FF: Deceitful Love-Part 10


“Mam,there’s a delivery for you”


I glanced up from my macbook and came across a cute looking delivery boy with a package in his hands standing outside my cabin. Signing off the delivery and thanking him, i opened the package and instantly my mouth watered on seeing the visual treat infront of me. and No price for guessing who the sender was. Awww..these dunkin’ donuts cupcakes were looking tooo cute to eat but then the hunger got the better off me and i didnt waste even a fraction of second. Taking that first bite of the delicious cinnamon cupcake had my taste buds blasted to say the least and i moaned in pleasure. 


This thing is too delicious for words..man, i need it more than my next breath. literally.


I was busy ravishing this sweet little treasure when my phone started ringing thus distracting me from the utterly important work i was busy doing in. I looked down at the phone with furious expression when the name displaying on the phone caught my attention and had me wondering for a second.


“Boyfriend Calling?..”
Like really? and then it strike me. That swine must have changed it last night after our dinner n that ‘conversation’.  Devil. scrap that. Handsome devil. 


i managed to answer with a stuffed mouth in the best way i can and smacked myself internally when greeted with his infectious laughter from the other end. Embarrassing myself infront of him is something iam becoming a pro at but if this is something i’ll get in return, i wont mind it. 


but ignore that ..just how dashing and utterly swoon worthy he must be looking with this smile on his face, i could only imagine.


“beautiful. You’ve got them i believe”


and then his delicious smug voice echoed through the phone and melted me all over again into this poodle is something i have no control of. This is utterly beyond my reach. This man who knows me inside out, is protective n possessive, make sure to feed me first and calls me beautiful every now n them..this just cant be for real. But it is. And he’s all mine. 


For the time being. I added to the previous line quickly. I dont know who was i convincing but that ”all mine” thing was something i fear i would get attached to, too soon. Plus the way my stomach fluttered at that thought gave me tingling sensations all over. And then i remember the thing he said last night,  “Good for us then..we would both be free of each other..dont you think?”. Now that surely left a distaste in my mouth for sure for some unknown reasons. 
i quickly put a halt to all those wavering thoughts and answered him,


“yes..thankyou. they are delicious. You surely know how to please a girl” 
i answered him grinning while hungrily eyeing another cupcake that was begging me to ravish it too. and i wont mind accepting its offer either.


“I have better ways of pleasing you and cupcakes are not even close to what i have in mind..”


uh oh. Just not fair. Seems like his voice has some internal connections with my body parts cause everytime they tingles whenever he utter something mm..dirty in that sexy, rough voice that threw me off balance everytime and short of words to response. 


i searched for something sane to say that would led this conversation to elsewhere but my heart was already leaping upto my throat. As it is becoming difficult to respond to him with all the steam pouring off my ears.


He seemed to have realized my condition as he continued further,


“k..enjoy your treat and go back to work. Will pick you up in the evening. I am already missing you”


 i replied quickly but he seemed to have cut the call and i realized i was dissapointed. strangely dissapointed cause my gready heart wanted another minute of his time. This sudden attachment to him is something i couldnt fight anymore. I wont waste another minute of my time arguing whether it will work or not, but rather live the experience. As he said, we should stop fighting this attraction n rather enjoy the beauty of it. 


my spirits were now flared up cause of this new decision i just made and grabbing another cupcake i immersed in my work again, with a new zeal. I just couldnt wait to meet that swine again. My swine.




The day passed in a blur as i have tonnes of things to finish for the day. Finishing last of the paperwork for today, i finally leaned back on my chair and swiveled it. Arnav would be here to pick me up any second and i need to look Its perfect. ofcourse, i can never match his beauty cause he’s just a class apart or so i think. That guy manage to make any woman eat from the palm of his hand and still he calls me beautiful. Shaking my head i made a quick trip to washroom from retouching the makeup n hair. This guy has managed to invade my thoughts even in his absense. Great khushi, brace yourself before he makes you even more crazy than you already are.


Quickly grabbing my handbag i descended to the reception area from where i was planning to call him to decide for our plans for tonight. Passing smiles to everyone i greeted on my way. Not smiles, but over enthusiastic smiles would be a better word. They must be wondering i was high on drugs. But who cares. This man is nothing short of drugs either. My insides were dancing as it became too difficult to suppress this feeling n the way it left a slight shiver when i imaging the way he’ll look at me. I was like this cheery over the top excited school kid who just got to know its a surprise holiday at school, when i realize somebody calling my name from behind. 


 uh oh. i mentally cringed for a second but decided to shut up my spoilt self. This is my work place u dumbo and work come over self. 


Turning back i realized it was my boss, Ted, waiting for me with a smile on his face. Ok. now my mood got a bit better. I would have killed it, had it been for anyone other than him calling me n distracting me from waiting for my man. “My man” um,scratch that my.  Ted is something i would rather place everthing on a second place. 


“you leaving doll?”


I nodded in response flashing a warm smile. 


“Yes, need to go somewhere boss..”


“Ok. I just wanted to let you know, the Exortica’s Senior manager visited today. And might i say, he was utterly impress with your work. We’ll have to fix a meeting soon as they decided you’ll be designing their new office as well…”


He replied with a genuinely warm smile on his face and a proud look and i jumped up with joy, hugging him . He laughed in return as he patted my head like a proud parent. This was the most important project that i was currently working on. And it was tough with the way they were wishing their new office to reflect their working ways. Impressing them was one hard nut to crack and  i wouldnt go into details on how much hardwork n efforts i ve put into this one.


“Congratulations doll. Keep up the good work..”


“thankyou boss.. i am so glad they liked it and i am so excited to design their new office as well. I have something in mind…”


He laughed before shaking his head ,


“Relax..we’ll get ample time for that. Have a good time. will discuss this tomorrow..”


I smiled at him as he squeezed my shoulder. It feels so good when someone appreciates your efforts. Just like the cherry on the cake. 


and that was when i head someone clearing their throat. uh. THis certain someone who has just witnessed me in a position i am sure he wouldnt enjoy given our past experiences. Detaching myself i did not have to turned to know who this someone is. 


but i did. And regretted it the very next second. 


He was literally boring holes in my body with his stare, but i didnt fail to notice how deliciously swoon worthy he was looking with that possessive look plastered all over his face. oh man, i can certainly get used to this stuff. pushing those thoughts back ,i quickly stepped in to diffuse this delicate situation before it goes out of hand. 


“um, Arnav this is Ted, my boss. And Ted, this is Arnav,mm my…”


I left that sentence hanging in mid, not sure what to call him, Friend, Boyfriend, f**k buddies..or what 


but seemed like he decided for me.


“Her boyfriend”


he stepped in closer to me, grabbing my hand and embracing me in his arms before planting a authoritative kiss on my forehead. All infront of my clueless boss who was watching this all with his mouth opened wide.


oh i know his game. Marking his territory in front of others is his favorite game. He derives exceptional amount of pleasure from it. Swine. I tried secretly stomping his feet through my heels but he remained unfazed as he was busy displaying PDA to my poor boss. 


Tucking my hair behind the ear, when he was satisfied of his artwork, he acknowledged my boss who was standing like a deer caught in headlights. 


“Hi Ted. Arnav. Nice meeting you”


They shake hands while he still managed to glue me to his body despite my efforts otherwise.


“Khushi you never told us you have a boyfriend..but nice, i am glad doll..”


Ted added when the idea finally sunk in as he adores us together. i didnt know how to reply. To say no he’s not the permanent one but we are just,you know what, doing the deed, no strings kinds, wasnt something i believe he would appreciate, so  i decided to search for something better.


“yeah ted, my baby doesnt like talking about us”


i swear i’ll kill him. He winked at me ignoring my deathly glares that were meant just for him. “baby”, infront of my boss. eh, “my baby”? i wouldnt lie it tingled my girly parts for a second seeing him going all possessive on me. but then, if its not for marking his territory, we cannot believe it otherwise. 


Ted chuckled seeing us and i swear arnav’s chest increased to few more inches there n then.


“shall we leave beautiful?..”
He asked in that charming voice with each words rolling off his tongue like smooth silk, hell bend on making me reduce to nothing more than gooey poodle.


“Sure, love”
i replied batting my lashes, in a honey laced voice, and a perfect smile that matches his own.


i swear he didnt saw that coming and left amazed for a second before gathering his charming self back again. 


Oh, two could play this game as well. I patted myself grinning at this feat as we left together with him holding me close like i would run away.


but just make sure khushi, do not ever blur this thin line between this game before it turned into reality and would come mocking into your face, was something my mind didnt forget to warned me about too.

29 thoughts on “FF: Deceitful Love-Part 10

  1. Interesting!
    Khushi is breaking her record of embarassing herself again n again infront of Arnav!
    This Arnav is really charming and hard-to-resist!
    Arnav’s possessiveness has no limit!
    But that’s cool!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love your writing and specially this ff I love arnav character which you have beautifully written what a possessive for khushi and what about Siddharth

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Loved this update. Loved the possessive Arnav who was trying to give a message to Ted that khushi was his !! Love the way Arnav and khushi’s relationship is progressing and really looking forward to this date. Awesome writing. 🙂 ship13(IF)


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