FF: Deceitful Love-Part 5

How’s my darling girl doing?..

A familiar jovial voice landed in my ears and i instantly felt a small smile making its way onto my lips.

oh..how much i adore this man..this is what i love about him..
an air of freshness around him..making him a tad bit younger than his counterparts.

I glanced up from my mac book to came across him ..leaning at the door frame,his to-die-for smile plastered oh-so perfectly on his face,dressed in a perfectly tailored 3 piece suit, his salt pepper hairs adding their own two cents in his perfection..By the way that was my boss,Ted, but the way he treats us all here..nobody could ever guess that.

He breezes inside my cabin and grabbed me in a friendly hug..yeah, how in the hell we are lucky to get a friendly boss like him , we have no idea..he’s on the plus side of forty, unmarried but with a live in partner. He’s basically from some part of Australia and had joined us 3 years back when one of our manager got retired. He’s got this air of easiness around him which makes him dear n adorable to all.

“You have no idea honey..how much i have missed you..cause sia makes coffee even pathetic than yours”  

i smack him lightly,batting his hands away from me n pulled away..feigning a scowl at his familiar banter which earned me a wink from him.

“no seriously how are you feeling now..hows the stomach bug.?..”

Stomach bug?
ah..my random excuse that slipped off my mind just now.

“Fine..m feeling much better than before..”
tucking my hairs behind the ear, i smiled warmly at him and replied honestly..cause it was what i was feeling at the moment..and here i was not supporting just any excuse.

He patted my cheek with his palm as concern filled his chocolate brown eyes,

“Good honey, take care of yourself..hope you had a good weekend..?..”

good weekend?
o yea”..i just had mind blasting s*x wid a man i know practically nothing about cause he cared enough to took me home when i passed out on him in the washroom of a club..and yeah, he saw me throwing up too..fan-fuking-tastic!

but wouldn’t this admission gather more headlines than Lady gaga’s dresses..so instead i settled for the plain, boring reply,

“yeah..it was good..and now its pile of work..!!”

i replied pouting drawing his attention towards the pending work, files now lying waiting on my desk.

“Dont worry doll..you are a champ..no urgent requirement as such..we have all the week for sorting the stuff out”

We discussed some work related stuff that need my immediate attention plus the onsite inspections that had to be delayed cause of my absence..He left after few minutes after we rescheduled and prioritize things and that was the kick start to a busy busy week ahead.


I was googling some stuff about the latest chandelier’s design one of my client had requested, when my phone declared an incoming text.


oh god..its ash..shit..i’ve got some serious damage control to do..its being Friday, the last day of the week and i dint know where the whole week passed away in a blur..i had so much to catch upon that i barely had time for enough sleep, forget about hanging out with friends..but even i know, its a pathetic excuse to cite infront of ash..she wont listen to the end of it.its been two whole weeks since i contacted her and it was nothing but piling up trouble for myself..gosh,she’ll kill me for sure now..i guess its time.

“love you too bitch..need to meet..so much to catch up on <3, btw for the starters, Sid n me..we broke up! ”

i mean..dont know about him, but i surely did.


Came her exaggerated reply within an instant and i literally rolled my eyes looking at her text..practically visualizing her reaction, a shocked as hell ash with brows touching her hairline, eyes bulging outta their sockets and jaw almost hitting the floor..umm yeah,pretty much almost!

A fact that i had came to realize in this week was memories about Sid doesn’t hurt now..an indication that am going just on the right path n recovering way too faster than i had anticipated,..Remembering him just brings a sordid bitter taste to my mouth..much to my disapproval and at times i even question myself at my decision to love him in the first place. guess i have underestimated my own self..i never knew i was this much stronger..i always thought its sid whose completing me..its his love that’s giving me strength..and without that,i wont be able to survive in this world. But it was all in my mind only. They say, at some point your mind believes what your heart wanted to believe and my foolish heart had seen nothing better than sid, i guess. That was until life showed me some cruel facts and made me face reality. Though the way it all happened was painful, but atleast i got the message..and thats what that matters..phew!

“Yup..he cheated on me”
I typed the response immediately and hit the send button.

“gawd..how badly i wanna punch that looser’s face right now..i pray that dickhead never gotto satisfy whoever that bitch he’s knocking up right now..wish his d*ck magically reduces in size inch by inch..day by day..wao! xoxo”

Her response made me laughed out loud..now this is my typical ash..bitchy at its best..god, how we love this thing..bitching..its no doubt women territory.

Wiping my tears due to laughing so hard, i replied,

“god, how much i need you in my life you know dat..dont you? :* :* :*”

“so do i. it calls for a celebration, dont ya think..,hey, i got 2 passes to this elite club…what say, lets check out wine n men tonight..perfect combo!..”

“lol..sure thing..girl,gotta work now..text me the time n location darling…love u!”

Placing the phone back on the desk, i turned back to my macbook again, with a genuine smile plastered intently on my face now..what i would do without my girl..hmph!


“Are You f**king kidding me?…”

Ash almost spilled the wine she just drank few seconds back and was now staring at me, with expressions that of a deer caught in headlights.

I stifle my smile and took a sip from my own glass not meeting her eyes, taking my own sweet time..so the thing is, i just told her about everything that happened with me two weeks ago..Sid and the whole drama related to him..the mystery packet..those pictures..then the week full of self misery. The surprising fact was,reliving those memories again wasn’t that painful as i had expected. However the next part that was still pending was giving me chills.

khushi…spill the beans already!
I scold myself mentally..i dont know how ash will react to that whole scenario with that blue eyed guy. To be honest, her opinion matters to me..a lot..more than anybody else, so i was a little hesitant at the beginning. Inhaling deeply, i took another sip and glanced at her again, she was still looking at me with her mouth wide open waiting for me to start already..and so i began started with the incident of that morning again.

that morning..the blue eyed guy whose name was arnav whatever,okay whatever..that was  the only piece of information i asked about him other than his relationship status before the our mutual desire and passion for each other took over everything and we fell on his bed together in form of a tangled mass. his touch ignite a passion so intense inside me that it send me spiraling out of the universe. His touch alone melted me to the point where recovering wasn’t an option..he was a magician in true sense of the word. He magically played my body like a guitar..his every nibble, every touch, every whisper send me over the threshold yet bringing me back crashing down in an instant..left me breathless..left me panting..left me wanton..for more..so much more..and then when he took me to that highest peek of pleasure where coming back without getting it one more time was equal to death..i started to wobble ..totally on the edge..where release was just a thrust apart and seemed so precious than my next breath.

and that swine had me begging for it.Can.you.believe?

He was a master of his game and he bloody well knew it. well, that was the most intense sexual experience of my life ever..and i mean it in every sense of the word.

He was right..Sid was no where in my mind that day..and he made it pretty sure, he wont be ever. I had never experience such plenty of emotions at the same time..there was pleasure..there was pain..there was excitement..there was pretty damn everything a woman could come up with. The way he held me afterwords, had left me so much confused at my own self cause i felt myself wanting it more than everything..it was so damn intense that it shook me to my very core..i was scared to go down the lane again and i pretty much made sure i wont.

When He strolled away towards the washroom and i was left alone lying spent sated in bed,it was that moment when the practicality of the situation hit me hard on the face. what the hell just happened?

By the time he came out, i was fully dressed..i bet it was fastest a woman can get ready..all within seconds. Gathering pieces of my clothing scattered in every damn direction and on top,my bra was still missing..dint know where the hell that swine had sent it flying..i tried searching it under the bed for few seconds but then as time was slipping from my hands, i left the thought.  His expression when he faced me again told me i did caught him by surprise..maybe he was expecting another round. but by then, still sane part of my brain decided to put a halt on our so called one-night -stand or better say, one-day stand.

I cited some random excuse and asked him to call a cab for me.

“I am dropping you home”
he said with a note of finality and when i tried to protest, the look he gave me had my lips zipped for most part of the journey.

Though when the silence started becoming comfortable i tried making normal conversation, asking about what he does for a living.

“small business stuff”

small business stuff? swine, what kinda reply is this.
He did not offered anything else and i too wasnt interested in his cryptic replies..he can go to hell for what he want..and why am i making friendly conversation in the first place..not that i am gonna see him again.

with that thought, i relaxed a bit and gave him directions towards my house.Not wanting him to know my exact address, i stopped him at a supermarket citing reasons for buying some grocery. Mumbling an awkward bye, i made my hasty exit without even glancing back..feeling his eyes on me the entire time. Not to forget, it made me tripped twice.god help me!

So, that was the first n last time when i had saw that man..the whole experience which i tried putting in the back of my mind for the rest of the week..which against my better judgement peeked several times behind the closed lids on those memories..Thoughts of that man occasionally came uninvited marking their presence every now n then.

I glanced up hesitatingly to found a still dumbfounded ash, grasping every bit of the story i threw on her face just now and was mentally preparing myself for her impending lecture when she uttered in a quick voice laced with concern,

“Please tell me that man was good in bed”

Oh gosh..that why i love this bitch..dammit! though i was sure she wont judge me like others but still there are times when you know you aren’t wrong in making a hasty decision, but you want the assurance from others to make you believe in your decision more firmly. I released the breath i dint realize i was holding for so long and replied with a grin,

“monster would be the word i prefer”

she gasped making a dreamy expression and then we both giggled like school girls.

Controlling ourselves after a minute or two of madness, she feigned utter sincerity on her face and raised her toast,

“To the looser dickhead and that monster in bed”

I jumped up from my seat we clicked our glasses together, then gulping the contents in one go.

grabbing my wrist she took me to the dance floor and we joined the crowd..now that she knows everything and is upto date my my life ..i was relieved n relaxed to my heart’s content. We danced like maniac’s lifting our hands, grooving to the music, moving in sync with others. A guy dancing at some distant passed me a toothy grin, which i reverted back with a small one of mine before closing my eyes and losing myself in the music.

The next time i opened my lids that Mr. Toothy grin had come closer..way too closer for my liking , breaching my personal space.

uh oh..this is what i dont like..gosh!

I was just about to ask him to move aside a bit, when a husky voice came from the behind me,directed towards Mr Toothy Grin,

“Seems like the lady is not interested in dancing with you..so back off…now!”

The voice enough was able to send chills to my core and the hairs on my neck stand to attention.

I dint had to turn back to see whom that voice belongs to..god..save.me.NOW!

4 thoughts on “FF: Deceitful Love-Part 5

  1. Amazing update. What a way to recover from a broken heart !! And fancy meeting Arnav at a pub when none of them have given each day other any personal details !! Loved the update. 🙂 ship13(IF)

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