FF: Deceitful Love-Part 6


“Seems like the lady is not interested in dancing with you.So, back off..NOW!”


His dangerously calm tone was enough to send the impending message. The voice, i cannot mistook it for anyone and it instantly had my senses on alert,even before i turned back.


Before i even had a chance to look over my shoulder to confirm his presence, i felt him moving forward, ahead of me, hiding my petite form from Mr toothy Grin who wasnt grinning right now.


I stared at his broad muscular back overshadowing any view of whats going on infront with that man. He was dressed immaculately in a black tee and a jeans. Both of them doing complete justice to his immaculate maleness.My gaze lingered a bit at his well shaped bottoms that jeans was hugging to perfection. Oh wow!


But certainly my x rated thought flew out just when i heard his raised voice. Though i couldnt see Mr Toothy grin from this angle but the way his shoulders were strained in tension was pretty much enough to tell me that the picture is not rosy enough.


Oh god..why is he having a heated conversation with someone he dont know..that too in middle of a dance floor…shit!


Instantly on a mission of damage control, i grabbed his wrist and tugged him with all the effort i could put. Yep, no surprise, he didnt budge an inch.


Gdd Help me. 


My nervous self glanced around the dance floor for any possible signs of ash who was no where in sight too. 


Great..just f**king great!
So, now m alone to deal with this mess on my own.


yeah, it feels good to have a sexy guy going all possessive over you, but like now, in the middle of a dance floor of what seemed to be a very elite and high profile club is not the scene one would prefer. I moved ahead of him to witness him boring holes into Mr toothy grin’s slim form, with his jaw etched with the barely suppressed rage.
It wasnt a rocket science to decode that this might be the last time Mr toothy grin would be grinning before making a round of hospital.


Standing infront of him, i hindered his view before showering him with the questions of my own,


“GOD Arnav..stop it now..are you crazy?…”


Totally ignoring whatever i had said, he yelled,




and soon that Toothy grin guy was taken off the dance floor by 4 huge bouncers.


Holy shit!
This guy is mad and its official!


I tugged him this time more forcefully, my patience too was now loosing quickly plus the small amount of alcohol providing me confidence 
that i knew would require in abundance if i had to deal with this guy.


Stopping at a remote place that was devoid of any crowd, i loosened my tight grip on his hand, obvious of the fact my nails must have marked him in the process, for sure. Good for him. i took few deep breaths to control my temper. it was after masking a presentable face that i faced him again,


“Just what the hell was that?…Care to explain Mr. whatever?”
I demanded tapping my foot, masking my head mistress expressions.


In response he took a deep breath of his own, his anger still evident on his face. Raking a hand in his hair, he rubbed his face before replying to me in a curt tone,


“If you would know whats happening around you,things would be pretty much simpler, dont you think khushi?”


what..he’s putting the blame on me?


I extend my hands in that exasperated gesture, presenting a you-did-not-just-said-that expression. like, SERIOUSLY?


“I am sure i could manage that situation in a civil manner before you just barged in like a cow”


In response he just crossed his arms, tilted his head and replied in a dangerously amused voice,


“Yeah sure, we both have seen how good are you in managing things when you are drunk”


i so wanna smack his lovely face right . Okay, erase that lovely for the time being.


I clenched my fists in anger in order to physically stop myself from hurting him. My anger must be quite visible on my face cause after a second his whole posture relaxed a bit, the anger leaving him and what was that, he was smiling.


and within second, that small smile now turned to a full fledged sexy grin that was now doing something to my heart. Why is his presence had me acting weirdly in an instant..like he flipped on a switch in me everytime he came in my presence. 


“by the way What are you doing here?”
i asked him skeptically, narrowing my eyes at him, after calming myself down after a good minute or two.


and jumped in with my next question before he could answer the previous one,as another reality hit me,


“Dont tell me you are stalking me?..”


He just laughed in that sexy voice of his, his eyes now dancing in mischievous glint in them and replied,


“Do i look like the stalking kinds?”


I nodded my head in response, then shook it in negation ..then finally settled for that ‘i-am-not-sure’ expression which again earned a grin from him.


oh man..he is so devilishly handsome when paired with that grin.


shaaking his head, he replied in a polite tone,


“NO, i am not stalking you”


I sceptically observed him for any signs of lie, my face must be showing i-dont-believe-you expression cause then he continued next,


he gestured pointing towards the club with motion of his index finger before addding,




“Is my club”


what?holy shit!
HIS CLUB?? o god, thats why he called those security guards with an authorative i-an-the-boss here tone. Khushi, you dumb, how did you missed that.


was all i could come up as a reply. okay so his name is Arnav Whatever n he’s a club owner. A f**king high profile exclusive club in the first pace.
 I glanced around the huge space which this new secret just revealed by him. The club was definitely exquisite n out of ‘normal’ people’s reach. I dont know how in hell ash managed to get tickets for us in the first place.
Each n everything here screams luxury, a subtle touch whether its the interior, the private cabins, the dancefloor, the bar stand, it was definitely a piece apart from the crowd.


“So, this is your small business stuff?..”
i asked him, air quoting the same words he had used to describe his reply that day.


“umm..sort of”
He replied flashing a chiseled grin which was zillions time better than Mr Toothy grin’s pathetic one. God, he’s ummm…cute! i settled for a word that least described him in the way i know him now.


I rolled my eyes at his reply and was about to say something when ash’s loud voice got my attention,


“Khush, where the hell did you vanished?..here,taste this, i swear its something we havnt tried ever”


She thrust an amber colored drink in my hands before gulping her drink in a one go, closing her eyes when it trailed down her throat making burning sensations.


 “Your friend already have enough alcohol for the day”
Before i could even reply arnav took the glass swiftly from my hand before replacing with a tall glass of orange juice.


oh no!
That was when ash noticed his presence beside me, a man like him was had to ignore and the current expression on ash’s face was just telling me she just gave him ten on ten in the looks department.


okay before something happens, i jumped in between hastily doing the pending intos now,


“umm..this is my friend Ash, and Ash, this is umm..Arnav”


we are so gonna escape from here.


Just a second later her eyes widened a bit when the name must have hit her memory and i so wish all my almities to save me from any kind of embarressment.


“is that the same monster in bed, khush?..”


shit..thats what i was saying about. I flushed twelwe shades of crimson at that horny statement i had made earlier. God, i love my ash, but i so so wanna kill her right now.
 A tipsy ash with a loud mouth is just as dangerous as nuclear bomb, if not more! my cheeks were heated from the amount of embaressment i just experienced. 


and when a low rumble of laugher came from hs dangerously sexy mouth, i so wanna dissolve in thin air,




He replied smugly twitching his brow in my direction, rolling the word off his lips, his intense gaze unnerving me. How i hate him and want him in same instant. Is that even logical? 


I awerted my gaze feeling very shy at the moment, the alcohol now settling in my body slowly n showwing its effects. He leaned closer and place a lock behind my ear, his touch alone send my nerves shooting up.
His thumb pad when caressed my cheeks, millions butterflies started dancing in my stomach. Whats this feeling? m unable to detect.


“Dont fight it beautiful”
This time he replied in a genuinely low voice just for me to hear and it instantly had my heart jumped up in my throat. I glance at him and there he was, all serious, no smugness.
This man is doing serious damage to the wall behind which my safe heart is now residing.


i glanced over his shoulder to look at ash, who was all squealing silently with a dreamy expression. “i like him” she mouthed the words flashing her smile before titling her head slightly in his direction.


“errmm..its late..we should be going, ash”
i managed to say stammering a bit in the process, not meeting his eyes, and glanced to see a scowling ash in my direction.


“I’ll drop you two, wait”


No, its okay..we’ll manage., i was ready to replied him with this answer when an overjoyed ash jumped up in between,


“Oh waao, that would be just great”


He flashed his perfect to-die-for smile in her direction that had her all drooling before striding away. Did this swine just got my friend under his spell, that too so effortlessly.i jumped at ash the first second i got as soon as he was out of sight, 


“Ash, m gonna kill you”


“god..i can imagine..he would definitely be a monster in bed”




“He’s so into you khush..wow, just looking you two gave me shivers”




“No..you are dumb, man he’s a greek god”


“Ash you,…”


i was about to say when his husky voice made his presense known to us,


He greeted us both again with that charming smile,signalling towards the door with a car key in his hand.


“After you”
He replied like a perfect gentleman, which earned him a giggle from ash. God, just one meeting and my friend cum soulmate is already under his spell.


Ash moved ahead of us, followed by me towards the door. My mind with thoughts still about him jumped to instant attention when his hand settled at the small of my back His touch sent the hairs on my neck standing up to attention.




At the door, he instructed something to the another man with headphones, briefly pointing towards me and ash.what was that?


walking towards the huge door where a concceirge was waiting with a white BMW, he turned to us before adding casually,


“You both have lifetime platinum membership now. hangout whenever you want..do add in your friends too “


while ash just squealed in joy and hugged him instantly sideways, i could only come up with an OH.em.gee!!!!

3 thoughts on “FF: Deceitful Love-Part 6

  1. Hayee… This Arnav is completely smitten, isn’t he? But he doesn’t show it much!
    How much i love this Ash!


  2. Love khushi and love Arnav. Both of them are just adorable. Loved the tipsy ash who spilled the beans … “Monster in bed !!” That was hilarious !! Fantastic writing. Am totally hooked to this story. 🙂 ship13(IF)

    Liked by 1 person

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