FF:Deceitful Love-Part 1


I was deeply immersed in the current file that i was reading when the faint beeping sound of my phone draws my attention, signalling an incoming message. Locating it from underneath a pile of 10 other scattered files was my sheer luck..really. 


I have been having a real hectic day ,working on a client’s new apartment whose just as indecisive as a third grade child..coping with his unexpected last minute changes was quite enough for keeping me on my toes..and it being just the middle of the week is certainly not helping a bit. I have been craving the weekend like the way student waits for their summer vacations.


Quickly scrolling through the screen with a now permanent frown these days, my lips broke into real grin the next moment..ah..sid’s texts always do that to me.


thinking about you..lets meet up for lunch..at 1??? xoxo


sorry, couldnt make it to lunch..meetings 😦
miss u 2!


kay.how about dinner?..dont say no..need to discuss smthin..BIG!!


and at that last word, i had this sudden fleeting thought in my mind..the thing i was waiting for so long..is he fynally taking a step ahead..though i scold myself for not expecting further but hey, you cannot blame a girl for that..we are hormonal most of the times…so overthinking n jumping to sudden conclusion is as normal as dressing in all things pink n playin with barbie as soon as teen. biting my lips to contain the grin i typed the simple response not giving a hint of any kind of excitement that was bubbling in me at that moment.


sure..i need a break too..how about 8?


he response prompted the next moment.


‘done..will pick u at 8.


Staring at the phone for yet another response of his..i scold myself for being silly..Control khushi Control!


and this waiting with excitement thinking of million reasons behind that ‘big’ something was what helped me in getting through that extremely hectic day.




~Three days later~


Hey, I told you about girls being hormonal n stuff..did i mentioned, we do have some excellent sixth sense kinda stuff too.


Yes..dinner at that day..was something i wont forget ever in my life. Sid officially proposed me with a ring that day. It was something out of the world..Every thing was so damn beautiful..why wont it be..he took extra care of the whole scene to be perfect. 


From the candle light dinner at my fav dining restro, where every item was of purely my liking..to the dance performance on the band playing there..it was truly magical..we had danced several times together but that day i felt something special in the way he looked towards me..i wasnt like always..there’s another element to it..as if he wanna confess something..and at that moment i decided i would just say YES without even taking a split second more..i want him to do that. 


We went back to our tables..and it was after gathering himself for 5 minutes when he took out a small square box out of his suit pocket and handed it to me..a hesitation in his eyes but still holding mine.


my heart started thumping loudly, when i picked it up with shaking hands. Opening it slowly, i gasped when my gaze falls onto a lone big solitaire resting over there. I met his eyes and saw him looking at me hopefully. I fervently nodded my head, dropping the box onto the table and embracing him into the ightest hug of my life. It felt like i had got everything in my life..cause truly sid is my everything that matters.




I stare at the solitaire, shining with all its mirth on my ring finger and my lips broke into yet another smile. Its been over a month since sid proposed to me..and life is moving at best pace as it can, currently.


placing the files in my drawers, i shut down my macbook and clear my table for the day. stretching in my seat, i closed my eyes for a second..my body craving a hot bath the most at the moment. Thank god its friday and i just want wine and bed the most to go through the weekend. leaning forward i grabbed my phone from the table looking from any text from sid..sadly there was none. I tried calling him, though i know what response i would hear from the other end. 


and as expected, it went straight to his voicemail..feeling dissapointed, i still left a message like 5 other times i had done that day.


missing you sid..call me when you free..love you!


He had flown to california yester night for some business meetings and that too for a week. I hated it when he’s away from me..in some another country..where we are seperated by time differences. 
but work is work..and i seriously cannot act like a whining girlfriend throwing tantrums for attention, when i myself knew how important it is. The way sid has been working hard to make a mark in the business circuits, it made me proud. He’s out of the country for almost half the last month..running meetings, conferences in every part of the world. We talked at every chance we got apart from our professional commitments but the small part of the whining girlfriend in me still misses him a lot.  


sighing heavily, i looked forward for the weekend..its time for a meet out wid ash…yes, girls night out…surely the cent percent way for lifting my doomed spirits. 


Seriously we need to go out and hangout in some pub together..its been so long since we both have been busy off lately. I quickly texted her to keep herself free on saturday night while entering into my office’s lift. 


always for you darling !


Her response only made me smile despite my tiredness..and then we chatted some random stuff regarding other’s life saving the rest for when we’ll meet face to face. 


bidding her bye and stowing the phone in my purse i enter the gates of my building. greeting the watchman with a smile, when he waved in my direction.


“Have a great weekend”
I smiled at the elderly man since it was alomst the end of his shift for the week, and went ahead in the direction of the elevators.


“mam, there’s a delievery for you..”


His voice stopped me and turning back, he handed me a parcel wrapped up in brown paper. 


Mumbling a thanks i brushed past him in the elevator punching my floor number.


must be sid..i smiled sheepishly tilting the lightweight box for any sign of what might be inside it.


sid had a very peculiar habit of surprising me by sending those wrapped up parcels every now n then..and i surely love them to bits. Since the day, we got engaged, i have been occasionally gifted with flowers, chocolates, pastries at my office, n they surely made my days.


the parcel in my hand reminds me of sid again and the fact that how badly i was missing him now.


grabbing my apartment keys from my bag, i unlocked the door, and made another call to sid..which to my utter disappointment went straight to his voicemail..again.


dropping my purse, phone, parcel on the table, i went straight to kitchen n grabbed a bottle of chilled water. After quenching my thirst, i picked up that mystry parcel. strange, there wasnt any return address written over it. Just my name scribbled at the front in a stylish handwriting was what adding the mystry element to it. 


Holding my thoughts i decided to rest my million suspecions by peeling off the brown paper quicker than the speed of light.


Opening the lid of a square box carefully, i stared at the contents of the box..in utter shock.



my world had came to a complete standstill..and then soon it all came crashing down..all this within a matter of few minutes.


Holy Shit!!

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