~SS-HELP-Part 4~

The HELL was just about to break loose on a particular Raizada!


Standing in front of her bedroom door..Khushi giggled for few minutes..laughing her heart out..on wat was about to come n struck Mr Raizada hard.

After few minutes, she entered her bedroom adorning the most sincerest n innocent Expressions one could afford.

Arnav Singh Raizada who was drowned neck deep in his file, glanced up to see his lovely wife entering their love sanctuary.

Looking as beautiful as ever.


wat she’s doing here?

His brows bunched up In confusion.

Isn’t it that ‘always bare chested’ khan’s movie playing downwards? Her favorite khaaan.

He rolled his eyes,remembering her madness for her favorite TV actor just few minutes ago and asked,

“Khush,you not watching the movie?”

Khushi glanced up to met his eyes with a smile lingering on her lips and came near the recliner, where he was sitting and working on his laptop.

* Time for act no 1 *

“Arnav jee, I have already watched half of that movie earlier..n vaise bhi I don’t like enjoying, when you are working”,she replied with a lazy grin n lovingly placed her palm on his cheeks.

Oh,what had he done to deserve such an angel in his life.

His heart suddenly swelled with love n pride!

Breaking his chain of thoughts, she glanced at his laptop and said concernly,with love in her eyes.

“Arnav jee..you work so hard day n night. Everybody deserves a break u know, atleast on Sunday”

Then,without waiting for his reply, the next instant she started stretching n yawning in front of him, as if she had done some hard labor through out the day.

Standing, just inches away from him,she deliberately stretched her body like a chiseled cat.

“Uuummm…see, m also very tired…mmm…”

She arched her back,just like a bow, deliberately pushing her bossom more outwards..just inches away from touching his face.

Arnav came back to his senses, from his land of thoughts on hearing her husky moans cum yawns.

Ah..to come face to face,not with khushi,

But with her full, heaving bossom.

Oh,Hell !

And suddenly,he felt Newton’s 3rd law of motion taking place,he had once studied in grade 9.

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction

The next instant, he felt himself getting hard.

He scowled at himself, at his body for reacting so instantly at what is just an innocent gesture from her side.

But…that bossom of hers.

It’s his weakness. But what could he do, its not his fault that her girl is blessed with those wonderful assets. Everytime he look at them, his hands just iched to touch them , feel them n explore them.  

Those round and full globes…ahh, just perfect fit for his hands.

Weighing them,nibbling them, suckl…OH SHUT UP RAIZADA !!

He scolded himself at the way his lusty thoughts were running..as if participating in a marathon.

Okay, NEWTON was genius, he concluded irritatingly for yet again behaving like a horny teen.

Raizada, its not the Time. Remember, you have a conference.

Yes, now behave like a man.

Oh,he is behaving like a man indeed.

So,behave like a gentle man,he lectured himself more sternly this time.


Oh yes !
It worked..definitely..more than she had expected!

The dumbstruck look adoring his face says it all, the continuous flow of emotions,displaying his thought process on his face.

She mentally grinned..feeling very satisfied at her performance.

She masked her grin with an perfectly serious expression, before asking him,
“Arnav jee, you want something, coffee,black tea ?, when is your conference? “

Arnav glanced at her with a lost look on his face, adjusting his laptop, successfully hiding his erection, he dumbly replied,

Without, giving her a second glance, he glued his eyes on the laptop, the screen still showed him flashes of his latest fantasy but dare he looked at her again.

“Ji, abhi laye”, khushi exited the room still adoring that lazy n careless n that hell tired expressions.

But inwardly grinning

Or better say, laughing


Evil-ly !

Raizada – 2
Kkg- 1

Oh,by the way Mr Raizada, dat was just a demo.

The game has just begun !

4 thoughts on “~SS-HELP-Part 4~

  1. Hi, I read some of your stories recently and enjoyed them. Help seems to be a very interesting story, but couldn’t read the next chapter as it is password protected. Would you mind providing the password for that? Thanks a lot.


  2. Hi, I discovered your blog yesterday, and have really enjoyed your writing…the next three parts of Help seem to be password protected..?


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