SS:Start-Part 7


A loud sneeze followed by couple others, that too followed by ramblings about why god chose khushi, the poor she, to be the favorite child of sickness led Arnav to drag his gaze up from his laptop for the millionth time and he was again left amused at how could one still ramble continuously with a sore throat. But then he realized its possible if its Khushi Raizada you are talking about.  

He made a face when she blew her nose in the tissue with quite an unlady like snort before continuing with her ramblings once again to the invisible powers above.

“Someone was dancing in the rain yesterday”
He stated firmly, still looking into his laptop, trying his best to keep a face as straight n sincere as possible and dragged his eyes up only when didn’t get a retort back within next ten seconds.

Only to find himself staring into a pair of already narrowed to slits eyes and even Raizada couldn’t help but felt his lips tilting up in a smile.

“haan toh..”
She countered back defending her case, unable to help twitching her nose that was giving her high alerts of another upcoming tsunami sneeze.

she waited, halting her argument in return..her hands up in air taking a stance, waited a second..another one..while trying to gauze whether its a false alert or a real one and cursed out aloud when after a moment of uncertainty she sneezed with all her might that felt like all her internal organs got dislocated.

scrunching her face in irritation at the stupid sickness that seems to gripped her in clutches since morning, she remembered she had left an incomplete argument. The irritation gave away way to a scowl as she trained her gaze back on him

“han toh arnavji, pehli baarish me nahane ka maza hi alag hai..aapko kya pata”

“Maza? yeah..i can see that”
He replied in a voice oozing sarcasm from all sides and couldn’t help but shake his head at the cute picture she was displaying.

She stuck her tongue out at him when couldn’t find a retort good enough for his to the point reply. Not that she was ever gonna admit this to him.

“and di told me you had ice cream too. Excellent”

khushi couldn’t respond anything to that, just slid lower in the blanket, trying her best to hide from his gaze and that quirked brow, feeling exactly like a spoilt child being summoned by a class teacher.

“di ne ramanchi ki hai. She wasn’t supposed to tell you any of this”
she feigned hurt at the fact he just disclosed. Anjali di, her partner in crime from yesterday chose to switch sides and here she was feeling ecstatic after doing such a rebellious adventure together.

He just shook his head and noticed that his wife was actually looking nothing short of a child with the pout adoring her face.

“Oh, so now she is to help you in hiding these ‘adventurous’ secrets”
He asked again in a damn sincere voice while quoting that adventurous part and tilted his head while waiting for the answer and found khushi looking at everything and anything in the room except him.

“so, Will you explain me, what the hell were you thinking?”
He asked now snapping the lid of his laptop shut while crossing his arms across his chest. A light frown lingering on his face.

Dancing and enjoying in the rain is one thing. ‘First rain’ as she said but its certainly not an enjoyable one when its the month of December and the temperature is already down to 10 degrees and then she had topped it up by having an ice cream as well. Great!

He couldn’t help feeling a slight frown now settled over his face at the reckless way she acted. The protectiveness he usually kept reserved for his close family, he felt the same spurge of emotion running through his body for his wife as well. It was a completely new territory for him as he still was in the process of analyzing this newly found discovery of his.

“Mercy, come here. You are my only buddy who wouldn’t snap at me…”

khushi sighed while gathering mercy in her arms who was now hopping around the bed and looking at her with puppy eyes.

“and mercy, do you know its a sin to snap at someone who is seriously ill and on the verge of dying..devi maiyya paap dengi. hai na mercy?”

she mumbled to make her point, talking to mercy as if he would understand and would voice out his opinion so they both could gang up against Hitler Raizada,Though a clueless Mercy just wagged his tiny tail and whoofed in return

and Raizada couldn’t help but his lips twitched up in amusement.Just the slightest.His posture relaxing a bit. Now who would keep up with the anger with a sight like that. This woman is the definition of crazy and cute rolled in one..

Placing his laptop on the coffee table, he stood up before making his way to the cabinets while searching for something and came back a minute later with a digital thermometer in his hand.

Rolling his eyes, he shoved it inside her already open mouth when khushi kept staring at him and then the device in his hand for a good minute or so.

“Serves you good. Remember this date next time you feel like enjoying the winter rain again..”
He stated casually in a firm voice as he waited there looming over her with his hands crossed across his chest.

She narrowed her eyes at him, meanwhile at a loss of coming up with a good comeback with the thermometer still shoved in her mouth and got a good glare back when she tried shifting it sideways so she could atleast have her say.

He examined it after a minute
“Ninety nine. No fever khushi”

she cross checked it again and felt like the device is malfunctioned for she was feeling like some road roller just went over her

“toh kya hum jhooth bol rhe hain? Ye..Ye kharaab hai”
she pointed to the corrupted thermometer in her hand, and replied in a voice that could let anyone doubt about the correctness of the device instead and felt her forehead again for the slightest signs of a fever.

“Here,take these. You will be alright”
He gave her 2 tablets and an additional glare when she made a nasty face looking at the pills on her hand like it was some cow dung she was staring at.

She gulped it quickly with water and felt a slight shiver when he leaned down and adjusted the pillows and blanket around her. Another wave of shiver coursed through her when his arm brushed her while he was in process of collecting the toys scattered on their bed. Now that shiver was from her illness or something else for that matter she couldn’t quite point a finger upon and decided to go with the former one.

and whats with the sudden fluttering deep down in her stomach. She gasped at the strange symptoms of this dangerous disease she was suffering from. The fluttering increase tenfolds when he felt her forehead and she left staring into his caramel brown eyes with flecks of gold, so many she hadn’t noticed earlier. Even after a runny nose, she couldn’t help but felt her heart racing as she inhaled his familiar scent. Her heart leapt up her throat when he carefully tucked her locks behind her ear and khushi couldn’t help but closed her eyes at the strange sensations she was feeling.

Devi maiyya!
hume theek kar do..she panicked as she prayed to her goddess to stop these sudden hallucinating thoughts she was having and mind that, it was getting worse the longer he was standing above her.

“v..vo humein neend aa rahi hai Arnavji”
She mumbled quickly lest he started asking more questions and slid yet deeper inside the blanket, closing her eyes as if she was already half way to slumber and kept her eyes closed and her face expressions free when he patted her cheek tenderly one last time before moving away.

Draping the curtains back and closing the poolside window, adjusting the blanket once more and switching off the lights, only after when he left the room closing the door swiftly behind her, khushi dared to open her eyes again, one hand still over her chest feeling the erratic beats. Only after she felt it under control after a minute or two, she closed them again and remembered her Devi Maiyya again, asking her to quickly cure her of whatever this butterfly disease she was currently suffering from.

Devi maiyya just smirked from above before she got busy in hatching yet another plan for her children.

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