SS:Start-Part 6


khushi held the phone at some distance from her ear but her husband’s melodious voice still managed to echo through the phone as she wondered about which black shirt he was looking for. His favorite black or the other one or the one that he rarely wears.

lowering the burner flame to sim, she answered stirring the sabji,
“its in the closet arnavji..theek se dekhiye”

“Not this one dammit..another one”

and she couldnt help but rolling her eyes heavenly. He has 7 black shirts and he still plays this and that among them. Who cares which one cause at the end of the day, they all are BLACK and why would someone buy same color shirts,was something khushi has never understand.

“Offo arnavji, koi bhi pehen lo…hamari sabji jal rahi hai..hum phone rakhte hain…bye…”


she grinned after pressing the red button as she abruptly ended the call, leaving behind a pissed off Raizada that she was very certain of. Now he would furiously cuss his favorite ‘what da’ multiple times before measuring the length and breadth of their bedroom repeatedly, will Silently stare at the phone angrily with the intensity to burn it to ashes there n then. And after displaying all those starry tantrums would eventually pick any XYZ shirt without any single glance. oh, how she missed such an eye pleasuring sight. Her mind didnt lagged behind in pointing out that she was actually missing him. she was way too excited to visit her father’s home for the first time since her marriage and 7 days on top of that. Now she would do everything she had missed out. Hang out with her college friends at their favorite gol gappa joint. Make sure to have late night gossip sessions with buaji and enjoy her exceptional culinary skills, spending enough time with her babuji and what not. The list was endless that she had prepared while she was there.

Its the 3rd day she was here and was already fluttering around like a free butterfly cause the freedom and peace one gets in the lap of parents or loved one is something incomparable. But, amidst all this,
she realized the new relations that she was now linked to, had made their own place in her heart. How she was missing cooking meals with anjali di n mami. That chai session with all the ladies of the house every morning. Her lovely mercy n audi and their funny antics. And a certain someone that she had just managed to make furious for the rest of the day.
and the more she thought about them, the more it became clear how the roots of these new irreplaceable relations have effectively nurtured and now blossoming full fledged.

and just like that, a slow smile split across her face as she thanked heavens for blessing her with another wonderful family.

She just couldnt wait to go back to them. To her own home, in truest sense.


He just came back to their room, after a long n hard day at work and effectively noticed this newly found silence that was welcoming him since last 3 days.

and he would not crib about it openly, but even he couldn’t deny the fact that he hate this silence now. This very own silence was something he would appreciate after a tiring day at work. but gone are those days.
He was living with harmony in his ‘imperfectly perfect’ world and then she came and ruined every single rules he had set for himself n for people around him.

like,This bright colorful bedsheet adoring his king size bed. It was something he wouldnt have chosen for his bed few months back. Or this wind chime. This ganpati idol on that corner table. or that dog house. Shaking his head,he placed his laptop bag on the table. Ramprakash greeted him few seconds later with a large smile and handed a glass of cold water before leaving the room.

Placing the now empty glass on the table,he folded sleeves of the ‘black’ shirt he was wearing. not the black one he was looking for though and couldnt help smirking for a second. His mind was literally exhausted after
those back to back meetings and for once, even Raizada was looking forward to going home for mental relaxation. But, strangely, peace was not something the very silence of the room was offering him. He kept wondering how could things have changed so much in such a short span where continuous blabbering of hers was actually the new set definition of coming home to these days. How her eyes twinkled, her face expressions changed when she narrated the incidents

putting a stop to all those thoughts about her that were implying something ASR, wasnt familiar with, he moved towards the bed and picked the toys now scattered all over. This duck is of mercy’s, this pooh is audi’s favorite and this stuffed mickey is something they both fight for and made a mental note of buying another one.Now that he knows all. Courtesy Mrs. Raizada. Gathering them all, he neatly stacked them in a corner when he realized someone tugging his pants slowly.

and it was something he realized he was actually missing. No denying the fact these pets were a internal part of his life as well. He wouldnt have given a second thought about owning a pet had it not been for her. but then,as he said, khushi happened. He looked down to find mercy was licking his shoes while wagging his tail 180 miles per minute, tugging his pant with his teeths desperate for his attention.

bending down, he scratched him behind his ears and smiled when the over excited dog closed his eyes in absolute pleasure like one does one while enjoying sunlight on a beach.

Mercy stood on his hind legs and excitedly tried to climb on him so he could show his master some affection by licking him clean.

“ a good boy”

Holding mercy in his arms,he stood and continued rubbing his fur, trying to calm his over enthusiastic pet who was desperate to pour out all his love and loyalty on him and that was when the other one came mewling.
he looked down to saw audi sitting on the floor,silently staring him with that innocent look silently begging him to pick her up as well.  and his heart melted all over again.  Now that was something he’s used to come home to these days.with audi and mercy fighting for his attention. Adjusting mercy in his arms who was now barking in acknowledgement, he picked the cat waiting for her chance as well.  Now refreshed to the core,as the tiredness slowly left his body, the Raizada with his duo left downstairs for his evening tea.

If someone had said,there would be a day, when Raizada would actually talk to his pets in an unidentified language while caressing them, the world would have laughed it off as some poor joke.

But then, such is life. You never know when a certain someone will enter n turn it upside down, for the better!!

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