Chapter 6-MYM

Life has an unwritten’ll give you the bundle lot of surprises just when you expect them the least.

Something on the above note was happening with khushi kumari Gupta singh Raizada!

She never expected that one day she’ll be bound to think like that..or feel like that.

Like the way she is feeling now.

For none other than her fake husband Arnav Singh Raizada.

and hey devi maiyaa..its just 2 months only!

She freaked a little at the above thought.

Devi maiya plzz help!!

m i doing anything wrong?

She placed her hand on her chest to check her heartbeat which was indeed running a marathon of its own.

Khushi You are a gone case now..STOP freaking out and Relax!!
she mentally convinced herself..and in which she failed eventually.

So the last night’s ‘surprize’ kiss by arnav left her already confused feelings..a bit more confused.

She was totally clueless as to from how long she was harboring these mixed set of emotions inside her but one thing was sure, there’s no denying this time.

and the fact was Arnav Singh Raizada..affected her.

Affected her in all possible way..even unknowingly.

The denial was totally out of the way now..she hadnt felt like this for anyone in her life ever and she would be a coward if she’ll run away from this beautiful gift bestowed upon her.

and Khushi kumari gupta never ran away.

just cuz she is into a contract marriage, where she wasn’t supposed to feel anything for him..doesnt mean she is committing a crime by doing so.
She justified her actions and felt a bit relieved when her inner self just agreed with her.

So,Khushi kumari Gupta was confused.

Confused because of the kiss.

Not because she thought it was totally out of the box.

But cuz it secretly unlocked her hidden feelings..she had so carefully managed to hide from all..from herself even.

n now,since they were out in open..they were wandering freely, reminding her every now n then.

During all this thought process, khushi had carefully avoided using that 4 letter word..she knew unnecessary hopes will only hurt her more, but then
on the other hand,she also knew that she was walking on the same path that lead towards that only!


The only missing piece in this puzzle was with Arnav singh Raizada..and she dint even knew he was willing to complete this puzzle or not.

She made up her mind to finally face the whatever form it is.She’ll give it a try n then will accept whatever he says.

She decided that she’ll not mention last night’s incident from her side but if he starts something on that note..may be he would be feeling guilty..then she’ll assure him that she’s not offended n will share some of her feelings too.

The last thought caused the butterflies to start dancing in her stomach n at that time she realized that she was standing outside their bedroom door..from dont know how long..lost in her thoughts.

khushi ki bacchi..tu bhi na..
She scolded herself mentally..Shifting the plate in other hand she adjusted her dupatta, her hair, fixed a smile on her face n releasing a breath..finally entered the room..that was nothing less than an examination center for her now.

She rolled her eyes at familiar scene infront of her.

and Why she wasnt surprized at all?

She shook her head when she spotted him sitting on the couch,working on his laptop n a file in his hand.

Anjali di bilkul sahi kehti hain..kaam ke aage inko kuch dikhta hi nahi..first of all he went to his office on sunday..and even after coming back he’s still immersed deep in that stupid file.

and with that khushi kumari gupta was back to her normal self.. momentarily forgetting her hesitation in facing him.

“Arnav ji..chaliye..khana khaa leejiye..”
She stood near the couch, with the plate in her hand..waiting for him to shut down his laptop.

He just replied curtly with,
“bhookh nahi hai..”
without even looking up from the screen.

She opened her mouth display her shock,

“haww..bhookh kaise nahi hai arnav ji..chaliye jaldi band keejiye ye laptop”

He released a sigh,momentarily closing his eyes before looking up and replied with an expression less face,


punching each word very clear,as if she was disturbing his most important work.

As many number of times she convinced herself to behave normally infront of him..she couldnt help a shiver to ran down her spine when he looked directly into her eyes.

and likewise, khushi covered her weakness in that department by blabbering some more.

“Arnav jee..zid mat keejiye..khana toh khana padega..fir aapko dawai bhi leni hai..aapko yaad nahi
hai last time aapne dawaiyaan miss ki thi toh aapki tabiyat kitni kharab ho gai thi ..”


She cut him off..not buying whatever his reasons would be.


She raised her palm to shut him off.

she knew she was treading on hot waters here..and she was reacting much.

well,it was way too much for a couple engaged in some contract.

But,its a matter of his health n she had promised anjali di that she’ll take care of that matter what.

and here arnav singh raizada was just acting like some stubborn child.

m not asking him to leave his work for ever..its just keep it aside for just 10 minutes n have something..he works so hard to keep his family members happy n content..what if his own health deteriorates in this process,

she freaked at the last thought and turned to him with more determination this time.

“bahut ho gya..aap uth rahe hain ya hum Anjali di ko bulaaye..fir dekhna kaise daantengi aapko di..”

saying that she placed the plate on the table,snatched the file from his hand and shut the lid of the laptop down.

what she wasnt expecting was his outburst that followed nanoseconds if someone has just opened some dam.


He yelled at the top of his voice, not caring an ounce about the other members who might be present in their respective rooms.

His eyes were blazing with anger n he seemed to be on borderline explosion,

The sudden outburst came as a shocker to her n she stumbled back few steps,

she replied in a voice barely above a whisper..

He closed his eyes momentarily and got up from his seat.

But the next time he opened them, the disgust in his eyes shocked her to her very core.

Cuz it was directed towards her..all of it!

and at that moment khushi prayed to her almighty to take away all feelings from inside her cuz even his hatred was affecting her now.

It was way much worse than his indifference.

“Wait..Who gave you the right to act like this in the first place..”

He continued further in a voice that was somewhat controlled now but it was still full of disgust.

and that left her all the way more confused.

His hands were now stuffed in his trouser’s pocket n he walked towards her in slow steps,

“Or wait.. LET ME GUESS! “

She took some steps back unknowingly, the arnav jee of last night was gone..and standing infront of her was ASR.

The business minded ASR!

One who won over his competitors with his cunning business skills..the one who’s ruthless n doesnt show even the slightest bit of mercy on his enemies.

The one who CHECK n MATE them at the first given chance possible.

“TRUST ME..I wont be surprised khushi..if secretly you are planning for long term.. eh?”

“Given the luxurious life you have been living from past two months must be so difficult for you to leave all this and go back to your previous life..after the contract term is over…”

He continued spitting venom pitying her condition and laughed sarcastically.


she blinked back numerous times to hold her tears that were now threatening to come out,

“arnav ji..aap ye kya keh…aap mazak kr rhe hain na..
?”,She replied meekly still in heavy shock as to what she was listening and was hoping against hope the it might be a joke from his side.

and if thats the case then its a very pathetic one.

She clutched her dupatta in her fists so tightly that her knuckles turned white due to the enormous pressure.

and failing to control herself anymore, finally a lone drop of tear escaped her lids and traveled the path all the way down to her cheeks.

On spotting the tear, he came near her n stared her for long seconds. Raising his hand,he collected the tear on his index finger,that was now lingering on on her cheek n was about to fall down.

However he cleared off her doubts when he opened his mouth again and she felt like she has just been stabbed severely with a knife decorated with ribbons n all.

“Aaah…Now As much as i would like to appreciate your awesome acting skills in front of di n all other family members..i would just say..PLZ SPARE ME WITH YOUR MELODRAMA!!! “

“by the way..Congratulation khushi..I m really fast you have won all my family members and damn..its
just 2 thats called some real progress..“He let out a short laugh and clapped sarcastically.

“and what magic have you done over di..she just keep singing your praises..i must say You have done your HOMEWORK so well..m amazed!..

His smirk wiped off his face the next moment n the disgust took its place back when he continued further,

“I knew..u would stoop so low..All middle class crop is like this only..FILTHY GOLD DIGGERS !!!!

arnt you happy with the amount of money you are getting outta dis planning to trap me for more..hun??

He replied fuming in anger..shouting on her face.

And As much as Khushi kumari Gupta wanted to deny those heart wrenching allegations just thrown upon her by none other than that very person,who gave her the best n the most memorable kiss of her
life..she kept tight lipped.

There was no way explaining now..if he already thinks the worst of her.

“WHAT..?? Dont have anything to say..??
He let out a short sarcastic laugh mocking her state when one more tear drop joined the path of previous one.

“Let me just make this very case you have forgotten..STAY IN YOUR LIMITS..fullfill your
contract terms..and after the year..i want you OUT OF MY HOUSE !!”

“n yes,one last are not gonna get a SINGLE PENNY more from Arnav Singh STOP DREAMING THAT!..”
He said the above words with so much disgust that left her shivering.

She took one step back and wiped off her tears with the back of her palm, her lips were still quivering as if they wanted to say loads but were unable to do that…she just glanced at him one last time for long seconds before finally moving out of his way n made her way towards the bedroom door.

Carefully placing her steps cuz of the fresh curtain of tears that raised in her eyes even after holding back so much..blinding her vision.

Her dreams were just crushed brutally.

She then realized that “happily ever afters” do exists..but only in fictions!!

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    1. Hi Cecilia. Thanks for your comments. but I really don’t have time at the moment to translate these in english šŸ˜¦ wish I sorry for the inconvenience.Hope you’ll be able to manage..its not that much. btw, May I know your IF name:)

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      1. Ths Rotten
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  1. Superb update. Arnav is so cruel to khushi … He seems to want to destroy her !! Hope in the coming weeks khushi not only makes him eat his words but also makes him repent for his behavior !! Awesome writing !! šŸ™‚ ship13(IF)


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