Arhi One Shot: Alone





Khushi kumari Gupta-Singh Raizada sulked on the phone, clutching the receiver tightly in her hand, her pouted lips fully complimenting that almost adorable frown on her face. Her scrunched nose and those knitted brows adding in their own two cents, clearly showing the displeasure of Lady Raizada here.


“I love you too jaaan..but i am sorry..i am stuck in this goddamn meeting..i…”


came a helpless reply from the other end of the phone which just increased her frowning session a bit more, if not anything.


“what i??..i dont know any meeting..hell with that UK trip of are a liar arnav said you would be back by 7th,then it turned 8th,then see its 13th today..and in two hours, it will be 14th..Arnav jee 14th FEBRUARY..VALENTINE DAY..?? U remember or NOT..huh..i have spend rose day, propose day, chocolate, teddy and god knows what other days that came along the package alone while my husband was busy playing meeting-meeting in some other part of the world..and now you are telling me you will back on 17th..AM I SUPPOSED TO BE ALONE ON MY FIRST V-DAY TOO????…”


she exhaled a long breath after that complaining speech she just delivered on phone and took a minute or two for catching her much for yelling..her breath coming in short pants just made her realize how energy consuming this whole task of shouting was..but her anger just hit another notch when instead of sorries and apologies that she had expected in return,came a blank prolonged silence from his side.


She yelled into the speaker this time..putting in all her irritation there.


“ calm know i love you more than anything..and besides, you were not alone, we have celebrated each one of those days talking hours on the phone..remember..?…”
came a soothing reply from her husband in that ever charming seductive voice of his,a hint of longing in them with the hope of calming her down, but khushi Singh Raizada was least interested in calming down at that particular moment.


“What remember..? i dont remember anything..i dont want you on phone..i want you HERE..with me..right beside me..holding me..hugging me..and doing all those naughty things you are expert at..”


when came a chuckled laugh from his side, she gritted her teeth and snapped at him once again,




she was about to add some more, when he cut her ranting in mid,


“Okay Jaan listen..i gotta go now..meeting’s gonna start in few minutes..will call you back once its over, till then you just remember that i love you..”


with the beeping sound now coming from the other end just told her that she was dismissed.


khadoos..laad dare he hang up on me..?
she muttered under her breath staring at the phone in her hand like it grew some horns or something and threw it on the bed in anger…i hate him..bas!


5 minutes later, she stared at the phone that was now discarded on the bed..with her anger almost vanished, her breath in control and her mind playing the telephonic convo in repeat mode..a slow, very slow smile perched on her lips..breaking into a sheepish grin..i love you too arnav damn much..but i just hate being apart from you..alone! she muttered to herself, hugging her arms round her stomach..missing his familiar warmth the most at that moment, craving the feel of his safe, protective arms round her..her breath slid out in a soft sigh. she glanced at the bed side table clock, 10:17 pm and picked up his framed photo lying there. Raising it to her eye level she stared at it with narrowed eyes,


“You are one evil creature, Mr know that..dont you?..yet,  i love you more than you love that?”
she looked at it with puppy love shoning in her bright eyes, leaning down she placed a kiss on his picture before adding,


“happy kiss day dear hubby..i miss you so damn much..come back sooon..”  


with one last look, she placed it back on the table. turning sideways,she grabbed his pillow and filled her nostrils with the faint smell of cologne coming from it..assuring her of his presence which she needed the most at that moment. Switching off the lamp, she pulled the duvet upto her chin and waited for the sleep to come and took her on a peaceful ride.


A.l.o.n.e, on a lover’s day…how sardonic..!




she felt soft fingers moving over her face, so tender in their actions as if they fear even a bit harsh touch might broke her..she felt sweet nothings being whispered into her ears..she couldnt make any sense out of it but it was there..just there..she felt warmth radiating from around her atmosphere,the same cozy feeling she felt when he’s around..or was he there actually? No way..her brain told her to stop being silly..its nothing but your imagination..and if its just a dream, she never wanted to broke this and face the reality..she sighed deeply in her semi state of slumber and was just prepared to drift off into another oblivion, when those soft words put all her doubts at rest,


“wake up baby”


pushing all those hazy dreams and thoughts going on in her mind aside, her eyes flicked open the next instant as if on cue, blinking them rapidly to adjust to the room that was now glowing with light, she focused her gaze on the source of the voice. 


and there was HE.Her husband, the ever sexier man present on the face of earth, sitting closely to her on the edge of bed watching her sleeping,like the most natural thing for him, his lips curved into a mischievous grin at the obvious shock that must be written completely over her face doubt about that.


He lifted his hand and closed her widely opened jaw with a swift movement of his index finger, and later chuckled a bit, when she still kept staring him like a dear caught in headlights.


However, when the shock subsided after another minute, khushi kumari Gupta broke into the loudest squeal of her life and threw her arms around his neck, pulling him closer, hugging him tighter than ever, clinging to him as if her life was depended on that, filling her nostrils with the smell of his toxic cologne that always drove her insane every-time he’s around, raked his hair through her fingers feverishly..ah, how she had missed doing all this..


and he, as an obedient patient husband let her have his fill. after what felt like eternity, he pulled back from the hug, much to her displeasure, quite evident from the frown adoring her cute features now, for which he let out a chuckle and tapped her nose with a flick of his finger.


she was about to open her mouth when he halted her actions by raising his palm.




“and now Mrs Raizada..i want you silent for next few minutes..i know its hard for you but you can succeed if you’ll really try..”


hey devi dare he say something like this..i dont talk THAT much..i hate him..bas!


and then she leaned back on the bedpost,sat there with the most brooding expressions ever,crossing her arms across her chest, her lips thinned into a line, her face itched with a scowl, her eyes narrowed and her whole self, totally miffed with him.


her scowl deepened some more, when came a chuckle from his end,


“ can do that..”


which, she choose to ignore by diverting her gaze from his handsome features and fixed on the giant LCD in the bedroom..THIS MAN is so evil devi maiya..i just hate!


she heard him speak a moment later and couldnt help but look at him again,


“and this is for the most beautiful lady on this whole planet..and when i say me, i mean it…”


Her heart skipped a beat when she turned to look at him holding a bouquet of beautiful velvety red roses, dozens of them bunched together with a wrapping paper, a sight she could look for eternity..her frown and scowl vanished away in the spur of a moment, a slow smile broke into her lips at that gesture..they were beyond beautiful..she looked up to find him staring at her, and then he add,


“These are for the rose day i wanted to celebrate with you..nevermind, we can do it now..happy rose day to my dearest wife who is obviously more prettier than these roses…”


she looked at him lovingly and took them with tender hands, highly overwhelmed at the moment..this man never cease to amaze her, her mind fighting with words or actions to show how much she appreciate his effort,when his voice caught her attention, she glanced up to saw him holding a platinum solitaire ring with a lone diamond crowned on the top, her eyes widened a bit,


“I know i am the most lucky guy on this earth cuz i already have you..but guess, i am lil greedy in this case..cuz Mrs Raizada,i want you for not just this but for my next seven lives..and mind that i am not taking a NO for an answer..You think you can manage that?..”


He asked pouring all his emotions, feelings, his love into that simple sentence..the intensity of which shook her to the very core..she felt her eyes getting misty under her on her neck stand to attention, an adrenaline rush flew in her veins at the top speed and thus a highly overwhelmed khushi kumari Gupta couldn’t manage any coherent word rather than nodding her head frantically, lest its just a dream.


His grin got widened listening to that and he released the pent up breath he was holding for so long.


she experienced the most beautiful combination of her oh so famous tears making their appearance on her face while a chiseled grin broke into her lips..he held her gaze while slipping the ring into her ring finger and kissed her lovingly on the forehead..perfect..his touch lingering there forever.


“Happy propose day!!”


she was still relishing in the most beautiful proposal a lady could get, when he continued, picking up another thing from the table,


“tada..look whats next..your favorite..”


he presented before her a life size packet of italian made chocolate ‘Ferrero Rocher’, in every shape and size..her eyes widened with surprise and she squealed in joy drooling over them..certainly the next best thing after her husband..he picked up a piece n shoved it into her mouth..she closed her eyes in pure pleasure when the chocolate melted in her mouth..slowly hitting her taste buds..ummm...and she couldn’t help when a sweet moan of ecstasy escaped her lips.


“if you keep making those moaning sounds,i am afraid i cannot continue further..cant you see i am having a hard sound playing the perfect gentleman here when i just want to ravish you like this very second..”
he replied in that husky voice of his that always drove her insane,holding her gaze with his dark hooded eyes.


need not to mention, she immediately turned twenty shades of red with her cheeks flushed to the color of ripe cherries.


He smirked looking at her flushed state and lifting his hand swiped the corner of her lips, collecting the bit of chocolate over there with the pad of his thumb. Bringing it to his mouth, he licked it clean,


“its more sweeter now..happy chocolate day my sweeter dan chocolate wife.”


oh my..could this man be any more sexy than he already is..her heart thumped loudly in her chest..trying to rip it apart and breaking free from its bound.


she was still in the process of drooling over her hawt hunk of a husband when he cleared his throat and bending sideways, picked up a cute yellow color teddy.


“and This is your teddy day’s gift. To keep you company in my absence..and though i hated sharing you with others but since its harmless..i guess, i can manage”,
He said winking at her and displaying that to die for boyish grin.


Her eyes shone with delight...aww…how cute...she literally squealed up and down with delight and grabbed her gift…hugging the softest piece of teddy she ever came across, she giggled nuzzling her nose with its soft fur.


“thankyou thankyou thankyou..its so cute..and grumpy..just like you arnav ji..i’ll call him”


she pinched teddy’s red oval nose and chuckled when she turned back to found him giving her glares,


“I said in my absence, Mrs Raizada!”
He glared her while tilting his head slightly in that breath takingly handsome way and arching that brow.


aww..jealous of a teddy…are we?
the mushy warm feeling started flowing freely in her veins..and khushi kumari gupta was literally on the top of the world..she looked at him with all the love in her eyes, the ever charged walkie talkie was short of words here in front of her charismatic husband who was all set to sweep her world off her feets.


He return that devilish smile and hold her small hand in between his palms. now a uber sincere Raizada looked at her directly into her eyes, his gaze so piercing as if he could read her soul, 


“I promise you i’ll never leave you alone..i promise i’ll keep you happy throughout my life..i promise to be there for you always and forever..i promise to be a better person you wud always be proud of..and yeah, i promise to control my temper..i promise to keep all my promises..khushi..”


Her heart was leaping into her chest..jumping into her throat..close to tears as she already was..the waterworks just ready to make their appearance again..Can someone die of extreme happiness?..if thats possible..khushi kumari Gupta was about ready to experience one..shivers of electricity running down her body..she melted at how his voice caressed her name.


Seeing his wife having the hard time coming up with coherent words, Arnav Singh Raizada smirked and shook his head before continuing,


“and now, Every thing done, Can i have permission to hug and kiss my beautiful wife?..something which i am dying to do since i stepped on the flight..”


and there goes the tears..she ginned foolishly with tears strained cheeks..extending her arms she nodded fervently.


and without wasting a second,he leaned forward, pulled her into his warm embrace and wrapped her strong arms round her small petite form.Burying his head into her hair he kept holding her firmly yet strongly. They stayed like that for long seconds with none of them speaking anything,lest it break the magical moment..she took a deep breath filling her nostrils with his scent..inhaling him..the feeling of his secured arms transported her to totally another universe where she forgot the rest of the world..where only one person exist..Him!


His silent hug was screaming more that what words could do..there was a promise hidden in that..No matter how rough situation might be..this is one place you will always find your ultimate solace..this is one place where you’ll feel safe and secure..these are the arms that will never tire of holding you. 


she whispered in his ear in a soft voice,


“i love you arnav jee..”


In reply he just tightened his arms around her a bit if assuring her that this is something he already knew.


pulling back, he looked at her with eyes full of love and longingness,


“Love you too”


He cupped her face in between his palms and brought her closer..tilting her face upwards, he leaned down and finally sealed her lips with his own..gently nibbling them and seeking entry ..a rush of adrenaline went throughout her body causing her to shiver violently despite the normal temperature of the room..butterflies started dancing around in her stomach, they always do when he as much as lay a hand on her..his tongue explored every nook n corner of her mouth..swirling with hers..fighting for dominance..his utter passionate kiss had left her head spinning and she soon found her control spiraling out of the window.


This man is sin..pure sin..the way he make her feel just by staring her left her speechless..the way he touches her everytime, caused waves of pleasure radiating through her entire way she could ever get enough of him in this lifetime..his hand caressing each n every inch of her body while his tongue doing its own duty of ravishing her mouth to the best..and to say, she wasn’t in her senses would probably be an understatement.


She had lost track of time n space..was lucky that they were on the bed n not standing cuz the way her knees buckled n turned to jellies she was afraid they would be of any use..she gasped n moaned in pleasure when he scraped her lower lip lightly in between his teeths..nibbling it..dragging it..kissing her so passionately as if he would stop surviving if he won’t do that.


The continuous beeping sound coming from the clock brought both of them back from their personal heaven,he finally pulled back from her with an obvious growl of displeasure.


However the clock striking 12 remove all traces of frown off his face and a smile perched up on his lips.


He placed his forehead over hers, nuzzled her nose and whispered in that sexy accent that always had her insides melt like honey.


“Happy Valentine’s day to my dearest certainly are the best thing to have happened to me..biggest gift of my who have accepted me with all my flaws..who have loved me who have completed me who have changed me into a better person..i can never ever tire of loving you..i love you more with each passing day..”
devi maiyya NOO…not these stupid tears again!


she wiped her tears with the back of her palm and pulled him again into a bone crushing, life saving hug, while kept muttering ”i love you” mantra under her breath.


after waiting for another minute, for her emotional self to calm down, he whispered close to her ear in that sexy husky voice that had her insides melting instantly,


“now, if you will leave me..i would like to do all those naughty things to you that i am expert at..”


her cheeks turned another eleven shades of crimson and she snuggled deeper into his embrace hiding her face.


Need not to mention, both Mrs & Mr. Raizada experienced the best valentine of their life doing oh so naughty things.


certainly not alone!


–Rest Censored



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