ˜™πŸ˜˜


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