FF: Deceitful Love~Prologue


Hi, i am khushi Gupta,24, an up and coming interior designer..cheerful, lively and full of life girl as quoted by several people.

Currently i have everything i can ever wish for in my life…a healthy professional career,handsome salary, exciting social circle, a 3 am bestie and a man i love,who’s capable of setting my heart racing with just his grin!

before telling you about that last one, let me start from the beginning.

I migrated to Delhi after my graduation in search of better job oportunities. My family lives in lucknow..with just my Father and my aunt who completes my world. My mom died when i was just two, they say i look like her..very much..but i dont agree to that..she’ much much more like real beauty.she always wanted to have a girl child, she had even started knitting girl’s clothing as soon as she realised she had conceived me. I have heard so much about my mom from my father and aunt that i never realised i have spend just two years with her. Her last momento, a diamond pendant enclosed within a gold chain is what i’ve been wearing religiously since the day my father handed to me on my 18th birthday..seriously the most priceless treasure of my life.


so going back to where i was.. the very first friend i made while stepping in this metro city was Ashi..my bestie cum soulmate cum everything. In short, a sister that i always hoped for but never had. She is the solution to my every problem..and when coming to that, words actually falls short to describe what she meant to me and my life.She works as an executive assistant in a top PR firm, so technically her friends are my friends too and vice versa..not to mention, i am her by default ‘plus one’ at all those lavish parties her firm throws every now n then..technically the reason of my very ‘exciting’ social circle.

and i cannot thank her enough for literally dragging me to those parties..even though i crib going half of the times. How can i forget its one such event where i met the man i never thought would stole my heart and become my world. I met him at one such event where i was being introduced to a group of people and suddenly a handsome man approached me..asking for a dance. I certainly was left speechless-ed cause he was definitely someone who couldnt be ignored even in crowd. Owner of a masculine form with an aura of friendliness..mix with it some elements of healthy flirt and a devilish grin..certainly makes the recipe for the man who can sweep you from under your feets.

In that short duration of 10 minutes where we danced cum chatted like long lost friends,where he made me laugh like a maniac, its obvious we took the next step by exchanging our numbers with a promise of keeping in touch..by the end of the night, my jaws were hurting by laughing so much in a very long time..while a sheepish grin was permanently plastered on my face.

To my surprise, he texted me the very next day and we decided to met for dinner..and need not to say,by the end of the night, i knew he’s apart from the rest.special in the crowd. Completely smitten by his charm, i was like a love sick fool. He’s everything i as a teen girl had ever hoped for. within a duration of few months, my heart was giving me signals of his growing preference in my life. He made me feel special, giving little surprises every now and then..sending flowers to my office which definitely made my days. A Young Entrepreneur as he was, working his way up in business circle. His name making rounds in famous business magazines, spotting which everytime turned my head up with immense proud.

I confessed my love for him few months back, holding and waiting with bated breath for his reply..for that matter of 30 seconds it felt like my world was on complete standstill and when he replied with a chiseled grin i released the pent up breath that i didnt realise i was holding for so long.Though he doesnt reciprocate the same words back exactly at that time..but the way he hugged me wore more that those words could even convey…and we were like official BF and GF dat day onwards.


i accompanied him to his various business dinners on several occasions..those were the times i enjoyed a lot. Ignore the part where i have to smile like a doll and make pretty conversations with other high profile socialites,the part where he always kept me at his arms length throughout the parties, his eyes might be everywhere but his hands were always glued to me only..was what made me feel special and realised his intense love for me too.

Eight months of dating and now i was waiting like a love sick puppy for him to prop the question that every girl waits with bated breath to hear from the man she loves. These days, i get a silly feeling that it might be coming very soon cause of the ways he was dropping slight hints here and there..the way when it seems like he’s deciding in his mind how to prop the question ‘perfectly’ to make it special one second and delaying it for some other time, the next.  Though my heart knows one thing for certain..whichever day he’ll choose to make it special for me, he’ll do it in style.

i just cant wait for the day to be officially his..Mrs Khushi Siddharth Malhotra!

devi maiyaa..hope that day come real soon!

4 thoughts on “FF: Deceitful Love~Prologue

  1. Superb prologue. Really interesting. Khushi wants to be Mrs. Siddharth Malhotra … Wonder where will Arnav fit in !! 🙂 Looking forward to the next chapter. ship13(IF)

    Liked by 1 person

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