FF: Deceitful Love-Part 8

I was busy in kitchen cutting up veggies for the pasta i was planning to make for dinner. Guess what, time for some self pampering and whats better than a self cooked meal, and add in some liquor to complete
the combo. So, a pasta n wine it is. ofcourse hanging out with ash in some fancy restro would have been my top priority, but she was busy in another lavish party her firm was throwing tonight and i was so not in a mood for party. Yup, partypooper you can call me but going out n enjoying is what i have been avoiding off lately. Plus my love for cooking is what keeps me occupied for the time being,and i can keep my mind busy, avoid thinking about the problems going on in my life currently,thinking about people, specially about some people who have this strange habit of appearing n disappearing out of the blues. another reason why i choose to cook for myself tonight.

Its been 4 days when that monster devil had left me, high and dry and frustrated to say the very least. I mean, how could he?. Wasnt he the one who started this in the first place. The whole night i ended up tossing n turning n cursing him. Yup, cursing him i was and that too for the whole night, for particularly different reasons though. First he ended up showing when i was least expecting him to be, claiming to be the owner of that masterpiece in the name of a night club and then when his presence was required, he left, that too cause of a phone call. Just what the hell. The sane part of my mind had reasoned several times in the coarse of four days that it might be some business related stuff or some personal stuff that required urgent attention but the insane part which was hell bent on behaving like a sulking,whining girlfriend overshadowed it everytime. But, this is only so much i could take from the entire situation. One thing was certain, this man will make me craze one day,thats for sure.

The distant tone of my phone ringing snapped my attention back to the onions,veggies n spaghetti sizzling in the pan, plus going by the color of the dish as of now this thing is gonna turn up so yummy, i knew that in advance. Dimming the flame i wiped my hands from the kitchen towel and picked up the phone lying on the kitchen counter. I wondered for a minute looking at the screen that was showing nothing but the ‘private number’. But pushing all doubts at the back, i slide the screen to take the call of whoever this private person is.


The voice that greeted me in return was someone i was having a hard time forgetting these days and dare i say, my dampened spirits from last four days lifted a bit,so without my permission.


The voice and that word by which he called me. It wasnt as if i was THE most hottest happening and might i say drop dead gorgeous n BEAUTIFUL girl in this whole planet, i was the girl with modest features, waist length hair that were trimmed so beautifully from the front i might add ,5’8” length and a slender figure to go with it. But the way he calls me beautiful had that effect on my heart for it always act up gooey and mushy
like a adolescent teen girl who was just spared a glance by her long time school crush. This is so not me.


where the hell did you went away that day..tell me now!

the sudden urge to just bombard him with this question reared up in me which i tried suppressing with the best of my abilities, Plus the fact that it would sound so demanding n controversial, i settled for a highly mellowed
version of it,
“To what do i owe this honor?…”

i used the tone i normally use with my clients, a hint of nonchalance in my voice as if i just dont give a damn that its him calling me when basically just the other part of me wanted to jump up in joy for its about 4 days,10 hours and then some more minutes since i have had a convo with him.

A husky smirk came from the other end and pierced my i-dont-give-a-damn shell,my heart fluttered a bit at it..and then when the next second another realization dawned, my mouth widened a bit and i jumped up at him,


“You think it was that hard to arrange”
After a momentary pause he replied in a smug voice, during which i feared he might have dropped the call and cursed myself for being so OTT loud on him.

I could only come up with an Oh at that reply of his. It was indeed an du-oh moment for me..Surely he’s a club owner, that too a f**king expensive club in the first place, might have people working for him..so no, not that hard a task for a man like him.

There was this pregnant pause lingered in the phone for the next two minutes when i couldnt come up with anything sane to say in order to proceed the convo. Sane might be the world cause there were hundreds of stupid things i could still come up with. Like demanding answers for one. and m so not gonna that way for sure.

“khushi..u dere?”

He said after another couple of seconds and i mentally thanked, he’s still holding on.

“umm..yeah, you called for?”

I asked him finally as the nervousness soon ebbed away and anxiety made its way along with hope that was now simmering inside me slowly.

“can we meet? i need to talk to you”

talk to me?so now after ditching me that night he is gonna sweet talk me..huh

“errm..regarding what?…”
i asked with a hint of nonchalance in my voice while from insides i was dying out of anticipation and i would be damn if i give that impression to him.

“Regarding Us”
He stated as a matter of fact.

“What us? for one,There is NO us and secondly…”

“Dont you dare deny this thing that is between us cause your body reveals way more than you do”

okay, so all my protests that were just ready to be thrown on him died a slow death of their own cause it was one stark truth that he just puts across in clearer terms and now the very fact was laughing on my face. Wont i’ll end up making a complete fool of myself if  i adamantly still deny his last statement and when we’ll meet next, which i am probably sure that we’ll be, soon, my traitrous body will behave just as the way he stated few minutes ago. Plus the fact that he was right somewhere, i slowly took my retorts back step by step.

“Listen khushi, i am done running..we need to sort this thing so its better we face it than hiding behind ”

I replied in a small voice. Was that okay for we gonna meet or was that an acceptance of the ‘thing’ that is between us..Probably both. I questioned n answered myself. Great, now you are turning into a maniac khushi. Brushing these stupid thoughts aside, i added in, this time in a kindof chirping yet convincing voice,

“Sure, why dont you come over..?..i am making pasta for dinner”

That pasta word did rang a bell in my head..oh shit..mera pasta!!!

I cried in despair at the thing which was gonna turn up so yummy at one point was now all in shades of black now, The entire pan was burnt with remnants of what could have been an awesome dish sticking
to the pan. Holding it with a towel i dumped the pan into the sink..all plans of self pampering were now out of the window and the dinner invite..oh god. arnav, still on phone?

i picked up the phone that i had left on the counter unconsciously while i was crying for my dish now in ashes.

“A..Arnav..u still dere?”

He chuckled before replying in a genuine voice,
“mm hmm..but is the offer still up?”

At that i couldn’t help but corners of my mouth twisted upwards on their own, smiling coyly i replied,
I can make something else real quick..am not that bad a cook actually”

“Thanks for the invite but some other day. I need to have this convo first while keeping my hands off you and as far as your offer is concerned, in that case,Conversation will definitely be the last thing on my list tonight”

my mouth gaped open at the bluntness of his statement and i felt me cheeks getting colored so slowly, just the thought of his hands on me had my heart jumped up my throat.

A public setting seems appropriate. Dinner at 8, tomorrow? I’ll pick you up..kay?..
He asked in a gentlemanly voice that was just too hard to resist.


I replied in an i-am-not-sure tone, pretending that am going through my schedule in my mind even when i knew that i was jumping in joy already at the other end..thank god..its just a phone and he cant actually see me.

“okay..fine by me..”

“So, what were…”

He was asking something when my doorbell rang right at that moment much to my displeasure,

“Can you hold for a second..there’s someone on the door”


Opening the door i found a young petite man standing there with a paper bag in his hands.

“Delivery for you mam”

Delivery for me? at this time?
i checked my watch and him again who was looking intently at me holding the paper bag. My brows furrowed, okay am not having a luck with parcels these days so i double checked in case its a case of mix up.

“You sure its for me?”

“Khushi Gupta??”
He questioned while checking the sticker attached to the parcel once again for confirmation.

“umm..yeah thats me”

brushing aside all who why thoughts going on my mind, i mumbled a polite thanks to the man before taking the bag and closing the door..i suddenly remembered that arnav might be still there while am busy pep talking myself..shit..thats twice in a row.


“Open it khushi..”

i uttered in a voice with confusion lingering all over now.

“The packet”

as if i was a programmed robot working solely on instructions fed into me, Peeking inside the packet, i fished out a piece of cloth in the softest fabric ever. Inspecting closely i realized it was a short dress in royal blue color and in a very lightweight fabric..i so love this dress already was my first thought.

“You send this?”

“The name says it all”
He replied in a charm laden,too-proud-of-myself voice,

Thats when i noticed on the front side of the bag was scribbled ‘Arnav‘ in the most stylish handwriting ever. oh, how in the hell did i missed that.

“Even before you knew that i would agree?”

“mm hmm”

“So sure of ourselves..are we?..”


“Have you ever taken NO as an answer?”


This time i rolled my eyes, okay we were getting into a playful banter, i chuckled lightly before replying,

“Thanks..its indeed very lovely”

i confessed truthfully ,eying the lovely dress again, feeling its fabric sliding through my fingers.

“My pleasure…wear it tomorrow”


I kept the phone after exchanging polite bye’s n goodnight’s and at it again. Did i really had an decent slash polite conversation with him without me having to feel like a maniac adolescent tongue struck teenager. Wow..thats some progress from my stupid self.

Some twenty minutes later after i had tried the dress for like 3 times pairing it with accessories to go along with it, i was standing in the middle of the kitchen, scratching my head on what to do for the dinner tonight.
my appetite though now somewhat forgotten amidst all these arnav’s call n his impending dinner preparations, but was still there and the sudden rumbling of my stomach reminded that it couldnt be ignored.
i was peeking inside the fridge for the leftovers to heat them up for dinner when the doorbell rang again.

god..what now?

5 minutes later i was gorging on very delicious lasagna topped with beef, sausage, ricotta, mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses, Fettuccine alfredo and Pizza marinara toped with tomato, oregano and garlic. with two packed boxed of pastries and cupcakes waiting in line for me to attack them. The whole food that was meant to feed 10 peoples actually was delievered at my doorstep from a very expensive and popular italian restraunt.

Do i need to mention who the sender was? After stuffing myself upto my throat, and storing the remnants in the fridge,i texted him a ‘thankyou’ message for which he replied with a smiley a second later.
i flopped myself on the bed and closed my eyes in satisfaction. A smile was so intact on my face from last one hour, i realized.

Can this man get any cuter today?..ofcourse if you leave all other personality traits observing which one could hardly categorize him as anything but cute.

A girl could always get used to such kind of pamperings..was the last thought on my mind before food hangover took over and i was peacefully drifted into a dreamless oblivion.

4 thoughts on “FF: Deceitful Love-Part 8

  1. What a lovely man! Truly, can he get any cuter!! Anyone who sends in a beautiful dress followed by a lasagna knowing she burned the dinner while talking to him is a keeper! Amazing story and oh…the passion…kyaa kar diya Rotten tumne mere saat!💥😍




  2. Awesome update. Love this Arnav who sure knows how to impress a girl… No wonder khushi doesn’t stand a chance in resisting him !! 🙂 Looking forward to the dinner date. ship13(IF)


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