~SS-HELP-Part 1~

He pulled in a deep breath and released a contended sigh,looking at the sight infront of him.


He had just woken up from his dream,in his king size bed on a lazy Sunday morning.

Or Better say..Erotic dream!

No price for guessing, d leading lady of all his dreams now a days is d one standing ryt in front of the mirror, mumbling something,her brows hunched up in irritation but looking breathe takingly b’ful in d green saree she was wearing.

B’ful.As always!

Can dere be a better start of d day?


The site itself was enough to turn him ON n d next instant he felt himself gettin hard.

W*F !
Raizada, u are 28 not 16.
Stop behaving lyk a lusty teen,he scolded himself.

He smiled luking at her reflection in the mirror. She was trying very hard to tie the strings of her sexy low cut blouse but failing everytime,as she cudnt reach her back.

Oh, her back!

He just love to explore dat soft,rich creamy pale back whenever he got any Damn chance.

How he lov…he jerked back to present,from his dreamland,on finding her groaning yet again in irritation.

He chuckled at his b’ful wyf’s antics,before stretching n climbing out of the bed.

Khushi’s irritation vanished suddenly on hearing his husky voice and an innocent grin automatically making its way on her face, makin her more b’ful in dis early morning sunlight.she met his eyes thru the mirror n a crimson blush started to appear on her naturally rosey cheeks.

He came n stood directly behind her,wrapping his arms around her waist,he pulled her towards himself. Resting his head in the crook of her neck, he greeted her,

“Gud morning jaan “

And pressed a soft kiss on her silky n long tresses.

Khushi turned in the circle of his arms, giving him d most beautiful n innocent grin, replied,

“Gud morning arnav jee “

Standing on her toes, she stretched up a little n pressed a soft kiss on his cheeks n den continued,pouting her lips indicating the strings,

“arnav jee, humse nahi Ho rha, help keejiye Naa,Hume pooja ke liye Jana hai”

Arnav smiled, pulled her some more towards him,putting his hands behind her back, he tied the strings,almost effortlessly.

“Done !”

He said looking at his lovely wife again. Framing her face in his hands, he bent his head n pressed his lips onto her in a gentle way.

It was Just the mingling of lips in d softest way possible!

His lips were bizy in relishing the touch n feel of her soft, plump rosey lips.

Oh, so soft!
Just like feather.

His passion building rapidly wid each passing second.

His desires growing tenfold.

Unable to control his growing desires,he licked her lower lip n bit it the very next moment.

Khushi gasped loudly due to sudden pain which gave his tongue d perfect moment to mark its entry in a grand way !,

The next moment,their tongues were mingling with each other.

The kiss that started out soft n innocent, just like a greeting gesture, soon turn out wild within a span of few minutes.

Their, oh so talented tongues were bizzy in






each other wid an oh so wild passion!

His desperate n hungry tongue was so eager to explore each nook n corner of her mouth.

Dat sweet, tempting mouth !

No,you couldnt call it a kiss!
It’s literary mouth fu*king!

Wid d passion growing like wildfire, he pressed wet lingering kisses from corner of her mouth to the crook of her swan like neck.

As if in a daze, She started running her hands over his shirt and feeling his firm muscles beneath the fabric. Her heart beating erratically..but unable to hold any longer, she started unbuttoning his shirt and slipping it off from his shoulders d very next instant.

She ran her hands against his bare chest as their tongues continued to danced together in yet another tune.

Dat gesture from her was his undoing!

He pulled back from the kiss, growled and nuzzled his nose in her soft tresses…relishing n worshiping the beauty in front of him..in every way possible.

He moved his hands low on her body, grabbed her ass n squeezed it hard.

Real hard!

Then rolling dem on her ass cheeks as if feeling her round pert bottom. he pulled her firmly against his crotch.

Khushi gasped due to the sudden strange feeling arising low in the pit of her stomach.Her heart beating erratically, the passion building tenfold.. She felt his thick erection pressed against her belly.

A shiver ran down her body and She shuddered.

feeling helpless, utterly helpless!

Totally at d mercy of his expert touch.

Oh hell!

She moaned loudly due to d pleasure..arnav instantly bring back his attention to dat sweet mouth of hers n started bruising it yet again.

His hands now bizzy somewhere on her upper back.

That sweet, creamy rich back..

He remembered his fantasy frm the morning..He chuckled n continued ravishing it with much force, trying to feel as much as possible while his lips were bizzy in bruising hers..

The sudden knock on the door, break the trance..

Khushi’s eyes got widened in shock,
While he continued to kiss her..

Devi maiya..

Anjali Di

Pooja !


She jerked him forcefully to bring him back to earth.

Feeling her panting,He pulled back from the kiss slowly, taking his own sweet time and looked at her face.

Her lips were swollen and damp from his assault of kisses.

Adding more glory to her.

Just d way he want it.


He chuckled at the thot n shook his head,and asked loudly at the intruder breaking their private moments,

“Kaun hai? “

“bhaiya jee, v..vo ,khushi bhabhi ko neeche bulaya hai..pooja ke liye “

OP replied in a shaky voice.

Oh fu#k!
He swore under his breath

Damn.I need to give some love tips to OP to keep him bizzy.
dat will surely stop him from intruding into mine,he thot.

Meanwhile,Khushi controlled her racing heartbeat,an almost impossible task, before replying,

” hum abhi aate hain..”

Slowly, she pulled herself out from the nest of his arms, glanced up to look at his oh so lyk greek god husband for d last tym, she blushed again under d scrutiny of his gaze n started walking towards d door before flashing a smile.

She had barely started walking when he held her hand again.

“Khush, change your Saree before going down “, arnav whispered in a husky voice..his orbs still displaying the passionate replays of deir latest sexual encounter.

Still in daze, she looked down at her Saree before glancing up towards him and asked in confusion,

“Kyu, whats wrong wid dis Saree arnav jee, its toh ur fav color”

She replied flashing a grin towards him, her cheeks gaining color again due to the blush.

He smirked luking at his wife who’s behaving lyk a newly wed bride after her first night.

Instead of replying, he lifted her left hand, trailed his knuckles all the way from her elbow to her palm.

Khushi closed her eyes in pleasure..

The feeling …exquisite

His touch…awesome

Their chemistry…blazing

She felt him placing something on her palm before bending to peck her lips and finally moving away .

Khushi snapped her eyes open at d sudden loss of his warm touch n spotted him going towards the washroom, whistling all the way !

Whistling? N arnav jee?

N dere’s certain kind of excitement in his walk too.

Oh, her lovely yet moody laad governor!
Smiling inwardly, She shook her head lightly before glancing down to look at her palm .

Arnav was about to open d washroom door, when he heard khushi yelling at top of her voice.

“aarghhh…Aaarnavvv jeee”

Oh,he was expecting dat any moment, he chuckled.

He turned back slowly to came face to face wid an angry khushi..

Or better say, ‘raging as a bull’ khushi.

She yelled again, “arnav jee, u broke my string, when? ”

Helding her arms out to hold dat pity string in front of his eyes.

“When I was HELPING you ! “
He smirked n displayed an evil smile.

Very evil !

Her mouth opened wide in shock but before she could react,

Arnav continued,

“eh, don’t blame me! U asked for it “

He quickly placed a wet kiss on her still opened mouth, before giving her a goofy grin .

“n yeah,don’t feel shy to ask for HELP next time,I would love to give !”

Smirking for d last time, he arched an eyebrow, winking at her , quickly opened d washroom door n locked it.

Leaving Khushi behind..

A very very fuming Khushi !!


5 thoughts on “~SS-HELP-Part 1~

  1. Just found your blog. I wanted to read your story.Help completely.how to get password for this story.please help me


  2. I’m really feeling bad that after lot of try some of the chapter say enter ur password but what is the password that I type to open the protected chapter it’s like I’m reading a novel which pages have been tored so plz can u help what password should b typed to open those protect chapters


  3. I dont think i received a PM about this one on IF. New wwork just saw u shifting all to the blog. Chalo will follow here especially as u have recently updated JUST FOR HIM.


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