FF: Deceitful Love-Part 7


By the time we’d dropped ash at her apartment, she had became Arnav-struk, totally!


like really? here i was sitting in the front passenger seat like i dont even exist and they both were chatting like some long lost buddies.


God..how can you be so cruel? i had officially lost count of how many times i resisted rolling my eyes at their conversation and those times when ash blurted out some really stupid secret of mine, then bursting out in laughter. The smug look then i earned from him after every such convo,when he glanced me sideways in that amused fashion,made me really wanna hide my face like a kid. 


God, how i just wanna pretend that this is not what is happening right now. 


That ash n me are still partying in a club, and not in the club, HE owned. 
That ash n me are in a cab we always board for home,and not in a super stylish BMW.
That our driver is a regular looking man with ordinary features and not some elegantly handsome blued eyed monster in bed creature.


okay, thats official, This particular driver is driving me crazy. Like hell crazy, right now!


The sexual tension among us was thick, so thick one could actually cut it in two halves. 


I had compartmentalized his memories in a separate box and had tried dumping them in the back of my mind.But the moment he made his real physical presence again, those memories came crushing back at an horrifyingly amazing speed that had me stunned to say the least.


The serene calm coming from my surrounding bought me back from my trance and it was then i realized that we were standing in from of my building. We had dropped off ash and then i had given him directions of my apartment before i went floating with my memories.memories, all about him. Shit khushi, get a grip!


He killed the engine and my heart leapt up in my throat. It was surely running a marathon tonight. In a haste to get down quickly, i fumbled with my seat belt and could feel him watching me. God no..he’ll think m a two year old.
okay, so i blame it on his BMW but still, its just a damn seat belt..i was busy cursing myself for always ending up presenting my clumsy best behavior when i felt him leaning towards me. His manly faint aftershave hit my nostrils first followed by his muscular, chiseled-from-granite body. He extended his hand across my  stomach and it brushed my arms in the process. Needless to mention the millions of tingles it send in my entire body had me trembling mildly.


A soft click came next and there it was, the seat belt unlocked..but damn, i was still trapped. Not with the seat belt. It was that blue eyed monster this time. His mouth was twisted into a smirk and there was that blatant never ending glint in those eyes that drive me nuts everytime i watch them.He was close..too close. His breath was fanning my face, while mine had become dangerously low and heavy. Which each breath i took, my breasts brushed with his chest..and each breath was turning me on..more and then some more.


“You’re so damn beautiful”




He uttered in his trademark husky yet dangerously low voice.The kind of voice that alone could bring you greatest pleasures. Damn, this guy is a perfect candidate for phone s*x. I actually flushed crimson when i realized just how dirty my thoughts had turned. 


He caressed my cheek with the pad of his thumb and all i could do was breathing n blinking. His look was practically paralysing me in my seat and i should probably thank that atleast my brain was doing its part when all others had failed.


He caressed my lower lip, smudging my strawberry gloss that i had put on in the evening. Collecting a bit, he bought his thumb to his nose and inhaled it deeply…closing his eyes. Oh em gee..this is such a sexy scene..this guy is on a mission to kill me tonight by his actions and he is so succeeding in them.
i licked my lips and took a deep breath, filling my lungs with enough oxygen in case i died of heart failure.


He glanced up suddenly, holding my gaze with his own and rasped in a growelly thick voice,
“if you want me to stop, tell me now!!”


i uttered a incoherent voice that meant nothing but garbish and blinked back my lashes,his words now registering in my mind. Before i could respond, he opened his door and get out from the car in a sudden jerky moment.
leaving me with ample time to catch my breath and gather my wayward thoughts. When after a minute or two, i was close to be normal, i crained my neck to look for him and found him, leaning against the back door with his back on it, his hand raking his hair.


I opened my door as swiftly as i could and get out of it smoothly. Now with my head cleared off all those thoughts that were driving me crazy, i was a whole lot presentable..n almost sane too. almost!


Going round the bonnet, i stood infront of him, shifting on my feets, clutching my bag tightly like a lifeline and my mind searching for a perfect parting line. That was when he noticed my presence and glanced up, capturing my gaze with his fierce one.Which undoubtedly had me nervous instantly and i blurted out the first thing that came to my mind.




shit..dont say yes!


He lifted that perfect ebony brow of his, in a way of challenging me,he replied when i just shrugged my shoulders in response,


“I might take you up on your offer”


okay that sounds..umm dangerous..pleasurably dangerous but now i’ll be showing my sheer stupidity if i back out on my offer now..feigning confidence, i passed him a nervous smile to convince him i was serious about coffee.




okay..this much i owe him..He saved me from Mr Toothy Grin, though in a less appreciable manner, then that lifetime platinum membership..,whoa, what was that? then dropping us home. So, my offer sounds completely justified when put it this way.


We both entered my apartment that was on the fourth floor, after i fumbled with the lock that i had been opening expertly since last 4 years. Blame that man please!


During the whole journey from the car till my doorstep here, a constant battle of thoughts was going inside my mind. My mind seems to be torned up in two. The sane part cursing me for inviting him up.The insane part, which was kinda bully here was doing somersaults in happiness. Seems like i am the case suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder. Theres a khushi who’s afraid of going close to that blue eyed monster and note that, this part was the weakest among all. Then there’s another part in me that is completely smitten by him and wanted to explore whatever the sparks going on between us and then above all, there existed a part the wild, wanton one who just wanted to rip off his clothes, to take the pleasure i know he was so damn excellent in giving. 


The door was shut with a loud bang and i felt myself getting trapped with my back against the wall. I instantly felt liquid heat pooling between the juncture of my thighs while my heart started hammering against my ribs.
the wild wanton part was roaring like a dragon inside me..wanted to be freed for once. 


His eyes flared with the passionate glint so powerful that it had me shivering with small tremors rocking my entire body. His stared down at me for a long intense moment where i felt turning all mushy.his gaze alone was having that effect on me. He laced his fingers through mine and lifted them above my head,trapping me underneath him, halting my previous actions of touching him. 


“Coffee was the last thing on my mind when i came up”
His voice was so rough, so husky,as if rubbed against the sandpaper that it instantly turned me on to several another degrees. 




i could only produce a mewling sound at his confession cause my tongue was practically paralysed by then. His gaze lingered over my face and then dropped to examine me..every inch of mine. The whole time i was writhing so badly that i thought i’ll combust from the growing and almost killing desire for him. Something jolted in my heart and the urge to touch him or be touched by him grew ten folds. Where i was on the verge of madness he was busy exploring me with his gaze,taking all the sweet time in the world.


He leaned a bit more closer and filled his nostrils,inhaling me..his breath now fanning my face,


“I need to taste you now before i go crazy”


oh yes,yes!


My insides practically danced in joy as the wait was nearly over and i could sense his touch within my reach. He left his iron clad grip on my wrist and he pulled me closer, grabbing my bottoms. My breasts that were
now heavy with the growing desire got crushed against his concrete chest. His gaze bore into me, the passion, the lust, the desire was bare in them for me to see. His gaze sending tingles down my very core and every second seems like a year between us.


His palms managed to sneak under the hem of my dress and my heart leapt upto my throat at his first connection with my bare skin. It trailed upwards leaving a fire like burn everywhere. with his palms now caressing my bare bottoms, he pulled me yet closer towards him and i came in contact with his very hard and obvious manhood doing a very good job of marking it presence. I gasped when i realize just how superiorly gifted he was in that department and just how amazing his member is at its job. 


My heart was racing so badly that i could barely form two words..hell, i was barely in a sane state of mind. His one hand left my bottom and came up slowly to land up on my upper swell of breasts.Cupping me roughly, he measured its heavyness and his blue eyes flared a bit more with lust dripping from them. He roughly squeezed my nipple that had me erupting a groan from my mouth. As if that was the moment he was waiting for, his fastened his mouth on my lips effectively silencing my moan. He captured my trembling lips and pushed them open with the force of his tongue.


Oh damn!
He’s even better than a woman’s dirtiest fantasy.


His fingers digging into my flesh, and his tongue intruding my mouth possessively that it caused a shudder so violent to passed through me and rocked my entire system. His fingers must be digging in my flesh and would 
probably leave their marks, but by that point i was almost robbed off the ability to think. I want this as much as my next breath else i would go crazy. That was the only thing i knew for sure and the way he was
uncontrollable, unstoppable, i knew its in my reaching distance. His tongue swiped across mine and then his teeth bite my lower one, sucking it, tugging it. The raw primal hunger laced with lust created this uncontrollable animalistic behaviour. 


A sharp desire of lust ran within my veins and i shivered violently despite the humid climate. 


He once again squeezed my breasts, showing me his growing need, as if the proof of his maleness now poking on my stomach wasnt enough..i was all driving me insane, hell insane..i need it more than anything. The need to have him again was beyond my control. It was at that height of ecstacy that i had already reached when a shrill ringtone got our attention and bought us back from our pleasureland.


Pulling back from the kiss, he touched his forehead with mine, we both now heavily panting, catching our breaths. His continuously ringing phone irking me and my frown must be quite clear cause it had his lips twisted in a small smile. 
How much i hate his phone right now.


He flicked my nose playfully while smirking at me,
“Just a minute beautiful”


Digging his hand inside his pocket for the disturbance causing monster, he glanced at the screen and it took all of a minute to evaporate all those lust,desire, passion, need  to get wiped off from his face. Closing his eyes, he raked a hand though his hair and pulled back from me. 


His is distant now and i dont mean the physical one only. i had this sudden urge to throw tantrum demanding answers from him, to shake him back to the one he was minutes ago.


“I need to go..have to handle something urgent”
He replied still punching keys on his phone.


what? Just like that.


I cringed up at his tone, all affection gone now. He must have heard me whimper cause he glanced up from the screen and his expressions got mellowed down a bit. Leaning closer again, he placed a small kiss on my nose,


“until next time beautiful”


i clenched my fists together stopping them from physically touching him again. Then he turned back on his heels and strolled out of my doorway. Leaving me like a totally aroused shattered mass.
with the expression of a sulking girlfriend hitting my face.


 I so hadn’t planned it this way!

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  1. That was HOT !!!! Alas, the moment was shattered by the phone call !! Arnav seems quite mysterious. Can’t wait to learn more about him. Awesome update. ship13(IF)

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