SS:Compatibility-Part 2

Aman looked at arnav first, then towards this new guest who was sitting on the sofa and then towards the TV where a chirpy Kareena was dancing to the tunes of ‘Ye ishq haaye’ and then back to Arnav ,while trying hard to contain his laughter that would seriously put him under Arnav Raizada’s radar and certainly not in a good way.

Arnav glared at aman sharply in a way that he knew always worked on his staff,till date and it worked too. His smile quickly wiped off as Aman made some excuses and left Raizada’s cabin in a hurry.

Now, as Raizada leaned back and thought about the strangeness of the situation. Who would have thought the 75′ inch flat LCD, placed in his cabin,will ever see a day to be on any channel other than the Stockmarket updates, to have the honor of bollywood songs coming out of it other than Latest business headlines. But back then, he wasnt aware of any crazy girl who goes by the name of Khushi Gupta, even. He turned to look at khushi who was clearly enjoying the video and tapping her feets n shaking her head like she was in her bedroom rather than his cabin. She surely had made herself way more comfortable for the time he was trying to wrap up his work so they can go out for lunch together. So much for saying No!

The strangest question was she was here. Even after their small pact they made at her home back last week. “Once you are out of my home, we will be like free birds”, she had said. So, what compelled khushi to grace his office with her presence? Going backwards, he thought about the last week, days that followed after their ‘rishte wali meeting’. He made up his mind, tried so many times what he’ll say to di about his answer but seems like his sister had already made up her mind that it wont be a no. Time and again in this short week, she had expressed her soulful desires that she wanted nothing more than seeing him settled and it felt like he would be breaking his di’s heart in the process. So, Raizada was just delaying the inevitable. He cares about di a great deal but he just wasnt ready to sacrifice his freedom in the process. Plus no point marrying when you arent ready and By this rate he doubt that he ever would be.

and then last night while he was still trying to deal with how to say NO part, he got an unexpected call from her when she demanded to see him. “What the?..” was his prompt reply. Cause this was the last thing he had expected from her.

“Why didnt you said no to this rishta? ..or did you forgot altogether about it?”
he heard accusation in her voice like he had failed to pay her monetary debt.

He thought of defending himself, thought of telling her that he was planning to do that in a day or two, but then he realize why was he suddenly in a defensive mode. He was a Raizada afterall,

“you could have declined it either”
He retorted sharply.

he heard a loud hawww from the other side of the phone and then there was sudden panic in her voice,
“waaait…Raizada…dont you tell me that you have fallen in love with me already. Oh my god but i already told you i cant marry you”

“ha..i will survive khushi”
there was his sharp crispy retort with sarcasm dripping from it.

“but seriously? are you like..r..really?”
there came the question with a little hesitation now.

“Even if you are the last woman alive, the answer would still be a ‘No”

“Thank god…”
she spoke loudly and then continued,

“but I said NO first okay, you were toh fully planning to marry me”

“Woman, You ARE Crazy. Do you even know that?”

“maybe not. But You Raizada, Do you know we are in a mess. payal has been forcing me to meet you again. Anjali di is thinking that you are seriously considering this rishta as you have been pondering over it for days where as earlier you used to declined it in a instant..”

“Thats cause uptill now, even di hasnt been THAT she is behaving she has seen some perfect to the T bride for me”

“Dont you doubt her judgement in that matter. but i am seriously doubting your intentions Raizada”



“Please…shut up”

“um..okay. But do something before they will plan our babies”

and then she came up with this weird idea of hanging out together for a day, just to curb payal n di’s wish. To get over with this ‘getting to know each other part”. That ways they will not be lying to the elders about the reason when they will soon discover how much different they really are in real sense.

The item songs playing on the tv are just the starters though.


Raizada leaned back on his bed after the tiring day and closed his eyes. On a sudden thought, opening his eyes he grabbed his phone lying on the nightstand and pulled out his front camera. For a second he even tried mimicking the pout he learned recently.

when he saw his image on the screen with the ghost of a pout his lips were curled into, Raizada actually realized what the heck he was doing.

Shit man!

His phone dropped from his fingers n he closed his eyes, thumping back on the bed, muttering profanities at nothing n no one in particular. That woman seriously was a wrong influence for the sake of his sanity. Did he just pouted for the phone?

“See, You have to put it at a higher angle…like this..yeah…and then pose for the camera…like this..”

He had looked at khushi who was teaching him how to take selfies, earlier in the day. Her eyes had widened in surprise when she got to know that Raizada hadnt taken a selfie yet, like he had just committed the ruthless crime in the history of mankind.

“and then pout like this”

she said as she stood beside him looking into her phone while a dumbstruck Raizada couldnt help but stare incredulously at her lovely pout. Now that was something Raizada couldnt control despite bright neon warning signs flashing throghout his head. It was strictly a NO ENTRY zone and yet again he found himself slipping beneath those fenses n emerging on the other side of it.

The unknown,never seen before kinds.

To say she was looking hellish-ly adorable in that pout would rather be an understatement and it intrigued a man like Raizada was even more a mystery.

“nice click..see this is for payal..this will be enough fodder for her to keep munching for days”
He returned from his trance land to see khushi was babbling about some selfie she had just taken with him. Ofcourse he would have noticed if he hadnt been busy ogling her and he cursed himself some more.

He shook his head as they made their way outside his cabin while khushi was busy examining this new picture by zooming in and out from all possible angles.

“gosh look at this.  you are staring at me like a pervert”
she spoke with hints of amusement in her voice, showing him the zoomed pic that was focused on his eyes and eyes that were glued to her lips.

and Raizada had a hard time retorting back to that since it was a rare case when he himself got caught red handed like this.So, Raizada stick to the only response he was vaguely familiar with,




“i seriously doubt your intentions now”
she did not completely shut though, just lowered her voice now muttering to herself.

and thanked heavens when elevator finally pinged at their floor.

“i should have known”


The lunch was surprisingly not that bad an affair as much khushi had thought it would be. Yeah, she hadnt expected Raizada to excitedly indulged in her gossip but he definitely was a good company to dine with and a charming one too.

“see Raizada , you did great”
khushi said chirpily as they made their way out of the food court. Raizada had offered a better place to have lunch but then khushi was adamant on eating at her Favorite food joint. An extra large pizza she had ordered for both but rather ended up eating herself as Raizada stared at the extra cheese bursting out of it and decided that he would starve to death than consuming this bucket full of calories and she had stared at him like he was out of his mind. See, that was the compatibility factor she was talking about, she noted in mind before attacking the pizza like a warrior on battlefield, while he stuck to his lemon tea. Seriously? A rather one sided lunch date it was.

“and gosh..have you noticed the lady on our right. she was ogling at you the entire time like you are some strawberry cheesecake..”
she said extending her hands, exaggeratedly.

He tipped his head before replying,
“if i hadnt known better, i would have thought you are jealous”
hi lips twitching slightly at the ends.

“ha..i will survive Raizada”
she retorted, mimicking his own words from earlier before stucking out her tongue at him while her brain was fast enough to note that he looks ravishingly handsome with that small smirk on.

“no, i just thought…”

before she could continue any further, she felt lights flashing across their faces followed by clicks of the shutter and then she realized it was few photographers chasing around them with their cameras on.

God, why these morons are taking pictures of them like they are celebrities?

and then she realized that one of them indeed is!
God, this way they would end up on page 3 tomorrow.

She turned towards him and saw him smirking some more. Now that was the evil smirk she hadnt seen before. As he swiftly put on his Ray ban before turning towards her with that to-die-for smile plastered on his face. Oh, she knew this ‘Papparazi face’ of his. reserved solely for charming the media personnels.

she was left momentarily stunned for a second when he had placed his hand on her waist, holding her firmly while posing for the camera in that ever cool ever charming way while khushi was having a hard time concentrating on the feel of his hand over her skin.

so much so that it had robbed off her sense of speaking, let alone gathering her witty sense of humor to come up with a solid retort.

and then his words, which left her speechless-ed for the next five minutes to come.

“why should payal have all the fun?”


6 thoughts on “SS:Compatibility-Part 2

  1. At this rate, before they get a chance to say no, surely the sisters will be planning for their baby’s naming ceremony. The evil smirk will turn into adorable gaze soon and I will survive will change to I can’t live without you. Lovely and hilarious chapter.

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  2. Fantastic update. Loved the “date” of Arnav and khushi and the fact that they got caught by the media. Loved the fact that khushi teases Arnav by talking about some woman ogling at him. Despite everything, there seems to be easy camaraderie between the two !! 🙂 ship13(IF)

    Liked by 1 person

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