SS:Compatibility-Part 4


“Every object will remain at rest or in uniform motion in a straight line unless compelled to change its state by the action of an external force”

khushi had always been interested in physics, ever since she was a ninth grader. Physics and its laws had never failed to amused her back then as her curious mind used to wonder about the real life applicability of various theories she had read. One such among them were the laws given by Sir Issac Newton. Now, some 10 years later, inside Raizada’s cabin, in front of an audience, she realized just how true Mr Newton actually were back then.

It was a difficult situation to be in, that was for sure. khushi who was blasting Raizada for his actions that had eventually landed them on the same page,for the first time ever, just got an uninvited audience, that too in the form of media personals. The last thing they ever wanted. Just Great!

what they say about Out of the fry pan into the fire.

she was still in the mid of hurling some more accusations at Raizada when the door opened and his secretary entered with 2 people behind her, informing him about the interview he had scheduled for this famous youth magazine for 9:30 slot.

she cringed when the two reporters behind his secretary stared at her as she saw hints of recognition pooling in their eyes and their eyes began to lit up with this unidentified joy alike hers whenever she bagged some buy 1 get 1 free deal online.

oh god!

and she could literally imagine the newspapers running page 3 with following headlines

”Raizada caught in a lover’s spat with new chick”

“Getting cozy with new chick in the office”

and bla bla!

They heard the click of heels on the floor and entered another lady with paper n equipments in her hand whom khushi instantly recognized as editor of the said magazine. Purba Mukherjee it was. She elegantly make her way towards Raizada as he greeted her with a swift hand shake while khushi was dumbly watching their interaction. Her gaze then landed on khushi next and khushi saw confusion brimming in them too at first, followed by the instant recognition.

thanks to that chick pic for making her more famous than mary com. She thought cursing Raizada some more.

Passing a nervous smile to her, she started grabbing her bag when she heard purba addressing her directly.

“Khushi Gupta? Right? so glad to meet you”

and khushi couldnt help but smiled genuinely at her. Finally someone recognized her as something other than Raizada’s new chick. She decided she already liked this woman.

“I would love you to join this interview with Mr Raizada”
she asked hopefully as her gaze lingered at khushi then drifted towards arnav to make sure she’s not interrupting their schedule.

Now the offer was so genuinely made plus the fact that khushi hate declining people’s request, still, being interviewed with him would be a disaster to say the least specially when a single pic of them had created havoc already.

It was on the tip of her tongue to decline purba’s request as politely as possible but Raizada jumped in between thus unknowingly digging his own grave.

“I am afraid that wont be happening purba. Khushi was just leaving”

Raizada spoke now gaining his lost authority back, as he closed the distance between him and khushi and placed his palm on the small of her back, to politely guide her out of the room with as much courtesy as possible given the audience watching their moves with hawk like eyes.

and it was that very moment when Mr Newton’s first law of motion stirred to action. Law of emotion, however, would be a better word to use though. As mentioned earlier, khushi would have said NO to this interview thing herself and then ran off from anything remotely similar to cameras and journalists, had it not been for the Raizada barging in between like a cow and ordering things to be as per his liking. This one small action, though,compelled khushi to changed her gears. Now, as she stood there, with Raizada practically bent on sending her out of the room with the enthusiasm NASA launches its missiles into space, she couldn’t help but got this really evil idea emerging inside her head and too bad it sounded so freaking entertaining to be left alone.

Her brainwheels churning faster than ever as her eyes lit up in joy when she realized just how much creativity she could show in a situation like this and that moment, felt like roadies who just got assigned a task and it was a question of honor now. a battle of now or never!

”You asked for it”
was what he had said in explanation to his action. Guess what, two could play the games Raizada.

and with this newly found resolve, khushi tried hard to contain the excitement bursting out of it like molten lava out of volcano. she turned suddenly, tilting her chin high, looked at him with a leveled gaze and spoke in the gentle-est voice she could manage when she could have been dancing up in pre-victory celebrations.

“oh honey, i am sure i could manage this. Its our first interview together, afterall

and it was that moment when Raizada realized as to what exactly the phrase ‘hell hath no fury like a woman scorned‘ was meant for.


7 thoughts on “SS:Compatibility-Part 4

  1. Arnav tho gaya. He said, she asked for it! Well, wait and watch how she will pay it back for that offhanded remark.
    Loving these laws.


  2. Awesome update. Love this fiery khushi who is egoistic and will not be dictated !! Found it hilarious that she stumped Arnav by telling the reporter that they were ready to be interviewed since it was their first one together !! Loved the update. πŸ™‚ ship13(IF)

    Liked by 1 person

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