SS:Start-Part 2


Theirs was not a love story to begin with. Far from that. Just the start of something new they themselves were uncertain of in the beginning. What mattered was, they finally decided to follow the path fate has destined to put them into, together,hand in hand!

and when something is destined, you dont get the change to ask ifs,buts,whys and hows. Things slowly and gradually starts falling into place themselves.

and thats what was happening with this Raizada couple.


He closed the laptop after discussing and approving the presentation with akash. Stretching his body and finally bidding goodnight to akash, he made his way downstairs to the kitchen and fetched a bottle of water. He took a sip and it was then he noticed the voice coming from the TV room.  Someone’s watching TV at 12ish in night? strange. Curiosity led him towards the source and there he saw, his wife sitting on the sofa, with a plate of jalebis in her hand and a toothy grin on her face fully immersed into a loud action movie. Is this woman for real? Wondering he cleared his throat n thats when he got her attention. Her grin turned to a apologetic smile like she was caught sneaking doing something naughty.  He turned to look at the movie that had grabbed her attention and that was when he officially  got the ‘invitation’ to watch this really awesome and mindblowing flick of the hero who’s the heartthrob of millions. Including this woman, that he had guessed by himself. The strange thing among this was, Raizada accepted the offer too. Strange cause, normally Raizada wasn’t the one to waste 2 hours of his precious time on a logicless movie but then curiousity about this really awesome heartthrob  got the better of him.

And so for the next two n a half hours there was a tug of war going on between them as Arnav didn’t leave a single change to made fun of that larger than life hero whereas khushi was trying her hard to be the defensive lawyer in that case.

But, unawaringly, they just had their first movie date together. The best part about it was the fact that by the end of it, they were more at ease with each other than they were ever before. The simple action of bantering throughout the movie could proved to be a great stepping stone in this journey, they hadn’t realized.At all.


He glanced up from the presentation he was working on and came across her face plastered with a toothy grin, smiling down upon him, standing at a distance with both her hands behind her back. Okay, he knew this gesture now. That sugary sweet smile now he knew was her way of asking something or getting something done. Something which Raizada wouldn’t approve otherwise.

And, so he waited her to spill those beans.

She laughed nervously while shifting on her feets as he had put aside his laptop now. Lets see how her brain’s wheels are churning now.

“m..mausam achaa hai..hai na..?..”

She asked looking outside the french doors while trying to gauge his mood at the same time based on his reply.

Crossing his arms across his chest he arched his brow in that fashion like asking  ‘oh Really??” to her.

“Come to the point khushi “
Raizada asked straight forwardly scrapping her chances of dancing around the bushes before actually revealing what the matter was.

Oh crap!
Somebody is really quick at reading people, she wondered. And her plans set back a little as she realized he would never approve of what she was gonna ask from him. But then she could at least try.

Taking a deep breath, she brought her hands forward and reveled what she was hiding behind her back.

“Arnav ji,Can we keep him?”

Arnav saw a small black pup resting in between her palms now observing his surroundings and making tiny mewling sounds that he hadn’t noticed before. Wait? What she said? Can we keep him?
Absolutely NOT!


A stern NO and her face faltered but khushi wasn’t the one to lose hope easily.

“please arnavji..look at him, he’s so cute”

He stared at the pup who was now looking at him,flashing his small pink tongue before closing his eyes in blissful pleasure when khushi started scratching him behind the ears.

Okay.Cute it is. but then he imagined what a mess that tiny creature would create. Shitting anywhere in the house, chewing stuffs,peeing on sofa and that was enough for him to sternly repeat his reply to khushi who was looking at him with hopeful eyes and a pleasant smile.

“You know i hate dogs”
He replied trying his best to avoid looking at the pup who was now innocently playing and licking her fingers while trying his best to get down and roam around.

“but its not a dog arnavji..its a baby..”

He was about to deny again when he saw her disappointing yet longing face and then those pleadings followed.

and just like that, the ‘highly allergic to dogs’ Raizada finally approved the welcome of the latest addition in Raizada clan.

He left highly amused by the sharp turn her expressions took, from please to please arnavji to what to oh my god to finally a loud squealing yayyy and a louder thankyouuu

“His name will be Blacky Raizada..nice na?”
khushi added chirpily embracing the pup in her palms before bringing him closer and touching his shiny cold nose with hers. A low grunting voice that pup made told him that name was already approved.

“Raizada? Reaally?..”
Arnav asked rolling his eyes towards heaven and then he realized its khushi he was dealing with.

“and Blacky?? so…creative i would say”
He continued,making sure she’ll catch the hint of sarcasm in his voice.

A black name him blacky.Just Wao!

“how about…umm…”

khushi thought for a minute and then added with a spark in her eyes when she got the perfect name she was looking for..,

“i’ve found him outside, he was playing in the parking lot where your Mercedes was parked. So, his name will be Mercy”

She jumped up in joy with a child like glee while Raizada had to try his best to not laugh out loud at the silly connection she just made.

“You are crazzy you know that?”

He said observing his wife after witnessing her moment of extreme joy but she hardly listened as she was busy conversing with the clueless pup who just got a new set of parents.

Raizada turned back to his presentation shaking his head remembering the time when he had firstly realized,that life with this particular woman was going to be different.
Crazy different. How right he was.

Need not to mention,Arnav had to make a few trips to supermarket to got mercy a new and lavish dog house, a one of a kind collar,huge sets of toys to play with and three months of dog food in stock.

It was indeed a start on just another level Arnav had never imagined he would find himself. All he could do is keeping his fingers crossed!

3 thoughts on “SS:Start-Part 2

  1. Reading this story again is having the same fresh feeling………Beautifully written…..they are moving ahead in their life…….one step at a time……..


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