FF: Deceitful Love-Part 4


“My boyf..umm..ex-boyfriend cheated on me”
I mumbled ideally, swirling the coffee in the mug while tracing its rim with my index finger.


Chancing a quick glance at him, i found his eyes were totally glued on mine, the look on his face so sincere that it almost pushed me to share some more and so, i went ahead with the flow.


“His name’s Siddharth. Siddharth Malhotra..We met at a party a few months back..and he was charming enough, the hard to ignore kinds you know..he was kinda forward in his approach and so as a result we had pretty good time together that night. After that we dated for a while..you know the stuff people do..hanging out for dinners..party n stuff..and i dint realize when i began falling for him..He seemed happy when with me..or was that all the figment of my imagination i dont know now..”
i added after a sigh, staring into nothingness.


“I loved him completely..or so i thought..i dont know for sure now..i guess thats what i wanna believe at that point of time. He proposed me few months back n i thought i got everything in my life..”
a humourless laugh escaped from my lips.


“Lately from a month or so, he seemed kinda, detached,busy..i thought its all his work pressure..so as a good girlfriend i supported him throughout..never whined about anything or stuff..”


Quickly glancing at him again i found him transfixed..listening intently to me..the same way a kid listens when someone recites a bedtime story to him..and i almost smiled at his gesture.


“Last week when he was out of country, i got a parcel from someone unknown, there were his photographs with some other woman in it..need not to mention how humiliated i felt witnessing proofs of his deeds behind my back..when all the time i was praying for his well being he was bloody romancing out there. I spend a whole hellish week crying, loathing, pitying on myself, on everything that went wrong..and when i couldnt take it anymore, i dressed up n landed in a random bar. So, i guess it pretty much sums up my behaviour last night..”


I grinned n looked at him, remembering how i had puked after having way more alcohol, then passing out in his arms that landed me in his home and his bed..eating sandwiches n coffee made by them.


Gosh..sounds so straight out of some romantic fiction!


His eyes glinted and a slow smile broke on his lips, god..he looks so delicious like that..i could stare at  his smiling self all day..the thought, though, unexpectedly crossed my mind n unsettled me a bit.


His gaze was still locked with mine but the boyish grin was now replaced with something other more fierce n passionate..and i could instantly feel it..the tingles it send down to my nerves left me a bit trembling. The air around us suddenly became thick n heavy with sexual tension..and i would be a fool to not realise it. His lips twitch a bit upwards when a small smile eases across his beautiful face..something flare in those blue eyes and i was left gasping for air..my cheeks started burning with heat..suddenly he lifted his hand n placed a wayward lock behind my ears. That gentlest of touch send shivers down my spine..as if he has just flipped something in me..something new..something magical..something that would take me to a faraway place. His eyes were brimming with need and desire, n just the thought itself send a adrenaline rush through my entire veins. I was not in a state of mind to process stuff like should i or should i not?


He caressed my cheeks with the back of his palm..a soothing gentle touch..almost as if he’s afraid he would break me..as if i am some kinda porcelain doll. He wrapped his other arm around my waist and i was pulled towards him with a force i couldnt resist.


We were close..so close that his breath was actually warming my lips..god..i could feel his muscular skin though the flimsy material of my dress..i placed my hands on his shoulders and the touch was enough to send my heart racing and spiralling out of my body. 


god..i want this..as much as him.


right at that point, it wasnt khushi, the recently heart-broken girl..the one nursing a breakup..the one who just got betrayed by one jerk of her boyfriend..it was khushi, wanting another shot at life..it was khushi in contact of a sinfully sexy man in her arms where there was actually no place for sane or insane thoughts.


Resting his forehead against mine, he whispered in an extremely husky voice,


“I am feeling sorry for that ex boyfriend of yours..whoever the hell he is, he is actually an asshole to let you slip through his fingers..no one’s but his loss”


gosh..his words were so genuine..so true..it actually sounds like a promise to me.


cupping my face in his broad hands, he added,
“Trust me nobody in this world has a right to hurt beautiful things..n you are one of them” 


and surely i felt like one..his words were doing a therapy on me..most effective than all others things i’ve tried!


He cradled my face in between his palms and i instantly leaned into his touch..what is he doing to me? His touch was burning me..and left me wanting him more, melting me from insides. I knew i badly want this too but then a fleeting thought of sid crossed my mind and left me hanging in mid of my actions..uncertain..confused.


May be my hesitation was clear in my eyes, cause he added further in a firm authoritative tone,


“I am gonna kiss you now..after which all thoughts of that bas***d will leave your brains for good”


i looked at him in amusement..god..this man is so sure of himself..the most dominating, forward, controlling creature i’ve met till date.
i already told you i hate his guts but all thoughts of protest died inside me the moment he placed his lips over mine.


and i.was.gone!


The pull he had on me was so instant n strong that i felt like drowning wordlessly in wherever he was leading me..the moment his tongue met mine and dominatingly took charge of the whole scenario,i realized just how right he was in stating the words..i felt him tightening his arms that was on my waist n as a result i was now cradling on his lap.. wrapping my arms around his neck, i pulled him n contributed my fair share in the kiss that was numbing my brain..evaporating all sane thoughts from there..It felt like, one second my world was crumbled, everything shattered, darkness all over, no goal, no thing..then next moment this stranger walks in, took everything in his hands n now its upside down..it was as if a child who’s been deprived of toys for so long is suddenly been gifted with the whole load of them and now he’s confused where to start with..it felt like at one point i had lost everything until he walks in n now i have something to hold on to..i knew these thought were awkward, almost immature as the man whose passionately kissing me right now, i know next to nothing about him.


Ouch..i winced, when he bite my lower lip and then soothed it with a lick of his skillful tongue,


“Give your thoughts a break..beautiful” 


as if i was waiting for his command only, i push aside all those uninvited thoughts for the time being and kissed him fiercely with all the passion he was igniting in me. I felt him smiling in the kiss and it makes my heart beats to go haywire..our tongue danced together, moving in sync with each other..a moan escaped his mouth and gosh, how i love the sound his mouth makes. 


After a good minute or two probably, i pulled back from the kiss, much to his displeasure which was quite evident by the groan that erupted from the back of his throat..it almost made me chuckle, holding his broad shoulders for support ,i asked him quickly while catching my breath,


“Are you married?…”


He gave me a look as if its his atm password i was asking for.


“Dont look at me like that..i atleast have to know that piece of information”


creating another khushi in some other part of the city, is the last thing i want on my plate now.


The way he rolled his eyes like a kid almost made me kiss him again..but i ought to have that piece of info before proceeding further.


“NO !..”
He replied curtly before he leaned forward pulling me more towards him, when i again stopped him by placing my arms on his broad muscular chest..feeling his heart beating under my palm send instant shivers down to my very core n a light tremor passed through me..controlling my nerves i managed to ask,


“any girlfriend then?…”


okay..so the look on his face now said he’s…umm…baffled..pissed. seems like chit chatting on a bed is not his cup of tea but i need to get this straight.


This time he did rolled his eyes and answered flatly with thin lips,


“No. and are we done playing twenty questions?”
He asked raising his brow,tilting his head, lightly scratching his stubble..that made him a bit more sexy it not anything..he looked at me with desire dripping from his eyes..i could have mistake reading them for once but the growing erection i am now feeling underneath me was something so hard to miss..it was a kind of animalistic attraction between us that had bound both of us in its aura..i knew he want me.. he made that pretty clear by his actions..i knew i want him too..all other questions were out of my mind..for once i wanted to be the careless khushi..without having to think about few whether’s or not..about right or wrong.. i dont know where this will lead to..i dont know whether it was morally right or not..but it was no where near to what sid had done to me..here, at least m not destroying somebody’s life by playing the ‘other woman’s role and the thought itself was enough to push me ahead.


somewhere in between, my mind issued a lil warning, keep your heart locked this time.


ah..sure, m gonna do this..my still fragile heart gonna get locked up tightly and m not opening its lid again.


Decision now made, i grinned at him who was apparently baffled at my long thought process while he was possessing a hard-on. 


wrapping my acms across his neck, i tighten my hold on him and nibbled his lower lip..the groan that emanates from the back of his throat sends a shivering pleasure to my nerves who were already on fire…i dont know why, i get a distant feeling that this man wont hurt me deliberately!


Pulling back a last time, making a sorry face after witnessing his very clear scowl adoring his face, i grinned n asked the last query of the day


“one more thing..Whats your name?.”


He exhaled loudly releasing his breath while grabbing my bottoms close to his erection,making a clear cut point of what he prefers doing in bed instead of talking.


 “Woman..you do know how to spoil a mood..hun?..”


I grinned at his witty comment before adding


“at least i have a right to know whom m kissing right now or might be doing things later with..dont you think?..”


“Arnav “


wow..that was quicker than before.


“Arnav..arnav what?..”
I prompted him again when he offered just his maiden name and nothing else.


“Arnav whatever”
He just shrugged his shoulders in reply, signalling its an end of discussion from his side.


and god..he’s smirking right now..swine!


“what kinda name is arnav whatever?”


in response, he captured my lips in a chaste kiss as if having his fill, then replied in a husky voice dripping with lust, his piercing blue gaze intently holding mine..a response that surely took my breath away in a whoosh along with any other question i might wanted to ask,


”The kinds that you’ll be screaming minutes later’!!!!!!!!”




5 thoughts on “FF: Deceitful Love-Part 4

  1. Looks like things are heated up!*ahem ahem*
    But khushi’s queries in between was funny! Like seriously, how could she even think about all that! Lol


  2. Awesome meeting. Love the attraction between khushi and Arnav … Also really like khushi’s character that even in the heat of the moment she didn’t forget to ask the relevant question of Arnav being married or Arnav having a girlfriend !! ship13(IF)

    Liked by 1 person

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