SS:Compatibility-Part 1

what the!
This man is definitely not he an alien or something?

khushi scruntched her brows as she placed back the plate of steaming hot jalebies on the table and sat back on the sofa. He just declined the jalebies. Like really? who does that? Isnt that horrible to decline something so adorably sweet with a baseless response like ‘no thanks, i am good’. her brain voiced its opinion and she couldnt agree anymore to it.

she narrowed her eyes at the man sitting infront of her, now indulged in his iphone typing something so furiously and totally unaware of the company who was judging him with hawk like eyes.

”excuse me..have to take this call”
he asked her glancing up for a brief second and clearly not waiting for her response engrossed back into it. she nodded with a polite smile anyways and took the opportunity to observe him more as he spat angrily on the phone at whoever the unlucky guy was there on the other end.

okay. so he was Arnav Singh Raizada. The Raizada as the world famously calls him. The young talented enterprenuer who has taken the fashion industry by storm since the last 5-6 years. She observed his profile as he strolled across the room addressing some bussiness issues with the authority as if it was indeed his cabin rather than her room. Taking a bite of the hot jalebi she glanced at him and concluded few things.


Hands Down, Raizada : 3

and success, yeah. He was currently unstoppable as far as extending his business ventures are concerned.
Raizada : 4

To say he was handsome wouldnt be appropriate to justify him. He could have any women eating out of his hand, that she was certain of. His presence was enough to stand him out in a massive crowd of humans.

but wait, he just declined the offer of jalebies. So not fair, minus 1.

Raizada : 3

um, what else?
she kept thinking about the current situation she was in, as she took another bite. Courtesy, two very evil lady that must be planning for our wedding by now, she rolled her eyes heavenly. Payal gupta was long term friends with Anjali Raizada, since their college days. Infact she herself like anjali di very much. Then suddenly one day, they both get this weirdly crazy idea of turning their friendship into something more, as courtesy those too-good-to-be-true bollywood movies as they asked for khushi’s hand for anjali’s brother Arnav. Khushi, 25, a fresh MBA graduate was currently an intern in a prestigious MNC and marriage was certainly the last thing on her mind. She was glad when she heard that Arnav also reacted the same, declining any prospects of marriage in the future but damn those two adamant ladies, “bas ek baar mil no, just have a meeting and then decide”, The constant persuasion had started then , 2 months back and finally as a result, Arnav and khushi were here, having this ‘rishte-wali-meeting’, much to their displeasure, that she was very much sure of. And to be honest, it was just to put those ladies and their persuasion at rest. phew.

He took his seat again, on the sofa infront of her, mumbling something that sounded like a sorry and she decided to take the bull by his horns.

“okay, so who’s your favorite actor?”
she asked with enough enthusiasm she could put in that question.

He glanced up and looked at her as if it was his ATM password she had asked for.


“, hero, you know the lead guy that directors cast opposite…”
she left it midway when he glared at her. okay, so he is thinking. A flare of hope raised inside her as she prayed it to be a particular khan in this case. okay, Shah rukh and Aamir will work too. she tries to give him some leniency.

“I am not into movies”
He answered curtly

and her mouth was left open. He doesnt like movies while khushi here was the biggest fan of everything bollywood. This union will be a disaster if it happened in any case. Not that it seems now after his response. But she needed to be more sure. but wait, let me just update the scorecard, she thought before moving on to her next question.Minus 1

Raizada : 2

“Whose your favorite singer? like sonu nigam, arijit singh, mohit chauhan..or  umm,yo yo honey singh?”

He looked at her like she had grew horns. whats with this woman and her twenty questions. and wait, yo yo honey singh, is that a guy’s name? and what’s with her response on every answer he’s giving, much to his displeasure that he thought a second before responding this time.

As much as he wanted out of this situation, hell, he wasnt ready for marriage. and he never would be if it hadnt been for Anjali di n her emotional blackmails. Now, about the lady infront of him. Khushi as she had told him with a bright smile and cheery persona. she was indeed beautiful, that he couldnt deny. Not the kind of beauty he had witnessed in fashion industry. but a different, innocent, pure kinds that for a breif second had his attention longer than he had planned to give for this meeting. But that doesnt mean he’ll jump into this dangerous boat of marriage just to try sailing for fun. He knew all the question she’s asking were certainly her likings and the way she thought of next question while biting that lower lip was too intriguing for him to just answer wrongly, just once for how she’ll react. she’ll be amused or surprized or what. But then scrapping the thought, Raizada chose to be honest in the end.

khushi updated the latest score. A -9 it currently was. Oh, god their likes and dislikes are anything but remotely similar. Plus the way he felt uneasy and uncomfortable when bruno, her pet entered the room and began circling around him, asking for his attention and he didnt even pat bruno. Really? minus five!, she huffed before she lovingly called her sweet little pet and scratched him behind his ears.

Raizada: -14

and then she decided it was enough. By the looks of it, he was anything but interested in this setting and he definitely would be happy with the result of her investigations.

“okay, look arnav, why dont we cut this thing short. we have spend enough time together to satisfy their curiosity..”
she said, trying to crack a joke at the situation and he nodded clearly relaxing for the first time.

“i dont think we are…compatible together”
she said politely presenting the fact in a way that wouldnt offend him and his posture relaxed some more. But then the carefree khushi inside her also wanted to tell him blatantly why so.

god, he doesnt like pets, no salman khan, no singers, no favorite indian snacks, no favorite pastime, no matching hobby.

“You are too boring for my liking”
she couldnt stop twice and blurted out the fact that was on her tongue since last 20 minutes.

she cursed internally when suddenly he chose to gift her with his undivided attention and by the look on his face, he was not at all, happy.

He hissed at her but thankfully in a low voice.

and she cursed herself some more.

“sorry, i mean not are definitely an interesting personality”
she crossed her fingers behind her back as she continued to do some damage control.

“but i would definitely not marry someone like you”

shit shit. khushi put your filter on.
She glanced at him nervously from behind her long lashes and saw him gritting his teeth as his lips thinned into a rajor sharp line.

He snarled at her trying to control his voice but khushi could saw the heat emanating off from his ears. Surely, it was a rare case of Raizada’s bruised ego she thought and she tried to be honest

about it rather than sugarcoating the fact.

squaring her shoulder, she answered,

“okay, can you ever stand beside a roadside panipuri stall and enjoy them on a rainy day?”


“see, thats what i am saying. It is stupid for you but for someone this might be me.”

“what? standing on a roadside stall while vehicle zoomed past you,showering that whatever you are eating with dirt and what not..i am sorry, but THAT is not fun”

“see, if by any chance we got married and someday when its raining and i feel like romancing and i ask you to take me out to have panipuri, i am sure you’ll react the same way you are doing now as if i ve asked for half of your property”

“We can always go to some five star resto in that case if you feel like romancing”
he air quoted the last word to add more dramatic effect to her weird request.

“see, we are not even married and you are having argument with me, judging my likes and dislikes. am sorry, but exactly THAT is fun for me”
khushi retorted stubbornly, even though she knew whatever he said about the dirt thing was true but hell, if she’ll back out on her words now and he looked at her like he was having an argument with a 5 year old.

“Oh, I should have guessed that. Then i am glad my idea of fun doesnt match with yours”
He added sarcastically, leaning back on his seat, looking smugly at her in ‘take that’ note in his voice and she seethed at his blatant reply.

“and what exactly is your idea of fun? gosh, you dont eat jalebies, haven’t gone to a salman khan’s movie, hell, you didnt even know his name until i told you half hour back , you haven’t attend yo yo honey singh’s concert, you dont like pets, you hate rains, you hate celebrating birthdays..gosh, are you even normal”

Raizada, now you take that!

He looked unimpressed. Totally. He would have fired her by now had she been his employee, he thought calming himself. She definitely know how to push his buttons. But felt his temper diverting a bit when his gaze inverdantly slide towards her plump lips. She was seething in anger but gosh, she looked hot. Fiery. He was almost tempted to taste her but stop his lecherous thought to proceed in that direction and she continued even before he could reply to her list of accusations.

“or wait, have you ever dressed down even, i am sure you sleep in your three piece regularly..”
she blurted eying his suit. He looked down himself. Not just suit, a very expensive tailor made armani suit and she’s eying it like he had purchased it second hand.

” I have a company to take care of..i do not have time for these stupid things”

“Oh, please. We all are not “THE Raizada”  but we all work for a living”
she air quoted his name while lifted her brow.

“and anyways, i can never imagine you doing these ‘silly’ really ..never ever”
she concluded getting up and Raizada huffed in response. Somebody’s ego was literally on a punching spree. Raizada, for one, hadnt heard something like this ever since he took control of things and blend them according to his liking. Not once, he had came across someone who had question his choices in living his life and now this woman came and ripped off everything including his sense of comfort with his life.

He blurted just to prove her wrong his ego taking a front seat.

“Oh please”

“Look at me when i am talking ”

“oh so i have to look at you like a love stuck girl even when my phone is ringing and you can engross in your stupid phone all you want. Talk about being fair, Mr Raizada”

He seethed in response and she began to retort when they heard footsteps and laughter coming towards their room and khushi instantly changed her gears.

“look, Mr Raizada, as much as i know you are enjoying playing this blame game with me which is the only thing remotely ‘entertaining’ in your life at the moment. i would suggest we should stop here”

“You don’t even know what my idea of ‘entertainment is khushi”
He bared his teeth and inched closer to her, shadowing her petite fame with his dominating one and for a brief second she couldn’t help but gazed at him nervously just blinking her lashes. It was

so easy retorting back and arguing when he was standing at a respectable distance. now she could only gaze into those pool of black eyes.

taking a step back, she gathered her erratic heart beat that went wayward for some uncertain reasons she couldn’t quite figured out. Gathering her senses, she squared her shoulders and then looked at him who was now watching her intently.

“listen, we’ll go out and we’ll pretend that we had a good time talking to each other, unless n until you wanna be subjected to another such meeting in future..”

He didnt want to agree on anything she said but wasnt that true and so, he nodded.

good, now that we agree on something finally. she muttered under her breath and stared at him,

“Can you please wipe those expression off your face as if you have lost a court case. They’ll suspect something is wrong”

she told him and he narrowed his eyes at her.

“and please try to stretch your lips some more..atleast it shouldnt look that we were about to strangle each other just minute back”

she added without even waiting for his reply,

“look, here’s the plan, we’ll act that we are really considering this thing. i am such a terrible liar. If i’ll say no she’ll suspect that i must have planned it from the beginning. But really to be honest, i tried you know..but we are just…poles apart”
she said, flashing a smile, extending her hands dramatically and he rolled his eyes.

“so, i’ll act shy and you’ll act impressed..okay?”
she asked as if talking to a toddler.

“i know what i have to do”
he growled in annoyance and she flashed that smile once more at him.

“good..and then the moment you are gone from my house..we will be like free birds”
she said dreamily.

He now seemed impressed with her plans and she added excitedly ,

“and in the end we can always blame compatibility for it”

At last when he nodded without looking at her apprehensively she squealed in delight and raised her hand for a high 5 in his direction which he effectively dismissed.

and before she could accuse him some more of being a boring something they were interrupted by anjali di, payal di, nani and other ladies of the house. Their faces smiling bright like neon bulbs as they exchanged glances among themselves.

Khushi flashed a measured smile, just enough to not spill anything beyond what they have planned looking down and observing her nail paint.

Is this shy enough, she whispered to arnav standing beside him and he passed her a sharp look glaring at her while she winked at him secretly.

The moment got interrupted as those too excited to handle ladies swamped both of them like bees around garbage.

The rishte wali meeting was over, as payal relaxed back into the sofa, talking to her mother happily about how nice it would be if this marriage happens. Raizada has taken a few days time to give his answer but anjali was dead sure it wouldn’t be a NO from Arnav this time like earlier.

and so they all hoped, with their fingers crossed.

well, none of them was aware of the compatibility clause stuck in there, that only time will tell.

8 thoughts on “SS:Compatibility-Part 1

  1. Iss compatibility ko kya naam doon? They are poles apart. What is the saying ? Opposites attract. So, hoping that minus score turns into plus score soon.

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  2. I have read this on IF and it is absolutely SUPERB !! Love the way khushi gives marks to Arnav for his interests and habits !! It was just hilarious the way khushi frankly calls Arnav boring and not her type !! Loved the update. 🙂 ship13(IF)

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