SS:Compatibility-Part 5

Arnav was a pro at giving interviews. It was something he has been doing since ages and can literally charm the pants off of anybody. Specially when it comes to the members of opposite sex. He could literally have any woman eating out of the palm of his hand and then ask some more.

but this interview was slightly different in more ways than one.

For Raizada has been sitting on his chair with hard expressions plastered over his face and spotting a even harder hardon that will stay for quite some time, he was sure of. Definitely a first for him.

Now to begin with, how exactly he ended up digging a grave, this mammoth for himself, he wondered,as he adjusted himself yet again in his pants cleverly avoiding the prying eyes stuck to his every move and every word erupting out of his mouth. This torture had been over way back had it not been for this very determined and talented woman hell bent on giving the like of Tom Hanks and Di Caprio a run for their money.

He never thought her idea of joining for an interview would meant she would perched up on the arm rest of his cushion-ey comfortable leather seat, would dangle her arms around his neck like a pole dancer around a pole and then went on to give these love sick puppy looks to the interviewer in response.

Holy Cow!

He cursed internally yet another time when he realized he had again missed the question directed towards him. The thing that left him unsettled and threw him off balance,the most was the way his own libido was following the trails of shakti kapoor, like a young horny teenager boy whose laying his hands upon his first ever playboy mag.

It was only a matter of time when the interview shifted its gears completely. Whereas originally he had to share his plans for the latest fashion trends that would dominate this summer, it was merely turned to the latest avalanche in Raizada’s love life. Right at that moment Raizada felt exactly like those extras dancing behind the hero in the bollywood flicks as khushi gradually took centerstage and he was left wondering how many years he might be sentenced in jail if he would strangle this woman sitting right next to him.

“khushi, so how exactly the two of you met?”

He came back to present with this question as the lady interviewing him was glancing at khushi with those big hopeful eyes as she get ready to record every morsel of the juicy gossip about to thrown her way.

Khushi in turn, turned to look at him while passing on those ‘its-our-secret’ kinda looks before displaying that shy smile and her cheeks ACTUALLY got colored. Damn! this woman, he cursed at her over-the-top acting skills while praying in mind for the floor to open up and swallow them all. excluding him ofcourse.

“honey, tell them about our first meeting”
she actually had the gall to blush,he realized amidst concentrating between the tightness in his pants and the fuming anger he was controlling by a very thin thread. He would have called off her facade but the camera man decided to showcase his talent by capturing this seemingly intimate moment between two aspiring lovebirds and therefore Raizada put on his smile while shrugging his shoulders and giving her a heads up to go ahead. His first reply would have been to strangle her neck but given the audience they have, he settled for the least-violent option while internally he was witnessing a very interesting match between the fierce businessman and his testosterone laded teen self.

Her eyes actually lit up like those Chinese lights in diwali and she could barely contain the excitement as she enthusiastically turn towards purba,

“um..its a rather dubious one, to tell you honestly”
she started by emphasizing the above line while rolling her eyes and Raizada gulped at the promising terror hidden behind something as simple as that.

“about a month ago, on a very fine day, i was having golgappe with my friends at chandni chowk. Do you know that famous brijlal chat bhandar stall?”
she asked to purba enthusiastically and she immediately nodded in approval as well, leading to the two mature woman gushing like two high school girls about how tasty that gol-whatever-the thing is and how spicy he serves it with 2 different types of chutney and fillers.

“han, toh we were there waiting for our turn when suddenly you know this BMW stopped at the corner and stepped down a guy in a three piece suit. We obviously laughed about how that man was looking so out of place like Will smith of Men in Black..”

and giggles erupted out of everyone present in the room . Ofcourse except the original Men in black in question.

“han toh what we saw, that man came to the stall and demanded the golgappe wale bhaiyaa to serve him first. ab batao, yeh koi baat hui?”
khushi asked sincerely to the camera man who just zoomed the lens to capture a very grim looking Raizada and the man in turn shook his head in negation at khushi’s question.

“Vohi toh. I obviously didnt knew ki that arrogant guy was him”
she added coyly turning to spare a glance at Raizada who tried narrowing his eyes at her to pass on his message to khushi. and obviously it didnt work.

“We had a huuuge spat then. obviously jo pehle aaega, they will be served first right? so, after throwing fits of tantrums and what not, he finally stepped down and waited for his turn pouting like a child”

“Really?? kinda hard to believe”
Purba asked hesitatingly, her brows obviously gone to second floor as she switched glances between Raizada and khushi to confirm the authenticity of this latest piece of gossip.

“I bet”
khushi confirmed, before adding further,

“You should have witness that epic moment. Him, wearing a three piece suit, Ray bans, a BMW on the side,was actually fuming like a child and glaring holes in us while waiting for his turn..”

It felt like he was a part of ladies kitty party rather than a professional interview when he glanced around and saw all exchanging giggles among themselves. Did she just painted himself as a temper throwing tycoon at none other than a cheap food stall.

Great! Why didnt the world ended already?
He gritted his teeth as she turned towards him, her eyes shining with the mischievous glint of their own,

he muttered loudly under his breath as the exact image popped up in his mind and he couldnt believe he was actually letting her go on with this farce.

khushi smiled nervously looking at purba then quickly covering up for Arnav’s mis-matched reaction about their first meeting.

“aww honey. sorry for spilling that secret”
she cooed at him adoringly and then went on to pull his cheeks slightly. Just enough to make it look like a playful lover’s banter.

Arnav was in two minds. A major part of him wanted to wring khushi’s tongue around her neck multiple times followed by kicking those reporters out of the planet  into the oblivion. A small, miniscule and dangerously logical part, however, thought about the fact that why cant two play this game?

and yes, the tiny part won, hands down.

“No problem dear”
He spoke. Cool-ly. Cooler than dermicool talc. Cool-er than a damn cucumber. Cooler than the coolest freaking thing ever existed for mankind. And the show of non-chalance in his attitude was similar to a pig rolling in shit, having the time of its life.

“But You cant NOT tell them about our, rather, interesting second chance meeting”
He quirked his brow at her as he threw that enigmatic smile towards khushi and she was left speechless-ed, like a student in an examination hall.

and he smirked internally when he realized khushi had no clue what he was talking about. Well, he had no clue either when he started it, and now he has an attentive audience of 4,with three out of them watching him with curiosity and a lone face marred with shock and other similar set of expressions. Taking the bull by its horns, he turned towards purba with wearing those oh-so-perfect amused expression over his face as if he was really reacalling an incident like that.

“okay. So, couple days after our very ‘eventful’ first meeting. i was jogging in the morning around the city park, as my daily routine. with headphones in my ears, i didnt realized khushi also coming from the front with headphones in hers too. God knows where her attention was, she collided with me head-on and fell over. Eventually landing on this giant pile of…shit”
he added the last word after pausing a bit,thereby attracting immense attention to it.

purba’s eyes widened tenfolds and her lips formed an ‘eeewww’ expression as she quickly glanced at khushi wearing the same expression like she could still saw proof of that present there.

she, somehow responded, with gritted teeth when the initial horror of what he just said subsided. but the image was now forever planted in her mind. How dare this man. He wasnt supposed to play this game like a champ. He was just supposed to sit there silently, or grit his teeths, or mutter unbeleivable or what thaas, at the max.

“Oh you did”
He replied now full on smirking at a semi baffled khushi who was now watching him with a murderous gaze, before adding

“Remember how nobody came for your rescue cause you were stinking so badly”
He added and then she heard stiffing giggles coming from the audience and her facade slipped a bit. How nice purba would look without those front teeths, she imagined and took a deep breath. Mess with a bull, you’ll get the horns. How true was that.

She however, composed herself in record time, as she joined in the light moment Raizada just managed to create with this stupidly insane shit story and waved off her hand like she was actually waving off the embarrassing incident from the past.

“ahh..dont remind me that..”
she sighed before adding,

“but it was rather a ‘fell into shit and came up smelling like roses’ kinda moment”
she smiled as she picked up those invisible lint from his suit, playing her part perfectly before adding.

“back then I didnt knew Mr Raizada had those ‘stalker tendencies’. That very evening i received a message from an unknown number.I could bet my money no one would believe that it was from him, given the content of the message.”
she said exaggerating the last part.

“You know like, it was full of emoticons, smileys, those cute little hearts and he was repeatedly saying sorry for that morning’s incident. AND HE ASKED ME OUT FOR A DATE!!!!”
she added smiling sheepishly and felt a surge of victory coursing through her when purba’s eyes turn dreamy when she glanced back at khushi. Like the image with shit on her face was overwritten by this latest one.

“You said yes??”
came the question from the overtly exited reporter

“Ofcourse not. I turned him down”
khushi replied shrugging her shoulders.

interrupted Raizada who felt like he was being sidelined in this storytelling competition.

“Yes i did”


“No i didnt”

“Yes You did”

“i had no option. you were literally begging me”





The three heads from the audience were swinging to and fro like a tennis ball in an Wimbledon finale going on between arnav and khushi.

“Really Raizada, dont you remember that by then you were completely smitten by me and for how long a girl could resist. Y’ know. and we started hanging out…”

she said smiling coyly after molding the story her way trying to give it a good finish exactly how she wanted.

“and trust me when i say Raizada is nothing like you media people have been portraying him till now..”
she said pouting towards purba while caressing him

“There’s this one time when just to impress me he even danced in his blue superman boxe…

Khushi, however couldn’t complete that sentence which has every chance of becoming a super scandalous headline as by then, she felt him pulling her form to himself as he grabbed her face in between his palms.

“now that is our little secret. Right honey”

Without giving her even a chance to respond,he planted his lips firmly on hers and even the loud gasps from the audience didnt deterred him. This whole thing started just to put her back in place. He didnt realize it would rile her up and act as a catalyst in this already explosive situation. and now as he thought about it, what they just fished out in front of media is downright insanly craziest piece of interview and he realized in horror the headline that might run after this

Raizada throwing tantrums at a food stall!

khushi felling into a piece of shit! that was creative

Raizada emailing with hearts n emoticons * girslish*

Raizada begging for a date!

and Raizada dancing in blue boxers..what the f**k!!!

The last one however managed to poke a huge hole in his cool facade as it quickly waned off prompting for a quick plan B from Raizada. There was no way he would have the last say in any kind of angument when there is this particular woman on the other side. He glaneced at her while she was babbling about some dance and then about some blue…

and Raizada jumped. figuratively. Jumped to save the situation from getting anymore scandalous, messier, eyeballs popping kinda situation. The tightness in his pants still reminded him of its presence. Without thinking further he kissed her. The best damage control thing one could come up in exactly 2 seconds,he convinced himself.

and not to mention, Raizada was indeed successful in killing those two proverbial birds with a single kiss!

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  1. After that story telling debacle, they are gone. They will be tomorrow’s sensational news. How will Di and Payal feel about this?


  2. Brilliant writing !! Absolutely loved the update. Khushi and Arnav were just hilarious in the interview with each trying to be one up on the other!! Love the story. 🙂 ship13(IF)

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