Arhi Tiny Tales: Midas Touch

~Midas Touch~


He closed his eyes and leaned back heavily in his chair. Just giving a moment to himself amidst all the tensions floating through his veins at the moment. He massaged his temple a bit that was now throbbing in a sign of an upcoming dreadful migraine. His food that his PA ordered still left cold and unattended on another side of the table. Estimates, business plans,Tender files covering every inch of the wide mahogany wooden table. He could literally feel the effect of this ongoing crucial business deal stuck at a last moment,gripping every inch of his body in an iron clad chain.

Numbers, meetings, plans, decisions currently overtaking his life. His first and foremost business rule of staying way ahead of his rivals seems to be taking toll on his life at the moment.

Arnav Singh Raizada, a man with midas touch, who can turn scrap to gold with a snap of his fingers. Thats what they say. Everytime. Ofcourse they dont know what goes behind accomplishing that. After all even he is nothing more than a human at the end of the day. He do feel pressure. He do feel like snapping it shut when things get out of hand. He do feel like leaving everything to go soul searching within. Even Midas would have felt like having a break sometimes. Of course they wouldnt know this. He craned his neck and shrugged his shoulders to relieve some of the tension impaling his body from all directions. Opening his eyes, he looked at the files, the presentation, the untouched food, the investment plan, the late night meeting reminder on the post it note and decided.

He was leaving for the day.


He heard the cute giggles coming from the door as soon as he stepped from his SUV and inadvertently found that first ray of shine peeking through dark. His steps gained momentum as he crossed the garden to reach the main door. And then he saw her.

His daughter, a cute little bundle of sunshine, with wide sparkling eyes, displaying that infectious toothless grin, clapping her little chubby hands together, hopping up and down in excitement while signalling him to come pick her up and Raizada obeyed her whole-heartedly.

Bending down to pick her up and then lift her in the air effortlessly as she burst out laughing in that giggly voice. More laughter erupted out of her as she blabbered something incoherent as her chubby hands wrapped around his neck. He kissed her soft curly hair tenderly as she garbled something more in her own foreign language narrating animatedly with her little fingers. He rubbed his stubble on his plump cheeks and she broke out in laughter again this time blabbering something similar to ‘dah-dah‘.  Something he has been teaching her everyday since last few months. “Say daddy”, “Say papa”, he used to hint at her while she used to stay mum just displaying that cute teasing smile at him. But he kept trying nonetheless in hopes of finding success someday. And she did eventually obeyed. A bit late though. but dada being her first words compared to Maa that khushi has been teaching her, were suffice to say how Arnav would have reacted.

He came back to present when she planted a wet open mouthed kiss on his stubbled cheek while trying to grab a handful of hair in her small palm and pointing to khushi waiting for them at the enterance with a knowing smile on her face watching the father-daughter bonding. Caressing her wayward curls he smiled back at the wriggling baby in his arms before making his way towards khushi.

Oh,his midas touch was so back!

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