FF:Deceitful Love-Part 3


Oh god!


why am i feeling as if some microsized alien is sitting inside my head with a hammer and is constantly striking in the same spot?


Believe me..cause this is what am feeling at the moment, if not worse! 


i woke up with a groan, my head was throbbing constantly at a rate that was increasing with each passing second..i felt torn..i felt shattered..i felt beaten up…in pieces..my body crying its own story and i am probably gonna have the worst case of hangover in the history of hangovers.


Thanks khushi..all your doing!


I felt like shit..seriously..i tried dragging my eyes open,already feeling eyes bags under them..n probably they’d be swollen at their best now..oh god..someone kill me,please. Slowly dragging my heavy lids open,the instant my gaze landed on my surroundings.


Shit..what the hell?..how did i f**king end up here..and where is here?


Expletives were raining flawlessly from my mouth this morning..but that was the least bit of my worries right now..the top one was, where was i??..after opening the eyes..i came across a completely un-familiar room..a bedroom..a beautifully decorated bedroom to be more precise, the decorator in me managed to note that despite my state..panic when settled in next second, i sat up straight in a sudden jerky movement,..i winced hard when my head throbbed again..n i held it with both my hands..waiting for the shooting pain to stifle down.


“So..the sleeping beauty is up..”


my mind instantly jumped to alert..the same voice..the same husky voice...nononono..please god..no..please let me be wrong this time..silently praying under my breath, i glanced up slowly to came across a view that surely took my breath away.


It was that same swine!..sinfully sexy swine..my brain presented me the accurate word to define him..smugly standing in front of me..bare chested..bare feets..only a pajama bottoms that too hung low on his hips..giving me a unhindered view of his perfectly sculpted body..chiseled to perfection..his messy hair..the dark shadow of stubble on his perfectly cut jaw..those intense pair of blue eyes..the air stuffed with all pure maleness emanating from him..it flipped something inside me and send tingles down to my core..the light tremor i started feeling just by watching him left me speechless..his rough stubble that i so desperately wanted to touch by now..imagining its feeling on my skin when it’ll scrap me..that below the belt thought left me horrified and stunned at the same moment..my thoughts along with my body was betraying me..the fact more disturbing was i wasnt feeling disgusted about it


Shit..whats happening!?


“They say staring is rude!!!!”


I felt flushed and embarrassed the very same moment when his smug filled voice reached my ears..followed by his chuckle..n i can imagine my cheeks gaining the crimson color by now.. I have made a complete fool of myself,.quickly averting my eyes, i hide my embarrassment and then ask the impending question lurking in my mind,


“Where am i ?..”


“In my apartment Ms Gupta”
He replied with a sudden chill while slowly began walking towards me at a leisurely rate. 


Ms. Gupta? My eyes widened a bit at that..his cool-as-a-cucumber attitude was another thing irking me off..how does he know my name..guess my question was quite clear on my face cause thats what he replied next,


“Your Driving license in your handbag”


Oh..my brain processed his reply n then came up with another one..why he took me here?..to his own place?as if reading my face again, he replied staring me intently with his piercing blue gaze,


“dont you think, spending night with a drunken passed out lady in the middle of washroom is a bit un-cool..”  
He replied smugly, twitching his left brow and my attention goes back to that cut below his brow again..and then to his mouth..oh god..how much i wanna swipe this smirk off his face..god, he’s exactly the kind of guy used to women falling at his feets and the worst part was..he was totally aware of it..swine!


“and you were certainly not in a state to be left alone all by yourself..”
he added, crossing his hands across his chest, now standing within inches ahead me, his muscular form intimidating my smaller one.


i flushed at his reply..sudden flashbacks of my actions of last night returning to my mind..as if adding in their own two cents in making me feel pathetic at the moment..god, how immature i had been.


first drinking way beyond my limits…then throwing up in the washroom with possibly him as the audience and then passing out on him followed by ending up in his house..his room!..just waaow!


What would it take for earth to open up and swallow me..like now..oh god, what he must be thinking of me? feeling shameful at my actions,i averted my gaze quickly,i  made a hasty movement of getting out of bed,which was when the un-invited headache mark its presence again n i groaned in despair as a result..my head throbbing again like madman.


“Here..take this..it will help you with your headache”


He placed two aspirins in my palm and handed me a glass of water from the night stand. Without any protest i took them n gulped it immediately..getting rid of this ache is my topmost priority now. 


“Good girl..now lets feed you something and then we’ll talk about you”


about me?what about me?oh no..last thing i want to add to my pile of embarrassments for today..i have done enough to cause me shame for lifelong.


“I..i am not hungry..i would j…just probably leave”
I lied blatantly not meeting his eyes.


and same moment my stomach grumbled loudly in a way of protesting ..shit..hope he dint heard that.


He chuckled lightly and i realised he wasnt the kind of man to miss anything..probably, he belongs more in  to0-sure-of-themselves kind..god,i hate his guts..i have been embarrassed thrice infront of this man..that too in less than 12 hours.


“Relax..will be back”
However, this time his soft tone did soothe my tensed nerves and when he was gone from the room i closed my eyes catching my breath which was running a marathon of its own..leaning back on the mass of fluffy pillows n cushions.i tried to relax my stiff muscles..even after sleeping for hours, m still feeling crappy.


I opened my eyes again when the strong aroma of coffee hit my nostrils..how i craving it the most..I felt the left side of bed dipped a bit and realized he had taken the place over there..a tray in his hand this time.


Grabbing a mug for himself, he passed me the tray, containing coffee n sandwiches..I noted he was now wearing a black tee that was probably doing nothing but accentuating his features..hugging him perfectly at all the right places..clearing his throat he thrust the plate forward n instructed in a calm voice,


“Eat..that stomach of yours need to have something” 


I picked up the sandwich slowly n took a bite..my tastebuds instantly on alert..he’s right perhaps..its the first thing am having since last evening..till that moment i dint realised how hungry i actually was..the sandwiches were yum and i gorged on them as if i hadnt had a meal in ages..his eyes on me the entire time while i ate like a starving kid was least affecting me at that point..i was on my last sandwich,it was then i realised i hadnt even asked him.


“err..,sorry…i dint offer you any ..i..i am normally not like this..i j just…”
i knew i was rambling and when in response a rumbled voice emerged from the back of his throat..i realised he was laughing..a carefree one at that..throwing his head back kinds..i watched him in amusement and found a small grin broke into my lips too..slowly!


His laughter subsided gradually after a good minute or two and he replied, smiling warmly,
“Relax khushi..have your coffee”


I find myself relaxing a bit..n realised that i kind of like him smiling..though by the intimidating way he presents himself otherwise he doesnt look like one who laughs frequently.


I leaned back this time after pushing the empty plate away and grabbing my coffee mug with both hands..its warmth slowly entering into my body n i felt my stiffness of earlier releasing bit by bit..i felt myself loosening up for the first time after that sid incident. 


isnt it awkward that the peace of mind i was searching for a while..i found it in a practically stranger’s home.


These thoughts roaming in my mind..we sat there for a while, sipping our coffee together. My spirits that were doomed from last week suddenly lifted up a bit..and it was quite after a while when he broke the comforting silense,


So, Khushi..tell me,whats your story?..”
he asked gently and i gazed up to look at him. No hint of sarcasm..no hint of smugness there..the question was as sincere as one can ask..the most weird thing was, i had this very sudden urge growing instantly in the pit of my stomach to share everything with him..which was already at the tip of my tongue.


The reason that i had known him for just a couple of hours had nothing to do it..the awkward thing was i hadnt told this thing even to my bestie whom i had known for like.. forever..or for anyone else whose already a part of my current life, for that matter..Cause he might not judge you on how foolish n wrong you were in trusting the wrong person, my brain supplied me the reason why i was behaving like that.


Happy with that explanation, i pushed aside all other thoughts n was ready to offload my burden..after a whole bloody torcherous week, and before i realised words started flowing outof my mouth,

3 thoughts on “FF:Deceitful Love-Part 3

  1. Awesome update. It was hilarious the way khushi was counting the number of embarrassments she has suffered in front of the stranger. Wonder if she is ready to share her story. Fantastic writing. ship13(IF)

    Liked by 1 person

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