SS:Start-Part 3

“STOP…STOP…STOP…right there..”

khushi squealed in joy with a childlike excitement like she was just got a gift by santa and turned to look at Arnav, with gleam in her eyes, desperately waiting for his response.

and she came across a highly confused arnav who was observing his surroundings with scrunched up brows.

What they are doing outside a road side fast food stall?!?!
errm..that was not he imagined when she declared she’s gonna treat him with the best food in delhi.

and that ‘best’ fast food in delhi wasnt any KFC,McD,Pizza hut or Dunkin donuts, but rather it turned out to be ‘bankelaal ke mashoor golgappe”, with a side note,” hamari aur koi shakha nahi hai”.

Like Really?!?!

Raizada hadnt imagined he would have ever heard of a name like this, had it not been for this crazy woman sitting beside him, watching him with hopeful eyes and observing his reactions.

and that was when he realized he was still wearing that highly obvious scowl on his face. Loosen up Raizada, He reminded himself alongside the fact that harm is still not done, he still has a pretty fair chance to change her mind.

“Khushi, its okay..r..really.We’ll go somewhere else”
He tried dealing with her by keeping a genuine neutral face in the best way that he could afford.

“aise kaise arnav jee..hamari treat hai na..hum yahi khaenge..”
She declared chirpily,leaning back on the seat with glancing at the crowdy stall with greedy eyes.

He turned to look at the stall himself with apprehensive look and looked at the guy who was serving 3 college going girls, golgappe one by one. Must be that bankelal guy.

The girls were talking and giggling, eating golgappe, and  asking the guy to add more chutney and whatever and finally making that satisfied sound when the spicy and chilly hit their taste buds at the end.

and then he turned to look at his wife who was observing them with a grin on her face and longing in her eyes. CRAP!

It was the moment when Raizada realized he couldnt turned down her offer if she’s longing for that thing that much. But he wouldnt be a Raizada if he didnt negotiated it for once.

“ sure you wanna eat that?There’s this italian restro just few kilometers away. I am sure you’ll lik..”

but she cut him in between, not wanting to leave the offer that he was finally considering.

“han arnavji, yahin khana hai..”
she said hurridly with her eyes shining like glitter.

“Isnt there any place to sit?”
He glanced around for some seating arrangement that could be there if they were extreme lucky.

“arnavji, golgappe koi baith ke nahi khata..aise hi khate hain. Chaliye naaa, bhookh lag gai hume..”

and then she opened her door get down from the SUV and moving towards the stall like it was her ultimate moksha for her.

He shook his head, parked the SUV in a lone spot, fetched his Ray ban and got down. Hoping against hope no body would actually notice this huge SUV beside a golgappe stall, A crazy woman jumping up and down with a disposable plate in her hand while a Man standing beside her.

Politely declining her offer for tasting that world class golgappe, he asked for bottled water instead. and declined that too when he realized it was BILSERI brand,an exact copy of the original one. Ah, the perks of it all!!

So he just stood there patiently , swiveling his car keys and listening to the food and gossip session that was going on in front.

And then he began observing her each time she ate one, stuffing her mouth with it, while her eyes close in content and joy. Just like that, the scowl on his face started leaving and the corners of his lips lifted a lil.

This woman is Crazy, in every sense of the word and in the end, it wasnt bad at all, when she thanked him whole heartedly with her eyes shining with genuine glint and her face adored with a warm smile. The fact that she was moved and overwhelmed with such a simple gesture was something he had so rarely seen in any kinds of women he had come across. And he would say, its such a pleasant change.

Paying off to the bankelal with a huge tip, Raizada acknowledged his larger than life toothy grin that he showered on him with folded hands.

and they made way to their home in the SUV, with a happy,stuffed,satisfied and sleepy khushi, along with a content Raizada.

It was a first for Raizadas as their experienced their first ‘date’ ever if we can label it but really fate has turned their lives to, in a rather funny and twisted way and they werent aware it was just one among the many first they were to experience, together.

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