SS:Compatibility-Part 3

Arnav Singh Raizada calmly powered on his laptop and picking the mug, took a large swig of his black coffee. Then placing it back to its exact point, perpendicular to the edge of mahogany wooden table, he went on to adjust the Economic times, shifted it a bit right, the paperweight a bit left and several other things that were already placed to perfection. But nonetheless, it was something Raizada does out of habit, everyday. Then why he was taking time longer than usual was something new. but then Raizada was almost enjoying it given the situation he was in today.

and then he heard the impatient drumming of fingers on his desk from the other side, and felt her poking holes in his body, he decided to address the situation finally.

Leaning back, entwining his fingers behind his head,crossing his ankles and finally directed his attention towards her who was now glaring at him with narrowed eyes.

he said, almost nonchalantly,

“oh, done with the housekeeping. Are we?”

He frowned at her easy curt reply. Trust khushi Gupta to counter back in nano seconds like the world would end if she wouldn’t respond back with equally creative retorts. And as much as it dented a hole in his i-am-cool-as-a-cucumber approach, he decided to play it lightly. Certainly, he wasnt going to reveal how much she pushes his buttons and certainly in a wrong way when she didnt even try harder.

“If you are bombarding my office at wee hours in the morning, you expect me to greet you with garlands and champagne?”
He replied calmly while tilting his head slightly as he took another swig of his coffee.

she gave an unladylike snort before she opened her bag and thumped a newspaper on his desk with a louder thud.

“Rumored lovebirds.Any idea what that is?”

“No clue. Birds of any kinds?”
He replied almost sincerely while scrapping his stubble.

“ha..I just died laughing”

and Raizada shrugged it like nothing.

“Did you read the page 3 today?”

“Do i look like a wannabe model?”

she replied but then her braincells rushed forward to imagine him posing nude for Calvin Klein under wears and damn what a sight it was.

“Then, why would i? and by the way khushi as much as you like gossiping about page 3 and crap, some of us,do,work for a living”

His reply brought her back from her dreamland where she was ogling shamelessly at a naked Raizada without the obligations of sharm n haya and felt her temper flaring at the unfair reply. Her mouth dropped open as she felt like a child who just got scolding for poor academic result.

“stop being a smart mouth and look what you have done”

she opened the HT city edition, jumped straight to the page 3 and flashing it infront of Raizada like a cheerleader posing with a placard. It was indeed too close for his liking as he had to leaned back and adjust his focus on the picture she was showing him.

A picture of two of them, occupying half the page accompanied by an equally cheesy tagline.

“Arnav Raizada spotted dining and getting cozy with a new chick. Look at the exclusive picture from our reliable sources”

stay tuned for more updates on the sizzling love life of these new rumored lovebirds of the tinsel town.

and then few things fell into place for Raizada, finally. As to why Anjali di was beyond happy today morning and prayed a bit longer in mandir, as to why nani was repeatedly warding off evil eye off him. Why he was served a sugarfree kheer by an equally escatic om prakash, As to why mami and di were talking about so less time so many things. He had ignored all the above as the regular display of sheer madness by his crazy family, but seems like it wasnt for no reason.

and Raizada, for one,regretted his sudden action that day when he chose to pose for the camera in an absolutely un-Raizada like manner. He would have offered his expressionless face, hadnt given them the second glance they were running for, if it wasnt for khushi. Before her, his life was like a planet revolving around the sun at a constant speed. Now its reduced merely to a ping pong ball bouncing hell n back. But still, no way he could justify his actions, that was for certain. As far as he remembered the last time he acted so instinctively was when he had saved a boy from a bully. But it was 15 years back and he was proud of that. but this, posing for hungry paparazzi was like entering a lion’s den all dressed up and inviting him to eat you up for dinner.

what was he thinking?

but khushi doesnt need to know that and he would be damned in hell if he let her have an upper hand in this situation which could effectively come back n mock them in their faces. Now, that is something to deal with later on. This, however, needs to be tamed down and he leveled his gaze to a furious khushi.

“Nice click”
He drawled nonchalantly as he turned his attention to the mails he was checking.

Khushi couldnt help but her eyes widened in response. Whats wrong with this man? giving him a scowl she blasted

“they just called me i look like your new chick?”
she looked down herself, huffing in anger as if it was the most derogatory term used to describe herself.

“You must have passed some standards then”

“oh, so chivalrous of you. I can die happy now that i have been snapped with “THE’ Raizada, already on the page 3 and his current ‘chick’ Right?”

she air quoted the last words for effect while her tone was extra soft n courteous for that matter.

He would have laughed seeing her so baffled for the first time but settled on a smirk. Laughing at her would only meant poking the lion with a selfie stick. And so Raizada just shrugged his shoulders, in a measured way.

“So full of yourself Raizada, arnt you? imagine my surprise when payal came screaming in my room at 7 in the morning holding this paper like it was some olympics medal  she has won and then went around bragging it to each n every member of my family. Really? why have you done such a thing?”

“You asked for it, if i may remind you khushi”

“WHATT??? i asked you to grab me like we are having a dirty secret affair from so long and then who asked you whisper in my ear in THAT way?”

“What way?”

“ you are saying something horny”

“horny? interesting. only if you’ll ask nicely”
he replied in a charming way that she now knew only this man was capable of pulling off and felt her stomach rolling in approval. The words rolling out of his tongue almost put her into drug induced effect. sexy as hell.

she tried hard to compose her irregular heartbeat that went wayward for no particular reason or maybe for reasons she didnt want to put a finger on. Maybe she should take a swig from his black coffee that will help her gain some sort of sanity that she was loosing in front of this man. That hasnt happened before. Her conversation skills were something she was proud of  But more than once it has happened when she was left completely robbed of her senses by this man. This utterly charming arrogant swine.


she somehow started standing up and leaning towards him, gathering the bits n pieces of her sanity as she pointed a finger in his direction, clearly baffled by his seemingly casual attitude while she just went though an mini avalanche of her own.

” I dont know what you have eaten for breakfast today..but this IS NOT funny”

and before he could respond, the door opened and came his secretory, prim and proper with a tab in her hand, along with two guys tagging along.

“Sir, your 9:30 am meeting is here. You interview for the magazine…”

she started reading his schedule looking into the tab but then she realized that the boss had company. A rather unusual company to begin with.

Three pair of eyes looked at Arnav ,then at khushi, then at the pointed finger and then back to Arnav. A pair however, apologized instantly for interrupting the boss.

Two pairs,however,glowed like neon light bulbs, for some very obvious reasons.

6 thoughts on “SS:Compatibility-Part 3

  1. Khushi was upset about the page 3 picture and while questioning Arnav about it, it looks like she just supplied a front page picture. This is turning out to be a laugh riot. Loving every chapter.

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  2. Ohh what fun it is to read your stories.. khushi’s quick replies and Arnav needing all his might to control himself when she is around.. khushi imagining Asr in a CK nude photoshoot 😂.. loved it all

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Brilliant update. That was too funny when khushi asks Arnav why did he have to talk to her in a “horny way” in the newspaper phot !! Absolutely loved your writing. 🙂 ship13(IF)

    Liked by 1 person

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