~SS-HELP-Part 3~


Anyone, who has ever known khushi kumari Gupta,would describe her as a sweet,simple,chirpy,bubbly and an always ‘smiling’ girl with an almost child like innosence.

Yes! That’s what khushi is.


If dat so,then who that woman is,who was now pacing the length n breadth of arnav’s bedroom with some kind of murderous rage in her eyes

Muttering profanities every now and then, followed by

few ‘raakshas’,

some ‘haawws’


loads of ‘devi maiyaas’ !!!

Certainly, she wasn’t KKG.

she was KASR !

Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada !!!

And anyone whose name is attached with ASR,is expected to behave like this,

Doesn’t matter then, whatsoever the matter is !

“To hell with you Arnav Singh Raizada…aarrgghhh !” ,Khushi groaned in irritation for the nth times that day,still strolling across the room from one end to the other.

Lakshmi, who was sitting lazily on the ‘Raizada’s king size bed’,was watching this whole scene with uttermost determination, dedication and curiosity in her eyes.

Oh,if only she could have afford some popcorns n a diet coke too..it would have been an really fantastic movie to watch, lakshmi thought sardonically.

“What does he thinks of himself,tell me lakshmi jee? “khushi asked looking at lakshmi, as if that poor creature would really give her some suggestions.

Khushi’s anger still at its peak!

Oh, I don’t know, how could I tell..we never had any fling in the past, laxmi thought, a sad sigh escaping her lips.

“Why don’t he simply change his name to,Helper Singh Raizada instead of Arnav!..hun?”, khushi yelled again, thinking about all his helping cum teasing  sessions in the morning n evening ..thereby feeling embarrassed n angry.


Utterly embarrassed at herself


Profusely angry at her laad governor.

Laxmi rolled her eyes,oh come on babe, hes doing that to you only, to his wife..isn’t it great to have a sexy cum loyal husband.

NO place for any other woman..

We have been living under the same roof from so many years, before you even entered his life,
But he doesn’t even spare me a glance..huh!

Last statement caused an ache, deep with in the laxmi’s heart.

“I will not leave him…I swear lakshmi jee”,khushi concluded stubbornly with a child like determination on getting no replies from the poor creature .

No,chance for me then..hmph, laxmi concluded sadly.

just like the heroine of a typical bollywood movie with a love triangle, who eventually sacrifices her love for the other woman..lakshmi looked at khushi with sad eyes for the last time, muttering a final ‘meeiinnn’, as if pleading her to always take care of ASR, quietly jumped off the bed n leave the room.

Luv hurts !


Khushi, you need to..


infact,you HAVE to make him pay for his deeds.

But how?

what could she do?

She knew,she can’t ignore him, that’s for sure. Her intruder body will definitely not support this plan.

That laad governor seems to be a master in this seduction game.

He just knew the perfect words to say to make her shiver

He just knew the perfect touch to make her melt.

n that loopside grin?

Just a lil smirk from that beautiful mouth and her heart started beating faster than usain bolt.

Not once but twice in a day, she ended up looking like a fool in front of him..oh, how to deal with these treacherous desires of her.

Uff devi maiyaa, why dint you made him more ugly n less sexy..hun?she complained in a child like manner.

Dat way, atleast I would have been more peaceful! She rolled her eyes, once again remembering his antics.

Finally Calming herself down after some time and still not finding any solution, she hmphed and eventually decided to let it go.



Salmaaan khaaan’s movie????

khushi jumped in joy and started clapping her hands,unable to control her overflowing excitement.

It was the Sunday night and some prime time entertainment channel was about to telecast one of the Salman khan’s biggest blockbuster.

So,after having dinner,the whole Raizada family was gathered in sitting hall,laughing,chatting and waiting for the movie to start.

All courtesy, khushi kumari Gupta Singh Raizada n her craziness with a big K,for Salmaan khan !.

Yes,Whole family including laxmi, who had just gone thru a very recent heart break!  

Whole family, excluding one soul!

No price for guessing.


Arnav,with a file in his hand and Bluetooth in his ears, was about to go upstairs,when khushi shouted behind him with excitement,

“Arnav jee, Kahan ja rahe hain aap? aaiye na.dekhiye,Salmaan khan jee ki movie start hone wali hai..”

She said excitingly with her eyes full of joy and love,for this particular khan.

Arnav rolled his eyes and let out a short laugh.

Oh,his lovely wife!
Will she ever stop luking cute?

Smiling and shaking his head lightly, he replied,
“I have a conference call to attend, you people enjoy”.

Khushi pouted her lips at his reply n showered him with a piercing gaze.

he smirked lightly, mumbling a polite sorry with pleading eyes,he started walking again, when anjali interrupted,

“Chotey, tum bhi na, jab dekho bas kaam, kaam, kaam, Aao na, Khushi jee ko acha lagega “

“Sorry Di, but its urgent…really”, saying that, he glanced at Khushi, who was now looking ahead at the tv screen,suddenly very interested in that ‘ghadi detergent ad’.

not even sparing a glance at his direction..that pout still intact on that lovely face.

Oh,she’s angry!

Smirking his head lightly, he marched towards his room, mentally making a note to amend it with Khushi later on.

In his own way !


Huh..such a laad governor he is!

always a spoilsport. Can’t he just leave one conference call for the sake of Salmaan khan jee.

Salmaaan khaaan!


She sighed happily, luking at the screen with dazed eyes, extending the ‘maan’ & ‘khan’ way beyond its limits.

I mean, just look at him..his body, his looks, his style…ufff.

Laad governor must be jealous of him..yes, thats why, he always avoids watching his movies, she said reaching to a conclusion.

Then she realized, he rarely watched any bollywood movies.

Ohho,devi maiyaa…Dats why he is like that.

Khadoos workaholic !

Fun for him must be punching keys on that laptop.

She giggled at her thoughts,shaking her head.

Yes,He definitely has no fun in his life.


Oh, wait!

Suddenly in the next instant,her eyes shined like 2 light bulbs or say,

two brightest bulb.

a signal that an evil plan has just, just entered her empty brain.

She squealed in joy n rubbed her hand in glee,An evil grin automatically making its way on her lips and settled there.

Holding her ears, she Mumbled a polite sorry to the TV screen where Salmaan khan was now bare chested n beating the goons mercilessly.

“I swear Salmaan jee, I’ll buy a DVD n watch out the part m gonna miss,n I’ll make dat laad governor watch too,Pakka.I’ll be back soon”

she promised mentally.quickly excusing herself, she made her way upstairs to her room.

Oh Yes, fun!

Time to have some fun,Mr Raizada!

She smirked, just like the way her laad governor do..singing n  performing gangnam style,all the way to her room.

aaj mausam hai suhana..
Help karne ka hai bahana..
Wat da..wat da..wat da..!

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