SS:Compatibility-Part 7

“Beta, coffee lo na”

“Ji Aunty, thanks!”

Khushi narrowed her eyes as Arnav moved to pick the coffee mug from the tray her mother was holding and couldn’t help but notice the way the crisp white shirt stretched across his muscular toned body wrapping around it like a second skin, accentuating every dip and curve to the maximum. Guys like him should be banned from folding their shirt sleeves, she decided there & then.

He was looking nothing short of a Greek god.
A Greek god having black coffee.
A Greek god with that sexy to-die-for stubble, her mind corrected her. Damn, she was even envying the Rolex sitting proudly on his wrist like bragging about its luck to the outer world, or so khushi thought.
Or that diamond cufflink for that matter.

Her gaze traveled downwards the length of that finely stitched custom made trouser hugging his lower body to the T and a very weird and sudden urge to check how the view would be from the back peaked from some kinkiest corner of her mind and left her horrified so much so that she instantly came back to present with a flinch, only to realize that she was sub consciously staring at his groin from last couple of minutes.

Another part of her brain cursed at her stupidity and she quickly checked her surroundings just to make sure nobody noticed her below the belt act and No one certainly did, to her relief.

To say they were kind of awe-strucked by the creature named Raizada currently sitting on the opposite sofa and commanding the audience with whatever he was saying animatedly to them, would be partially correct. She dared a look at him again to complete the staring session she left and glanced at his shoes. ‘O bitch,we are rich‘, she suspected his shoes would have screamed like that in case they have a voice of their own, Shining in the same kind of glow khushi achieved after scrubbing her face for 15 minutes or so.

Why the hell was he dressed like that? Like a prospective groom, like someone on date, Like a model shooting for Playgirl. Why cant he wear those ill-fitted mis-matched clothes with 12’o clock stubble and flip-flops She shook her head to shrug off those thoughts and tried once again to get his attention which was directed somewhere else and at that point of time khushi felt nothing more than an intruder in her own family.

Not Done!
She huffed mentally. This is not how you should dress, behave and act in a complicated situation like theirs. He wasn’t here to charm the pants off of everyone, including the ladies dressed up in sarees but that was exactly he seems to be doing at that instant. Was he even aware he was doing it or it was just his natural charisma.Great. Leo got the Oscars finally. This Raizada should be next in line. Gosh!

If only she could get his attention for once so she could telepathically punch him for spoiling their plans. Not that khushi hadnt tried anything from her side. She had coughed out of blue in an unlady like manner a couple of times but even that was suppressed among the laughter that was floating around in room on something someone said.

She realized in horror that the way he was going, his Di and her family members would soon fix their marriage, finalize their honeymoon destination and plan the name of their first born, today itself and she panicked at the above thought .

Picking up her phone she pulled out her contacts and call his number as discreetly as possible while maintaining a poised smile at her face and realized the exact second he felt his phone vibrating in his trouser’s pocket. Her gaze lingering to his every action as he gently removed it before glancing at the screen and it was then that khushi was blessed with his attention, his complete attention for first time since he had arrived with his Di.  Narrowing her gaze at him she signaled him to go outside so she could have a talk to put some sense into him. After a moment of hesitation before glancing to n fro between phone and her face, she mentally punched in triumph when he oh-so-poisedly excused himself to take the call and made his way out of the hall.

It didnt came as a surprise for her family members when after a minute khushi excused herself too citing the desire to have a glass of water to quench her sudden thirst.

No, they didn’t suspect or so khushi thought as she changed her path midway and practically ran to the other door to where she had seen Arnav going earlier.


“ were so enjoying the kitty party inside”

Raizada halted midway in the process of inspecting the beautiful lavish garden infront of him and turned to find a feisty khushi trying to bore holes in his body with her narrowed gaze.

His heart instantly flashed the above message like a breaking news on a TV channel and he couldn’t help but agreed to it sub consciously despite his mind flashing ‘Danger’ placard in bright red neon.

Her bottom lip jutting out as she hissed at him in anger, tapping her feet like a headmistress and pointing that finger towards him in accusation but Arnav was oblivious to everything except the fact that even in anger she was looking like someone straight out of every man’s dream and the funny thing about that was his own reaction when he imagined her posing seductively in other testosterone laden men’s dream. That incoherent silly thought was enough to rile him up from his calm facade and he felt a sudden wave of this unknown something coarsing though his veins at mile per minutes. Whatever this unknown something is, he is not liking it.Not a bit.

He crossed his arms across his chest, straightening to his full height and tower over her by a good measure. But even that small act didn’t intimidate the lady who seemed to be on fire today.

She placed her hands on her hips as well while lifting her brow as if there was some kind of competition going on between these two.

He finally asked when she stayed mum for another minute.

“You tell me what was that?”

“What was what?”

“Why are you acting like Shahid Kapoor of vivaah fame in front of my family?”
She accused pointing a perfectly manicured nail towards him.

He asked a bit confused this time at the track this conversation was going.

she rolled her eyes at the fact that Raizada knowing Bollywood has exactly the same possibility as a toddler knowing Al-zebra . Great!

“You were supposed to tell them the truth that this is all a lie..we decided that”

“YOU decided that”
He retorted back lowering her finger from his face so he could see her properly.

Her mouth opened wide in shock as she realized he seemed to be ditching her at the last moment plus the sudden shivers she felt as he touched her. Pulling back her hand quickly as if her skin was on fire she suppressed her traitorous bodily reactions and chose to hide behind the safer ones.


He cut her midway as he continued further,
“What was I supposed to do? Play the villain here”

“haan toh, whats the problem in that?”

“Havnt you seen Anjali Di? I cant hurt her like that.Not today. She’s so happy”

He admitted in a somewhat tamed voice and instantly all the happy faces of the family members flashed in front of khushi’s eyes. she couldn’t help but a sudden pang of guilt coursed through her and she realized that both her and Arnav are on the same page of the book for that matter. None of them want to hurt their family and closed ones.

“What will we do now?”
she finally asked after a couple seconds in a defeated voice.

At her question he raked a hand though his thick black manes before replying,
“I dont know yet. But we’ll figure out soon. kay?”
He assured her and asked in a gentle voice.

she nodded before voicing her opinion again,
“Yeah. We will. They think we are already in love. This is the only reason they are happy for us. But we know the truth right? How can we go ahead with this lie in place. I have always wanted to have a love marriage. Always wanted to marry the person I love. This would be so wrong to pretend to be in love when we are completely not.Dont you think?”

She questioned hesitatingly and he merely tipped his head in approval of what she stated without disclosing anything else as khushi looked at him through her lashes herself unaware of what she was searching for in his masked expressions. Both of them completely lost in their own train of thoughts for that matter.

They came back from trance when his phone started ringing again. He removed it from his pocket again to see the caller and suddenly it seemed like something was clicking in his mind or so khushi realized when he looked to n fro from his phone to khushi instead of picking it.

“I think I have an idea here”
He said as he silenced his ringing phone rather than picking it before glancing at khushi with a sly grin.

“What? Whose that calling?”
she asked completely at loss of what he was stating.

“My Ex”
He stated showing her the screen still vibrating with an unknown number and suddenly khushi felt like someone just punched her, flat on her face.


7 thoughts on “SS:Compatibility-Part 7

  1. “We can’t get married, do something and break it now, hang on who was that on the phone, your ex, how dare she, how dare you………”
    Can it get any cuter?
    Why does Khushi always remember Bollywood stars to compare Arnav with? Bechaara, gets confused every time she mentions those names.


  2. Ha ! Ha ! What an awesome update !! Arnav and khushi are just adorable !! Now that the suggestion of the ex as part of a triangle has come, wonder if it will finally push both Arnav and khushi to look beyond the surface and actually assess their feelings for each other !! Fantastic writing. Thoroughly enjoying the story. 🙂 ship13(IF)

    Liked by 1 person

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