Chapter 7-MYM

~Chapter #7~


Arnav Singh Raizada was going through his company’s annual progress report when the extension on his desk buzzed to life..bringing his attention towards that..He frowned at the disturbance n picked up the phone without even looking up from the file.

“Sir, your 2:30 pm appointment is here..shall I send in?”,His secretary informed him over the phone.

He glanced at his wrist watch to check the time,closed his eyes briefly n ran a hand through his hair..  He got immersed in this file for more than an hour that he completely lost the track of time. Now he has a meeting with his Marketing Manager,Jacob Smith. He looked at the still incomplete file in his hand which needed his attention n was indeed very important,

“umm..Okay..Ask him to wait for 15-20 minutes..”

“Sir, Its not Mr.’s a lady here..some khushi kumari Gupta.she’s saying she have an appointment with you.

His ears jumped up to attention on hearing that name n he smirked.

“Oh yeah..send her in..”

He closed the file ,putting  it back on the wooden desk and leaned back on his chair..stretching his arms.

Khushi kumari Gupta !

Picking up the receiver again..he dialed the extension ,

“Cancel all my appointments for the next 1 hour. I don’t want any disturbance..”

“Sure sir!”

He twirled the crystal paper holder n leaning back on his chair, watched it rotating on its own axis..with a smirk lingering on his face..just then his door got knocked.

The solution of all his problems was standing outside his cabin door..unaware of the fact that her life is gonna get turn upside down..right after this meeting.


How in hell have you turned like this Raizada?
He mentally frowned at himself n his actions of previous night.

You kissed her while she was sleeping..just like dat? And then like some coward you ran here at the first given chance possible..?

You are Arnav Singh Raizada for F*ck’s sake! ordinary middle class girl engaged with u in some bloody contract cannot affect you..she’s  just not your type.Show her who holds the power n has a say in all this!
His inner voice scolded him n mocked at his actions at the same time.

“Di,aaj hum aapki favorite dish banaenge..”,”Nani ji, aapne dawaiyan lee..”, “Hari prakash ji..aap jaiye,ye hum kar lenge..”

He suddenly got a flashback of all those small small incidents where she took care of him n his family members and his heart soften a little at the above thought.

Just Don’t go there Raizada..she’s not doing it for free..YOU HAVE ALREADY PAID A PRICE FOR THAT!

With the above thoughts in mind,Arnav Singh Raizada kept staring outside his office window.. repeatedly pondering over last night’s incident. He closed his eyes briefly and massaged his throbbing temple..His head was now slightly aching..all courtesy his excessive thinking..that was directed to just one single person right now.

That one person who had invaded his thought process nowadays n shaken his very core!

And for a man like Arnav Singh Raizada, it was very difficult to admit that it was not done by any of his competitor or business rival.

But his wife..fake wife to be more specific!

Its just a contract will be over within eight months. Don’t expect anything from her n don’t give her any hope either. Its already dangerous with the way you are behaving around her nowadays.

Do something before the situation will go out of hand!

Finally after thinking for like ages,he turned away from the window towards his desk n  checked his blackberry that was on silent.

 12 missed calls from Di  n 3 from khushi.

He released a heavy breath n shut down his laptop. Time to go home

More importantly, TIME TO SET ALL THINGS RIGHT..the way they should be.

Arnav Singh Raizada had finally made up his mind..and when ASR decided on something,he left no stones unturned in achieving that.

Ignore her..even if it meant hurting her!!

That was the last thing on his mind before he made his way outta his cabin.


The melodious tinkling of her anklets, coming from outside his bedroom door instantly got his attention..even though he was immersed deep in his file.

And This gave him just one more reason to hold on to his newly made resolution.

He kept looking in his file, unnecessary flipping through it pages ..though he was very much aware of her each n every step.The tingling grew louder n likewise the stronger got his resolution.

Ignore her!..just Ignore her!!

“Arnav ji..chaliye..khana khaa leejiye..”
She came n stood near the couch, with the plate in her hand..waiting for him to shut down his laptop.

He just replied curtly with
“bhookh nahi hai..”
without even looking up from the screen, pretending he was deeply immersed in his work but in real he wasn’t paying a heed as to what was currently on screen.

and even though he wasn’t looking at her,he could very well imagine her mouth opened wide with shock,at his reply.

“haww..bhookh kaise nahi hai arnav ji..chaliye jaldi band keejiye ye laptop”

Damn..she’s making it too difficult!

He released a sigh, momentarily closing his eyes before looking up and replied with an expression less face,


He punched each word loud n clear, as if she was disturbing his most important work..hoping she would take this cue n leave him.

He wasn’t surprised when instead of leaving him,she blabbered some more.
“Arnav jee..zid mat keejiye..khana toh khana padega..fir aapko dawai bhi leni hai..aapko yaad nahi hai last time aapne dawaiyaan miss ki thi toh aapki tabiyat kitni kharab ho gai thi ..”

He tried saying something but was immediately cut off by her.

She raised her palm to shut him off. 

“bahut ho gya..aap uth rahe hain ya hum Anjali di ko bulaaye..fir dekhna kaise daantengi aapko di..”

saying that she placed the plate on the table, snatched the file from his hand and shut the lid of the laptop down.

And that was certainly his undoing..His mind that was desperately in need of an outlet to vent out his pent up frustration n tension residing in his mind from past night..just got one on seeing the person solely responsible for that.

And with that he yelled at the top of his voice,

His eyes were blazing with anger n he seemed to be on borderline explosion.

The sudden outburst came as a shocker to her n she stumbled back few steps,
 she replied in a voice barely above a whisper.

Her slightly scared face loosen few threads of his till now strong determination and ASR felt a very strong feeling for the first time..that it might..just might be wrong!

But,that was the last thing he wanted to think right now.

He wanted to be done with this issue for once n all..may be he could live in peace after that..and with this thought Arnav Singh Raizada went for the kill.

 He closed his eyes momentarily and got up from his seat.

and  the next time he opened them,he masked all his thoughts revolving in them with  the disgust..that he could very well see..shocked her to her very core.

“Wait..Who gave you the right to act like this in the first place..”

He continued further in a voice that was somewhat controlled now but it was still full of disgust.

He stuffed his hand in his trouser’s pocket n started walking towards her in slow steps,

“Or wait.. LET ME GUESS! ”

He wore his ASR avatar that was reserved just for his business rivals n competitors. Though somewhere from the secluded corner of his heart a voice kept asking him,what had she done to deserve all this, which ASR shut off..very effectively.

She took some steps back unknowingly and her brows bunched up in slight confusion.

“TRUST ME..I wont be surprised khushi..if secretly you are planning for long term.. eh?”

“Given the luxurious life you have been living from past two months must be so difficult for you to leave all this and go back to your previous life..after the contract term is over…”
He continued spitting venom pitying her condition and laughed sarcastically.


He got a blow when he saw her struggling hard to hold back her tears. .she blinked back numerous times but was eventually failed in hiding the mist forming in her eyes.

And then gathering her courage she asked him with questioning eyes ,
“arnav ji..aap ye kya keh…aap mazak kr rhe hain na..?”.

She clutched her dupatta in her fists so tightly that her knuckles turned white due to the enormous pressure. and failing to control herself anymore, finally a lone drop of tear escaped her lids and traveled the path all the way down to her cheeks.

On spotting the tear, he came near her n stared her for long seconds. Raising his hand,he collected the tear on his index finger,that was now lingering on on her cheek n was about to fall down.

And at that point, for the first time ever in his life..Arnav Singh Raizada felt like he was doing a blunder.

Somewhere inside his heart he knew she doesn’t deserve this.

A part of him just wanted to kiss away those tears..that were there just cuz of him.

And a major part of him wanted to take back his words of few minutes back.


His inner voice interrupted his thought process n reminded him that he cannot leave all this in mid n that he’s just doing what is right.

Pushing aside all his earlier thoughts, he concentrated on hitting the last nail in the coffin.

“Aaah…Now As much as i would like to appreciate your awesome acting skills in front of di n all other family members..i would just say..PLZ SPARE ME WITH YOUR MELODRAMA!!! “

“by the way..Congratulation khushi..I m really fast you have won all my family members and damn..its just 2 thats called some real progress..”He let out a short laugh and clapped sarcastically.

“and what magic have you done over di..she just keep singing your praises..i must say You have done your HOMEWORK so well..m amazed!..”

His smirk wiped off his face the next moment n the disgust took its place back when he continued further,

“I knew..u would stoop so low..All middle class crop is like this only..FILTHY GOLD DIGGERS !!!! arnt you happy with the amount of money you are getting outta dis planning to trap me for more..hun?? “
He replied fuming in anger..shouting on her face.

Why is she not reacting for fu*k’s sake?

He knew just what he had said few seconds back was not at all true..he had expected that she would fight back.. atleast defend herself or infact, accuse him instead and threaten to break the contract.That will eventually gave him some kinda satisfaction..that he’s not doing wrong.

But his plans got crushed when she heard it all n still  kept tight lipped..her whole body was shivering and that pushed all his buttons to the edge.

“WHAT..?? Dont have anything to say..??”
He let out a short sarcastic laugh mocking her state when one more tear drop joined the path of previous one.

He thought of trying  one more time..more ruthlessly this time..that would surely break her silence.

“Let me just make this very case you have forgotten..STAY IN YOUR LIMITS..fullfill your contract terms..and after the year..i want you OUT OF MY HOUSE !!”
“n yes,one last are not gonna get a SINGLE PENNY more from Arnav Singh STOP DREAMING THAT!..”

However instead of saying anything ,she took one step back and hastily wiped off her tears with the back of her palm, her lips were still quivering as if they wanted to say loads but were unable to do that.

she just glanced at him one last time for long seconds with innocent eyes that were questioning him, does he really meant all what he just said?

He clutched his fist tightly to stop them..who just wanted to hold her in his arms, to take back his words, to erase these last 10 minutes from her memory and pushing aside all these thoughts..he kept mum with his mask in place.

She eventually  moved out of his way when he remain quiet n made her way towards the bedroom door.

Well done RAIZADA!

His inner self congratulated him on his brave deed..All’s gone as per the plan..what he was not expecting was  his heart that was filled with a very sinking feeling.

A feeling of pushing someone very precious..away!

A feeling of loosing something!

A feeling of self destruction.

Peace was the last thing on his mind.

N the winner of “Best businessman of the year” 7 times in a row was now having second thoughts about his plan.

His mind was questioning him repeatedly,

Raizada,are you  satisfied n happy now?

He knew he was NOT but he couldn’t explain WHY!

5 thoughts on “Chapter 7-MYM

  1. Ok just found this, after googling from IF. 😀

    Interesting stody, poor Khushi and ASR being his initial obnoxious self 😦 he was horrid to her. I look forward to reading the rest of this story.


  2. Awesome update. Loved reading the same incident from Arnav’s perspective and what prompted him to dismiss and demean khushi with ruthless cruelty !! Really looking forward to the next update. ship13(IF)

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