Chapter 9 -MYM

“Arnav Sir, I think these designs are just perfect for our upcoming spring collection..we should take a call quickly..what do you say..?” asked Piya, one of the head designers of AR Industries, working on their latest collection that was scheduled to launch next month.

Getting no response from Arnav, she glanced at Aman seated beside her questioned him by twitching her brows. Aman shrugged his shoulders in return having no clue himself.

“ Okay..?”
Aman asked, a bit hesitatingly unaware of his boss’s actual mood.

Arnav jerked back to present after suddenly deboarding his train of thoughts and came across two very concerned faces laced with worries. Closing his eyes, he cursed himself yet again on his lack of attentiveness since morning.

“Guys can we just discuss this later on? I m having a bit of a headache. ”
Arnav replied to the duo slightly rubbing his temple and briefly closing his eyes.

“sure problem”, quietly the two of them gathered all the sample designs and related files from his desk and left the cabin instantly, leaving him alone in peace, as requested. 

Arnav Singh Raizada wasn’t exactly lying when he dismissed both of them on account of a headache. Yes, his head was throbbing slightly, but he knew it wasn’t anything a mug of black coffee won’t fix. It was just his brain working overtime in order to find a solution for his problem.  He just needed some time to plan his next act.

The act of apologizing!

It was an area where The great business tycoon was putting his first inexperienced step..that too willingly.

He wanted to make amends for his wrong behavior this time. Something was not right. His heart was not at peace. There is this constant restlessness lingering in the air above him and he couldn’t get that thought out of his head, try as he might. He wanted to apologize cause it was the morally correct thing to do. Yes. That’s why, he tried convincing himself.

Keeping aside that thought, he decided to concentrate on more important things. Today khushi was coming back after a week..a bloody long horrible week to be more precise!

A week that was full of anxiety, mixed with restlessness with occasional bouts of gut-wrenching guilt sometimes.

overall, a tough week for him..really really tough and a first for Arnav. 

In a span of that week, he discovered few things about himself which he couldn’t have realized otherwise. He never knew someone could occupy his professionally trained mind to this extent at the oddest of times and that too without his consent. That very fact left him quite in shock and now that he had already decided to go through this less-traveled path as far as he was concerned, he realized that he didn’t have a clue as to how to approach this situation.

of course, it wasn’t every day when Arnav Singh Raizada decides to perform such kinda stunts and this was one thing that was majorly contributing to his head ache now.

“Sorry” that he previously termed as “No big deal” was turning out just the hardest deal of his life ever.

How do you apologize to your wife..errm temporary wife..whom you had accused of being a gold digger just a week back? He thought mentally while pacing in his large cabin.

Should I call her?..she must be home by now.
He checked his wristwatch. 5:15 pm.

He had heard bits and pieces of his di’s conversation with Khushi last night, and he couldn’t have missed the squeal in his di’s voice when Khushi informed about her coming home. His di had instantly told her that he would be there to pick her up after office, hearing which his heart did skip a beat at that very instant and he had already started planning on how he would say sorry on their way back home.  but he instantly felt that pang of disappointment the next moment after listening to their next bit of conversation. She had expertly denied the offer citing reasons for his busy schedule and stuff.

So, What do you think Raizada? she’ll willingly come with you..No way in hell now!!  and this gave him other reasons for making amends..that too real quick.

He checked the time again. 5:17 pm

Should I call her n say sorry? 
He thought of approaching her in a safer least he didnt have to face her while apologizing…this way.

What if he fumbled in front of her?

or What if she dismissed him or make fun of him?

What tha F*ck Raizada?..Are you a f**king coward?
The voice that raised from the sane part of his mind scolded him and he placed his phone in his pocket again..quickly dismissing the whole call-n-apologize idea.

STOP freaking out!! You are ASR for god’s sake. 

He cursed himself mentally at his abnormal behavior.

One thing Arnav Singh Raizada was afraid of throughout his life was the fear of rejection. He just hated being at the receiving end of that thing. He already had his fair shares of rejection when he had just stepped into the fashion industry at the mere age of 21, when he was struggling hard to prove himself. Many nights he came back home feeling utterly dejected, losing one more thread of his self-confidence.

They say, a mother’s lap is the safest place and a father’s arm is the most protective shelter on this whole planet. Well , he had none on those occasions!

His only pillar of support was his di..whom he knew would sacrifice anything just for his he made a conscious decision of not bothering her with his share of sorrows n worries. He took it all on him..kept it all to himself..cuz he would die rather than making his di worried.

Yet pushing aside all those rejections..he woke up each day with a new prove do something for his reach that level where he would be able to buy any damn thing his sister pointed a finger upon. That was the thing that kept him going throughout. And within a span of few years that were full of struggle, he was finally successful in achieving his dreams..their dreams!

Now that the thought of ‘rejection’ had entered his mind, he found himself entangled in the web of those painful memories once again and there was this question that was striking him over n over again. What if she rejected him or his apology?

And then this whole idea of just approaching her to say a mere ‘sorry’ sounded downright risky to him. He cursed in frustration and quickened his pace of the marathon that he was running in his cabin. NO..there has to be another way..the safer one. and suddenly some idea struck his nervous and anxious mind. GIFTS!  He knew it’s easy to woo a woman by pampering her with materialistic things and all. The kind of women he had dealt with till now falls into the above category but he also very well knew the fact that he just cannot put Khushi into that same category where other women lie.

My khushi is different..
he thought proudly suddenly feeling stupid at his choice of women till now. WAIT..Did i just call her my khushi. Where did that came from? He mentally slapped himself blaming his mind for putting thought like these.

Okay..NO gifts..but flowers? Safe choice? 
oh yes..definitely flowers!

and with that Arnav Singh Raizada punched in the a sign of victory with enthusiasm so high as if he had just won a jackpot.


He knew women love flowers..and this woman, in particular, loved it too much. He had often seen her decorating vases of his house with beautiful flowers every day.

Yes…this will surely do the trick and 
he picked up his phone.

After googling for 5 minutes..he got the piece of information he was keenly searching for.

Flower: Purple Hyacinth which also symbolizes asking for forgiveness. 

and a very excited Raizada placed a call to his secretary to order one huge bouquet of purple hyacinth. All done.


With the huge bouquet in his hand, he waited for someone to open the door after ringing the bell twice. With a bouquet in one hand and his laptop in another, he had to wait for someone to attend the door and that few seconds felt like hours to him. And a little part of his mind wanted it to be her on the other side.

However, he frowned a bit on finding that it was not Khushi but Om Prakash that greeted him and was now flashing a toothy grin on spotting the flowers as if they were just for him. He glanced around everywhere on entering the room, looking for a sign of her..on not spotting anyone around, he inquired,

“Where is everyone? ?”

“Bhaiya, everyone is in naniji’s room”, Om prakash replied while wiping his wet hands from his towel.

Nodding in response, he made his way towards his room..carrying that huge bouquet by himself and denied op’s help when he offered to carry it.

when he reached the topmost stair, he yelled behind op, who was just entering into the kitchen,

“Okay listen. ask Khushi to get me a black coffee in my room”, saying that he sprinted forward towards his room just like a child hiding a surprise from someone.


He was still staring at those purple flowers, admiring their beauty. He was always a fan of was the only thing that could calm him down and put his anger at ease. His garden and those lovely plants. They hold the magical power to unwind him after a long stressful day at work and he could spend hours tending to the self-made poolside garden that he was very fond of. His own personal heaven.

Right now those flowers were looking a bit more beautiful, cause of the symbolism behind them. He will tell her why he selected those in the first place.  It was the very first time he had done something like this..he hadn’t done such a thing even for his di he was hoping like hell for this plan to be successful.

He was still lost in speculating the various ‘what ifs‘ , when he heard someone clearing her throat and he got that ‘butterflies-dancing-in-the-stomach‘ feeling. He closed his eyes briefly and plastered a genuine smile before turning back.

“Khu…”, he stopped mid-sentence on not finding the person he was looking for the most at that moment. It was his di standing in front of her..smiling n holding a tray with a mug of coffee.

“Chotey..How was your day?  How..oh wow, flowers..they are sooo beautiful”
She stopped mid-way on spotting the beautiful flowers adorning the table and gushed over it.

“errm..Yeah di…”
he replied feeling a tad bit awkward and glanced around looking for any sign of Khushi lingering behind her.

Anjali sensed her brother’s intensions and smiled to herself

“Looking for Khushiji? Dekho na Chotey, your khushiji is not in a mood to come back”, she pouted, teasing Arnav lovingly before chuckling at his sudden defeated expressions

When Arnav didn’t reply as confusion was plastered all over his face, she explained further,

“arrey relax chotey. I was just pulling your leg.  Khushiji stayed back for a few more days”

“Di..Khushi. She’s..really not here?”, He asked, confirming yet again, his brows now furrowed in confusion

“Nahi chotey. She didn’t inform you?  oh, she knew you won’t let her stay away from you for even a day longer. That’s why ” she winked at a frowning Arnav and ruffled his hair playfully,

she handed over the coffee to her brother clearly missing the dejected look on his face, which he wasnt putting an effort to hide anymore. Asking him to come down for dinner soon..she made her way towards the door. leaving him alone..who suddenly felt like he was back to square one…again.

suddenly, the flowers were not looking beautiful anymore!

Suddenly, he lost his appetite!

Suddenly, the room felt cold and lifeless again!

and suddenly the wait for those few days seemed like eternity..again!!


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  1. Awesome update. Poor Arnav got ‘I am sorry – purple hyacinth’ flowers only to be disappointed as khumni didn’t turn up !! So much for his apology !! Looking forward to he next update. ship13(IF)


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