SS:Compatibility-Part 6

Gaur se dekhiye is vehshi darinde ko. Ye vahi aadmi hai jo masoom mahilaao ko pakadke zabardasti unka chumban leta hai!

The loud screeching voices were pounding inside, playing over and over like a broken record. He saw mob of angry,protesting women running towards him carrying rolling pins and brooms and he witness himself running for his life in opposite direction with every ounce of energy he could muster. The footsteps closing behind him as he ran at full speed, his heart beating out of his chest and felt his body sweating out due to running so fast. He dared to look back and saw khushi sitting on a horse, a sword in her hand, approaching him with a look on her face that wanted only revenge. He panicked and in attempt to save his life ran even a bit faster but unfortunately tripped and fell face down. The protest went louder as he felt the crowd stood there circling him muttering profanities at him while khushi began circling him,swirling her pointed sword in his direction. Jumping off the horse, she encircled him slowly while throwing him a look of pure disgust. The crowd started encouraging khushi to take the ultimate revenge for the forced chumban and he saw with a look of fear when the loathing in her eyes reached another level as she pulled her sword back with extreme amount of force before bringing it down in one swift motion thus slicing his lips off his body.

and the alarm went off,as well.

Raizada woke up suddenly in his bed, his heartbeat faster than Harley Davidson as he felt beads of sweat rolling down his face. Instantly touching his face he relaxed a bit. Never before in his life he was blessed to have his lips back in its place, firm and intact and then he remembered the bits and pieces of the horrible nightmare he was just having.


and he shook his head to n fro. A day kicking start with such a wonderful dream,has absolutely no hopes of it turning into something better. He could just hope he’ll be able to hold it all together for whatever life’s gonna throw at him today.


Tipping his head at the employees that greeted him,he swiftly made his way towards his cabin carrying his laptop bag in hand. It truely felt like a victory as he effectively surpassed his assistant’s desk wearing those no nonsense expressions as she got up from her seat. He could do without any formalities today. To acknowledge the after effects of his khatro-ke-khiladi like stunts would be the last thing he would be doing today. The only thing he would like in this moment was the comfort and security that his cabin provided. Devoid of any intrusion from the outside world.

“Thank lord”
he whispered to himself as he turned back and swiftly closed the heavy door. He had finally made it. Deep down he knew he couldnt avoid the chumban-gate forever, but hell, if he woulnt give it his best shot. He knew the hell was about to loose on him anyday as he hadnt heard anything from khushi as well since that happened. Can you believe it? That girl who never let go of any chance to rile him up for no particular reason was tight lipped since then.

Not a single word. Not a single call. Not a single glare!

He wouldnt brag about it but kissing her that day turned out to be the ultimate solution of his problem. Damn why didnt it drawled upon him earlier when she was dishing out tales about him at the golgappe stall throwing tantrums, him messaging her with hearts and emoticons, him begging her for a date for khushi lost her razor sharp tongue to say the least and within minutes the interview was over as a slightly stammering, overtly flushed and hugely embarrassed khushi after citing some excuses slipped out of the room as if her tail was on fire.

and every time since then he was waiting for her outburst that he knew was pending. He wouldnt get this lucky twice, right? he convinced himself touching his lips yet again to confirm they are safe back in place.

It might be the calm before the storm. But damn he wasn’t complaining. He would surely enjoy this calm as much as it lasts. He turned back with his lips now tilted upwards as he stopped dead in his tracks at the sight in front of him.

khushi leaning against the wooden desk, her arms crossed across her chest, her foot tapping, her eyes boring holes into his body was the humane version of a bull ready for a fight. Just you need to waive the red flag infront of it.

and seems like Raizada had done that task subconsciously.

“Care to share the joke Mr Raizada?”

He hadnt realized the calm would last for about…thirty seconds. Damn!

and then he realized that a very small and miniscule part of himself was actually elated to hear from her and the realization was so sudden,weird and un-Raizada like that it actually left him unsettled so much so that Raizada quickly dumped that part of his traitorous self in a box and pushed it off the cliff. Mentally.

Weird right?

Squaring his shoulders he released a deep breath before he made his way around the desk effectively sidelining the bull waiting to attack.

“Morning to you too”
He muttered swiftly before placing the laptop on his desk, taking his seat and powering it on. Then placing the Economic times in its usual position. Then getting up and sliding the binds apart. Then calling his secretary for his regular black coffee. Then shifting some more papers from here to there.

Khushi’s mouth opened in shock. What is she? a potted plant in his cabin kept for decorative purposes that you glance at only once in a while. Cause She definitely was feeling like one at the moment.

Facing towards him she placed her palms on his desk and kept staring at him with narrowed eyes, clearly baffled at his display of nonchalance. This man is acting like he’s strolling on a beach in miami whereas she’s feeling like standing on the enterance of a volcano. Just how dare he.

and Raizada finally chose to acknowledge the elephant in the room when he dragged his gaze away from his laptop and settled it over her face.

Fiesty. Angry. Baffled. Cute.

Cute? Really Raizada? Are we playing the odd one out.He scolded himself before addressing her with a calmness that surprised himself.

“What khushi?”


“Whats the matter?”


“Stop repeating me”


“Can you please stop talking in puzzles? ”
He drawled between his teeth clearly trying his best to control his temper. He could very well take a ice bath, roll down on a freezing lake like a polar bear or hell, dress himself like a snowman, but this lady infront of him can play with his  temper like a snap of her fingers.

She looked at him like he had grew horns. Or maybe he had struck his head somewhere now that he is behaving like Ghazini Raizada. How can he act so calm when she was having a mini tsunami herself? and that for something entirely his fault.

“Can i stop talking in puzzles? Really Raizada? Do you have any slightest idea you have made my life a living hell ever since you did that on that day?”

she seethed after collapsing on the chair beside the desk after hurling that oscar worthy accusation over him while he was just staring at her dumbfoundedly.

“You asked for it”
He drawled, erupting every word out of his mouth with measured control.


she retorted back in equal measures.

“Who the hell is that?”

she heard him asking in a tone that was surprisingly different from his non chalance attitude he was displaying till now. She gazed up at him to find him actually gritting his teeth while his lips were thinned into razor sharp edges and this time Raizada wasn’t calm. Not a bit.

This sudden change in his demeanor had khushi left wondering for a while. Is he deliberately diverting this convo to some other useless topics? Who wouldnt know Imraan Hashmi for goodness’s sake. The kissing god of Indian cinema. But given how ‘involved’ boring Raizada is into movies and all, it might be possible he doesnt know Mr Hashmi , Right?

Then came the second question. If he really doesn’t know Imraan hashmi, why is he all riled up and growling as if he’s kind of somewhat jeal…

khushi, however, pulled a sudden brake at her lingering thoughts from going into dangerous territory but couldnt help that strange sensation that stirred all those butterflies sitting calmly in her stomach till that moment.

waving a hand at him to let go of that, she reminded herself as to why she was there. and dwelling upon Raizada’s brooding reaction giving her a kick out of nowhere wasn’t something she must be doing. Coming back to her senses, she pressed further,

“Do you know what the current status is? I am now the traitor of my family for effectively hiding our ‘blooming romance” behind their backs from so long. Now they all are convinced that we actually met at that brijlal bhaiya ke golgappe stall pe, and that I ACTUALLY fell into shit. that we actually started dating then and all that rishte wali meeting and crap,we were just pretending we didnt know each other and that we would have just laughed at how cleverly we played our families. GOSH!!!” 

Taking a necessary breath, khushi continued without even waiting for his reaction,

“and my own sis payal, she’s actually playing the injured party here. Can you believe?? she has disowned me officially. She is not gonna share her clothes and stuffs with me. WITH ME??Oh mi gosh.she very clearly told me i will not be invited in my own bachellerote party you know. That they will have fun with the male stripper without me”
she sobbed uncontrollably after her verbal vomit infront of Raizada as she blew her emotions out into the tissue in her hand. The pain of not being able to share the awesome clothes, accessories and stuff with her sister was almost too much to bear.

He growled suddenly like a caged animal leaning forward placing his palms on the desk, holding his temper by a very thin thread.

khushi jerked to present at his sudden over the top reaction and then realized what she had uttered. Wiping a lone tear that was stubbornly attached to her lashes, she whispered in a low voice.

“sorry…you were not supposed to hear that”
she twitched her nose, making a unlady like snort post her verbal diarrhea.

“What male strippers?”
He asked this time in a somewhat tamed voice but no where calm.

“Vo..when we were young we decided that we’ll have so much fun on our hen’s party. You know”
she disclosed, her face getting colored as she told him the details of their plans.

“And these ‘Strippers’ are part of the fun. Is that so? Does your parents know about these plans?”

her eyes widened in anger or shock or an amalgamation of both she didnt know,

“haww…what are you? My warden or…”

“No strippers khushi. I am warning you”
He silenced her as his hand effectively cut through the air between them. Going by the current frown itched over his face and the way he’s acting offended its like she had propositioned him to be the stripper in her party. Gosh!

and as far as male strippers go, it wasnt like they were gonna do the deed with was just an innocent wish, to enjoy the most out of the night before getting tied to a man with life. Staring is allowed right? or so she had thought while making these plans with her sis lying on the terrace gazing up the stars in the sky. so she couldn’t digest the reaction of Raizada as if they were planning to bound and gag those strippers for their fun. Eeeksss.

“and who gave you the authority to decide about that Raizada?”

She narrowed her eyes at him in anger as she got up from her seat and pointed a finger towards him.

“khushi ,I will tell you one more time…”

“Wait, why are we even fighting over those invisible strippers??…”



“You did”

“I DID???”



He growled, raking a hand between his perfectly combed hair, disheveling them a bit as he paced the length of his cabin.

and it was just 9:30 in the morning. damn , he should have known after having a nightmare like that.

Releasing a pent up breath and controlling his temper, he came back in front of her again, presenting a somewhat calm self.

“okay i accept it was a mistake. Now what?”

He said somewhat hesitatingly, shrugging his shoulders clearly at a loss of a way out.

khushi glared at him, suspecting him at his sudden u turn and sniffing the invisible olive branch he was offering. When she realized it was genuine her own shoulders drooped slowly, the tension releasing from them.

“I dont know. My family. They wanna meet you now. May be you can convince them. May be they’ll believe you. Its getting messier and its all your fault if i may remind you”

He glared at her and she shrugged her shoulders. Grabbing her bag from the desk, clutching the strap,she leveled her gaze on him who seemed to be in some deeper thoughts of his own.

“Just text me whenever you are ready for a show of sach ka saamna infront of my family, so that we can close this for once n all. okay”

she turned back before swiftly making her towards the door. God, its different thing bickering with each other in his cabin but another thing altogether in case you wanna explain it to your elders and this story itself is sensational over the top itself. Trusting him to come out with a better solution, she made her way out.

“No strippers”

His calm yet tight voice followed her outside the cabin and for the first time khushi felt her lips tilting up in a smile since that chumban-gate.

9 thoughts on “SS:Compatibility-Part 6

  1. They don’t have a clue about their feelings for each other, do they? Worrying about Emraan Hashmi and male strippers.


  2. khushi seems like she’s playing fool to catch wise with raizada you know….. and i like that!! btw plz translate the hindi for us non hindi speaking readers in future please! i beg you

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Superb update !! Was laughing so hard at the comparison of Imran Hashmi and Arnav !! Khushi being denied payal’s wardobe, Payal being hurt at the lack of disclosure of khushi’s alleged romance with Arnav …. Everything in the update was too good !! Loved it !! 🙂 ship13(IF)


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