Arhi OS: I knew It was Love!

Arhi OS~ I Knew it was love~




I knew it was love when his eyes lit up in joy whenever i open the door for him after a tiring day at office .


I knew it was love when i saw pride floating in his eyes when i finally beat him in a game of chess


I knew it was love when he scolded me for skipping meals.


I knew it was love whenever he cut short his overseas trips just so he could be back soon.


I knew it was love when he accepted the trophy for ‘Best entrepreneur of the year’, yet another time and then his eyes searched the crowd and locked with mine. There,sitting in the depth of those caramel browns, i saw the love.


When he takes me to salman’s latest releases and sat with me every time for the entire duration and even though he hides it by pointing out flaws and exaggerations shown in the flick, i never failed to see love lingering there.


When he holds me tightly in his protective embrace and put me back to sleep after a nightmare, i felt complete in his blanket of love wrapped around me.


When he googled the recipie of jalebi and prepared it himself just so he could surprise me , for me that was love.


When he drop me at my parents’s every time and pretend that he’ll be enjoying this little ‘alone’ time to the fullest, but then lingered around just so he could get ‘us’ time some more, that exactly is love for me.


When he takes care of me like a mother hen, freaking all the way like hell has broken loose whenever as much i am running a high temperature, i knew it was his way of showing love.


when my mood affects his and my happiness radiates in his eyes, what is that if not love.


i knew it was love when his eyes shines with a glint of its own whenever he scribbles my name in the ‘spouse’ column.


I knew it was eternal, unconditional love, when he hardly utter those words, those 3 words, that for the world, defines the parameter of loving someone, but then goes on to show his actions, by his care


by simply just being there.


If this is not love, i don’t know what else is.


-Khushi Raizada

Arnav’s Pov:


“Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning”


I didnt knew what love was. For all i believed my entire life, its just an over-hyped and messy emotion that is complex in nature and comes along in a bundled pack of pain,agony and disappointment. I was living happily with my perfectly per-conceived notion.

and then she happened!


I am still not a master at it, but now i knew certain things, to be sure..


I knew its love when she makes sure to greet me at the door with her charming smile, everyday, even though we have an army of house helps.

I knew its love when despite her initial disinterest, she learned playing chess just cause its my favorite one.

I knew its love when she still waits for me to get home despite my erratic schedule, just so we could have dinner together.

I knew its love when her eyes gets misty everytime she comes to drop me at airport. She may not plead me to cut my work trip short but her eyes, they says it all.

I knew it was love when her eyes got radiated with that surge of pride when i won the award. I got all the appreciation and applauds, while she shed a tear or two hiding behind the crowd.

I knew its love when she hugs me like a child, barely containing her excitement whenever i took her to salman’s movies. The way her fingers automatically entwined with mine for the entire duration was a proof enough what it was.

I knew its love whenever she’s having a nightmare and her hands automatically reached for me. The way she relaxed instantly in my arms as i soothed her inaverdently led me to believe in the power of a mere 4 letter word.

I knew its love when she gets overwhelmed by a simple gesture as small as making jalebies for her and then went on praising it for eternity even though i know its a pathetic attempt..didnt that says it all?

I knew its love when she’s going to her parents but reminds me repeatedly about taking meals and meds, about where i would find my favorite shirt, my car keys, my cufflinks, like i would be totally lost without her. The truth is, i would be. When she keeps on saying goodbye for million times but waits for yet another moment together.

I knew its love when the last thing i wanna see,ever, is her falling sick. The sense of agony and restlessness that i experience whenever she’s down with a mere flu or cold just show me how much that messy emotion is ruling over my life.

I knew its love when i wanna do every single thing just to see her smiling, when i want to be the only person in the whole world she would turn back to, when i want to be the reason behind her happiness and her soothing blanket in sadness.

I knew its love when the silence between us is comfortable n soothing.

I knew its more than just love when she keeps reminding me she loves me even though she knows those words are hardly reciprocated back. I might not utter them as frequently as she does but for me, the power they held is unlike anything i have ever experienced.

They are my assurances of a beautiful life, full of hope, of happiness, of bliss, of her.

-Arnav Singh Raizada


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