~SS-HELP-Part 2~


Later in the evening

Khushi was coming out of the kitchen,carefully balancing the tray in one hand and an overloaded plate of hot piping jalebees in the other.



Her only friend..


soul companion

at the time of distress.

Since her childhood,Khushi had always shared all her sorrows, her pains,her anger,her fears with this sweet friend of hers.

And as they say,
old habbits,die hard !

So, as expected, she was back to her soulmate after that very ‘helpful’ incident in the morning!

Huh..that laad governor!

and his Damn help!


she was riled

Very riled

At her laad governor

For knowing her so well.

Or more specifically, knowing her body so well.More than herself!

It’s like he has some kind of remote control in his hands and he knows  exactly how to play.


She was fumed

Very fumed

At herself.

For behaving like a wanton in front of him.

It’s like she’s a puppet in his hands.

Oh,it was always like that.


His gaze!

Just a piercing gaze from those seductive eyes and she starts feeling as if she is bare.

Yes,as if he can see her through her clothes.

Then,His touch!

that magical touch !

Just one touch from those expert hands  n she starts melting..faster than anything.

Those expert hands are so Damn good at their job.

The pleasure they gave,everytime when they touch her body.

almost possessively, as if marking their claim.

And then that mouth of his.

Oh,that sweet fu*king mouth, with those lovely bow shaped lips.they always seemed to know their destination

Though they follow different route each time they land on her body.

These feelings & thoughts were enough to cause a shiver to ran down her spine.

She was so lost in all these thoughts that she was barely aware of rhe mountain of jalebees she just created.

Hey devi maiya!

Khushi ki bachi, bahut Ho gya,get a grip,she scolded herself.

What does that laad governor think of himself.

Why always he seeemed to have a upper hand.

No, I’ll behave as if I don’t care.

Yes, I’ll play hard to get.

Oh, yes!
That will surely teach him a lesson for teasing me in the morning.,she thought with an evil grin.
squealing In joy and clapping her hands triumphantly as if she has won some jackpot,

Feeling victorious at her latest oh so mindblowing decision, she thought of feeding the fresh batch of jalebees to her family members,gathered at dining table for their evening tea session.

So,there she was, with an tray full of tea cups and with a mountain of jalebees in her other hand, making her way towards the dinning table.


Seeing her struggling in walking, anjali,who was sitting at the far end of the dining table,said wid a concern,

“Jara sambhal ke khushi Jee..aaram se.Chotey, just go n help her “

Anjali said loudly to arnav, who was just coming downstairs,while continuously punching some numbers on his blackberry.



His head snapped up suddenly on hearing the H word and Chotey instantly got a biggg smile on his face.

Very big..almost evil like!

Oh hell!
Only he’s aware, how much he wants to HELP her again since morning.

Ahh, could he ever get enough of his wife?

never!, he thought smugly.

“Sure Di, I wud luv to “

Saying that he changed his course of direction and started walking towards Khushi,like a predator walking towards its prey.

Time to have some fun !


Khushi stopped dead in her tracks on seeing him.

He was coming towards her With a smirk playing over his face!

Dat smirk?
its never a Gud sign for her. What he is upto now, Khushi thot worriedly.

No,act strong Khushi, just do your work and ignore him,she scolded herself.

Yes,this plan is perfect.I can manage to ignore him.

For sometime, atleast.

So,wearing the most fakest of expressions, as if that laad governor is just not visible, she started walking again.

Looking here,there,everywhere

But at arnav.

Ah..so she is upto something,looking at his wife’s antics,he smirked shaking his head.

Well,he was expecting that.

Arnav stopped just inches away from her n said in a very husky voice, fuelled with passion n wrapped up with Desire,
“khush,Di wants me to help you now”

Putting just an extra emphasis on d word HELP n NOW!

Oh,that look and that word from his mouth and her plans seemed to have crashed.


She glanced at his laad governor.Her mouth opening wide in shock!
She jerked back slightly, stammered n replied,

”a..aap…Di ? Arnav jee?”
She stammered,unable to form a single coherent sentence,she looked back and forth at Di and his laad governor,her face expressions just like a child who has been caught for stealing a candy.

His arms crossed at his chest.
That broad chest!
His smirk increasing with each passing second.
His eyes darker than ever displaying his ever present needs and desires for her.

How she would love to take his help. This man infront of him is so hard to resist.

Almost an impossible task.

If he could just kiss her right here with the same passion he showed in the morning..thinking of that morning session, a beautiful blush started to appear on those cheeks.

Her body started betraying her.

Her hairs at the back of her neck stand up to attention.a slight chill ran down her body..causing her to shiver! Badly.

Huh, her intruder body.

She started shuddering n squirming, her nipples were already hard.

Hard like pebbles.

could he see them through her suit

Oh,if he could just stroked them with his expert hands.

Just the way he likes to do, giving extra attention to her full swollen globes.

He likes playing with them,nibbling,biting,suckling them.

With his hand, his mouth, his tounge.

It’s almost like he’s worshipping them.

Suddenly her head felt heavy with the growing desires, her body crying for his touch, her own hands feeling itchy to touch his rock hard abs beneath his shirt.

Oh, this man with a Greek god like figure!

What had he reduced her to ? She thought amused at her reactions.

To hell with this tea n jalebee session..can’t they just complete what they had left in the morning.
she thought irritatedly.

Oh, WAIT !
What are you thinking?

Just STOP it Khushi!
you are a lost case when it comes to that laad governor.

Devi maiya…help!

0h,hell..not dat H word again,
She scolded herself.

Dis man has surely corrupted her thoughts too.

she cleared her throat, before narrowing her gaze n adoring him with a piercing look,she finally managed to reply,
“Thank you arnav jee..but no thanks.hum kar lenge”

Oh,its so much fun! He laughed mentally.

Seeing her wife struggling to behave normally under his piercing gaze,when she is far frm it..is much more fascinating Dan watching po*n.

stop ryt dere Raizada, he scolded himself.its not d tym.

Seeing her reaction, he looked at his di n continued before portraying one of the most sincerest expressions one can afford,
“Di,she is not letting me help her” almost complaining.

Anjali grinned at their childish antics,shook her head lightly before saying,”offo,Khushi ji, let him na !!”

Putting a break on her not so pure thoughts and gathering her courage, she finally got successful in plastering a stern expressions on her face,to hide her below the belt thots and replied sternly,

“Nahi Di,its ok..Hume sach me inse koi help nahi chahiye. Aur h..hatiye AAP” she replied almost stubbornly.

She tried to move past him but he was standing there like a pillar.

Looking at her, he crossed his arms, arching an eyebrow,displaying loop side grin,checking her out from head to toe, resting a little longer at her luscious curves..he dropped his final bomb,

“Trust me jaan, u can’t do it on your own”

“u’ll surely need MY HELP “


If only she could take his help right here. Or on that sofa, or may be against that wall.Wow, she dint know soo many exciting ‘helping’ places are there in the Raizada house!

Or wait, may be on that dining table..oh, that will be soo much fun.how she would love to come in his arms, on the dining table..how he would place her there, how he would angle himself.

Yes,she always had that secret fantasy since her marriage with laad governor…if only…haye, she thought with a dazed expression adoring her eyes and a grin lingering on her face.

Dining table!?



She jerked back to present from her fantasy land,after arnav cleared his throat for the third time.

She looked at the dining table and then at arnav!

Then her whole fantasy replayed in front of her eyes .

Haww..u stupid Khushi.
I mean like, really?, she scolded herself.

looking at the dining table with pleading eyes,She mumbled a polite sorry to the object of her fantasy land.

How can she ever look at that again without those corrupt thoughts now.

Shit..shit..shit !

Arnav moved another step closer, still not breaking the gaze
Lifted his hands to catch the tray which was about to fall from her hand n replied with a child like innosence,

“Baby, I’m talking about the tray, give it to me”

“You thinking somethin else wifey? hmm ?”

Saying the words like the last nail in the coffin, he took the tray from her hands n displaying a goofy grin..marched towards the dining table .

Leaving khushi behind

Or better say a lost,dazed,wanton khushi behind

She gasped in shock after coming back to her senses


He mentally punched in air, feeling victorious!

oh Yes! indeed a victory.

His beautiful,naive,innocent wife was thinking..exactly what he wants her to think,wid a ‘deer caught in d headlights’ expression adorning her oh so lovely face!

He has caught her off guard.
He has her, where he wants her !

Good job Raizada!
You deserve a pat.



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