SS:Start-Part 4

Arnav Singh Raizada entered his cabin on a bright Monday morning after having a refreshing weekend. Placing his laptop bag on the wooden mahogany desk, he sat on the chair and picked his steaming hot mug of black coffee. Just a perfect way to start the morning.

“Sir, Can you just quickly glance over the document i mailed you in the morning, so we can send our final approval”
Aman entered the cabin minutes after and addressed him politely.

Placing the mug back on the table, he fished out his laptop from the bag and powered it on. He opened the bag again to fetch the charger when felt something soft and fluffy through his fingers.

and fished out a small yellow duck.

What the hell is this doing in his bag?

“Nice toy, sir”
His attention got diverted when aman cleared his throat and said the above line while trying his best to keep a straight face.

Great!! All thanx to that woman, now his employee witnessed him carrying a soft toy in his laptop bag. A yellow duck on top of that. So bloody brilliant Raizada.

“Anything else you wanna discuss?..”
He replied in a no nonsense tone and aman immediately left his cabin citing a polite no.

Leaning back on his set he shook his head. Okay, he had quite an idea that ’embarrassing’ surprizes’ like this came with the package when you are married to a woman like khushi but then he could never actually gauge the limit of how and what would be waiting in next.

He picked the toy again and inspected it. This time couldnt help smirking. It was Coco. Mercy’s favorite toy and No price for guessing who named that toy as well. Ah, and talking about mercy. that spoiled brat has grown quite a bit in last one month.Why that dog’s favorite place for resting is his side of bed inspite of its own big dog house is something Raizada wasnt able to figure out. And why he choose to play with his hand stitched premium leather shoes inspite of his own toys was a mystery too. and he remember this incident very well that happened couple days back.

“Khushi, he is chewing my shoe. You said he’ll not do anything..”
He had crossed his arms, arched his brows pointing towards the dog who seemed to be researching that shoe from every angle possible, to khushi,

She had gasped by looking at that particular scene folding infront of them and ran after the dog who was now dragging that shoe to his dog house. probably for hiding it in a safer place.

“oh my god. mercy, leave that..its not good for your health”
she tried her best pulling it from his mouth without hurting his teeths and Raizada was watching their confrontation with shocked expression on his face.

Really? that was the explanation for damaging his brand new eight hundred dollars shoes.

Finally after winning the tug of war, she got up with the shoe in her hand and passed it to him with a big smile on her face, feeling victorious all the way,

“lijiye arnav jee, aapka joota”

He glared at her boring holes in her body with arms still crossed and turned to have a look at the victim shoe .  The front was dripping wet with all the love that mercy has showered on it. Oh, and how could he missed that teethmarks quite visible on the corner. Great!

He pushed back his chair and looked at the shoes he was wearing now. Same lucky shoe it was.

And if you will look very very deeply, you could actually see those faint teethmarks too! Who knows.

and who would have imagined it, that one day, the multi billionaire and owner of a leading fashion house in india, would actually carry a toy duck in his bag and wear shoes with bite marks in it. But then, so is life.!

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