SS:Start-Part 5

She slowly tiptoed in their room, trying her best to stifle her giggles and stood beside her workaholic husband who was deeply immersed in workload of files.

Feeling her presence, he peers up from the file he was reading and came across khushi standing at a distance. And wait, a kinda evil smirk on her face. Not a good sign, he warned himself. The last time she was standing here in a posture like this with her hands behind her back, he became dad of a dog that day. What she’s hiding in her invisible Pandora box now!

ah, and talking about that dog. how did he forget to mention the newest addition in the Raizada family. One fine evening,few weeks ago, khushi had approached him,with genuine concern and worry itched over her face as mercy was not eating properly from 2 days. They had taken him to vet but everything came out normal. And it was then khushi came up with this weird reason that he might be missing a buddy to play with. A play buddy? Really, wasn’t his shoe enough? He had waved off her concern assuring her that mercy would be fine and left for office. The next thing he knew, when he came back from office that day was to come face to face with this new ‘play buddy’. A white kitten with patches of grey on forehead. He stood there with ‘unbelievable’ expressions laced on his face while an escatic n overtly joyous khushi was teaching the kitty to shake hands with him.

oh, and not to mention we all know who would have named that poor thing too? So, she was named ‘audi’ as khushi felt they both should have similar names so one of them wont feel neglected about it. And,the way she was adding pets to their clan and naming them after his luxury cars, he was afraid, there would be someone as land rover and Bentley soon.

So, are they welcoming Bentley today? He wondered for a second before diverting his attention back to khushi who was obviously waiting for it. Twisting his brow he waited for her to unfold what was in wait for him, when she bought her hands forward.

and he thanked heavens when realized there wasnt any more addition to the zoo she was so adamant on creating. In reality, she was inspecting something in her hand which was kind of a picture that he figured out from the backside.

“Is that really you..arnavji?..”
she asked quirking her brow while her lips split into that infectious smile he was so used to witnessing off lately.


“This arnavji. Is that you..?”

“…wearing a pink frock…”
and she could control her giggles anymore as sound of her laughter slid through the room.

he cursed mentally as to why he didnt destroyed that pic last time he laid hands on it. Okay, so everybody has that one childhood pic that would eventually haunt them for the rest of their lives. Specially in front of relatives. And this was it in his case. It was a pic of 5 year old arnav, dressed in his di’s frock and he hadnt the slightest idea what the hell he was thinking at that time. Not that he remember it that clearly but even those faint memories give him creeps. And it was anjali di’s favorite tool to tease him. kudos, now that khushi has join the gang too. Great! Just Great!

in reality he wanted to snatch that pic and burn it to ashes there n then but it would give them more fodder and so He reacted in the way he always had with di, nodding a yes with nonchalance in his voice as if it was something that didnt bother him a bit, he picked up the file again, hoping against hope she wouldnt find it a interesting subject to persue more.

“oh my are looking so cute…”

He cringed a bit when stole a glance in her direction n found her studying that devil pic with every possible angle.  she’s postmortem-ing it.Raizada, Calm!

“hahaha..oh god,your nails are painted too…”
She laughed hard, clutching her stomach as tears rolled down her cheeks. He waited for two minutes repeating the mantra to stay calm but when the non stop laughing marathon did not stopped, he  couldn’t pretend anymore. This woman surely knows how to push his buttons.

He frowned and get up keeping the file aside, extending his hand while his eyes were boring holes in her body.

and she stopped laughing. Completely stopped. Pin drop silence in the room. Observed him for a moment before her lips started twitching in a genuinely evil smirk.

and Raizada knew there n then, it wasnt going to be an easy task with this woman.

“awww…pink frock, pink nail paint. you applied blusher too? Why your cheeks so pinky…”
she cooed looking at the pic once more with that puppy look on her face.

And That was the final nail in the coffin. A pink one.

He ran after her as she squealed calling anjali di before making a run for her life while trying her best to clutch this treasure safe in her hands.

It wasnt long before he caught her with long strides, pulling her tiny body to himself while trying his best to open her fisted palm clutching the pic behind her back.

They were so engaged in the act that they hadnt realized the intimate position they unknowingly were a part of. And it wasnt long before it actually dawned upon them. The fight was now forgotten as the air between them got charged n seemed to crackle up with the sexual energy that could be cut with a knife in half. His hand was still grabbing one of hers tightly at her lower back as the pic just slipped through her fingers,going unnoticed.

His breath washed  her face as she felt her pulse quickening and heat emanating from her ears. Whats with this erratic heart whose running a marathon of its own. She felt her body slightly trembling with something she couldnt quite figure out. As it was the first time she was experiencing a reaction from her traitor body. This adrenaline rush coursing through her was something she hadnt felt before and it was terrific to say the least. The way his body was completely touching hers in all the odd places as well, was something devoiding her the functionality to think rationally. Million butterfies started dancing in her stomach when his eyes darkened a shade as he stared at her face before lowering his gaze to her pink lips


and that word rang a bell in his mind.

Suddenly as if the trance was broken, he Loosened his hold, suddenly get down and picked the now crumbled pic in his hands. A moment of awkward silence embraced them as both of them stood there dumbfounded.

With one last glance in her direction, he left the room and she thanked heavens for that cause she would be needing time to figure out what the hell just happened!!!??

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