Chapter 4-MYM

Arnav Singh Raizada was immersed in his file..deeply. Very deeply. From the last 45 minutes.

But to say, he was concentrating on the file would be totally wrong cause his eyes were not on the file..rather they were somewhere distant and completely unfocused. His business mind was raising signals periodically, alerting him every few seconds to bring his attention back to the file. But even a professional like Arnav Singh Raizada couldn’t help it in this kind of situation. His stubborn mind going back again and again, replaying yesterday’s incident.

He groaned mentally and closed the file, throwing it. The file landed somewhere on the floor and although the Metha & Sons project was at the most crucial stage right now..he couldn’t care less about that damned file.

In fact, any damned thing right now.

Nothing except one.


He ran a hand through his hair in frustration.

What is this happening..and why?

The one answer Arnav Singh Raizada was looking for the past two months. He leaned back in his chair, closed his eyes and rubbed his face in frustration. Instantly, a flashback of Khushi’s smiling face came rushing into his mind and lingered there momentarily.


He opened his eyes, looked around and found NO one in his empty cabin. Getting up from the chair, he walked towards the large floor-to-ceiling window. He could very clearly saw the parking lot of Raizada Corporation from where he was standing. The parking lot that was almost empty except for one or two vehicles. So, the question was, What EXACTLY Arnav Singh Raizada was doing in Raizada Corporation..that too on a Sunday.

Why he lied to his di about some very important urgency in his office that couldn’t wait till Monday?

Why he didn’t read a single line from that now discarded poor file?

Why he felt like escaping away from home when in past, he always made it a point to spend Sundays at home..for his Di’s sake.

Then, why?

All the questions were undoubtedly haunting him with no answers in sight. Oh, he knew the answer too.


He closed his eyes again, but to no avail, the uninvited image came rushing back and he was once again transported to yesterday’s incident.

Arnav Singh Raizada had returned home, after a very very busy Saturday. 3 back-to-back meetings, a conference call with a new client followed by a business dinner. A very productive Saturday workwise, but even ASR was human..the tiredness was already taking a toll on him as he entered his quiet home. He glanced at his watch. 11:25 pm. He passed through the dark hall and ascended the stairs quietly to his room. His coat was hanging loosely in one hand, laptop bag in other, his sleeves rolled till mid arms and with the conversation of his last meeting still playing in his mind, he entered his room thinking about the next course of action they need to take for that upcoming project when he realized the lights were on. she must be up, waiting for him. He rolled his eyes mentally..How many times he had told her not to do that.

Yes, they were a truly-devoted couple..but just in front of the family.

He had specifically told her not to put this facade, inside the sanctuary of their bedroom.


Yes, he was yet to decode that strange feeling when for the first time he entered his room, very late from a business party to find khushi waiting for him. The sudden thumping in his heart that day when she had glanced at him with her red, puffy, sleep-deprived eyes with a faint smile accompanying those lips, he didn’t miss the glint that entered in her orbs when he looked at her.

He had conveniently pushed aside that warm fuzzy feeling that was slowly coursing through his veins and mentally scolded himself for behaving like a hopeless teenager. He, for one, wouldn’t want to give her any wrong signal as far as their complex situation was concerned.

It will only complicate things.

coming back from his train of thoughts, he placed his laptop and coat on the bed and started craning his neck, in a way to release the pent up tension. That’s when he noticed her on the couch, fast asleep. waiting for him again. A book in her hand that was just about to fall from her fingers. He went towards the couch and catch the book just in time before carefully placing it on the table without making any noise.

Should he woke her up? 

Just let it be..why was he acting like a caring husband? he didn’t ask her to wait for him. 
He closed his eyes, trying to shut the voices in his mind. In a state of dilemma,he glanced at her again. She was sleeping in a very awkward position, he was sure she would definitely get a neck sprain in the morning. Few of her tendrils were dancing on her face escaping the messy bun, making her yet more beautiful, a ghost of a smile plastered on her lips, even in her sleep,  howing her contentment.

and without knowing, Arnav Singh Raizada, despite his extremely busy day, felt tiredness leaving his shoulders, with each passing second.

Unknowingly he stood there, watching her. watching HIS wife.

he couldn’t answer why but the last thought stirred yet another alien feeling in him.


His wife…for a YEAR!

and with that, he came back to his senses.

STOP it Raizada !

Okay fine..she IS beautiful, but this DROOLING and LUSTING over her was never in the agreement.

Dont mess this already messed up situation.

Releasing a breath, he went near her with the thought of tapping her on the shoulder to wake her up. but, somehow couldn’t managed to break that small contended smile, still playing on her lips. He very politely placed the dupatta back that just slid down and with minimal effort on his behalf, delicately scooped her up in his arms. She was so light and soft like a feather and the moment he started moving towards their bed, she stirred in her sleep bunching up fistful of his shirt in her palm, nestling her head at the crook of his neck in a more comfortable position before releasing a sigh of contentment.

and he stopped dead in his tracks.

Her chest rising and falling evenly, her breath fanning the column of his neck, sending small jolts of electricity through out him. He glanced at her serene face again, he couldn’t avert his eyes, as if they had a mind of their own. He somehow managed to complete the distance and carefully placed her,on her side of the bed. Very slowly, he loosened her grip on his shirt and placed that arm carefully on her stomach before pushing the loose curl off her face and behind her ears.

His finger that went to place those wayward fringes back was supposed to linger momentarily.However, it started trailing a path on that beautiful face..just the tips.  STarting from her forehead, to that bridge between her nose, before turning abruptly to trace that jawline and finally moving uninterrupted to the ultimate destination. Those lips.

He traced them and outline their shape through his thumb pad.

So soft, rosey and plump.

ah !

He released a contended breath. How it would feel like to taste them. He knew, it would be wonderful..he had unwantedly imagined that scene numerous times before. He looked at her closed eyes and back at her lips.

Now, how it would feel like to taste them, while she was watching him with her big round eyes, he imagined. There would be shock in them. and curiousity. and some glint too maybe. Some light and shine.

ah, exquisite.

He could kiss them, ravish them all the time looking into her eyes, reading her thoughts and pools of emotions. he leaned a bit more towards them and unknowingly, her lips parted in her sleep. her soft breath was now fanning his face.

Just one taste. Just one taste. Nothing more. It won’t hurt. All the sane thoughts were slowing leaving his mind despite his protests. No , its not right. You can’t. You shouldn’t. Just once. Before the logical part of his mind could talk him out of the absolutely insane idea going inside, he touched his lips to hers in the softest, gentlest way…ever possible.

which was so so unlike him.

That smallest touch send a tremor of electricity down his entire spine, thereby making him shiver. He was amazed at that reaction of his body cause he never was the caring, the gentle kind. Never was the one to believe in such a thing. In his entire life, he always was the one to TAKE. women were nothing to him, beyond objects to satisfy his body’s need. He never was the one to hug, to pamper women after his sexual encounters. so,why was this overwhelming need to take this further, to wake her up and proceed it in the saner way with possible.

Why was his heart feeling lighter than ever in ages?

Infact, why he’s feeling lighter than ever in ages?

Why he felt like giving her more and taking everything in return, with her consent.

giving her something she deserves.

Everything he can !

He knew, he was somewhere attracted to khushi. and this attraction was taking a toll on him, with each passing day. May be, she also feels the same. Can they talk about it and work it a mutually beneficial way. 

May be, when he’ll have her, he could get her out of his system for once and all.. and then it will be all FINE.

Maybe they should remove the no sex clause from the agreement and enjoy their remaining time together. and then, when it will be over, they can even part as friends…on good terms.

But, what about Khushi??

what if she started believing in happily ever after during this period…??

He jerked back with that thot. NO !!!


He couldn’t give her false hopes. It would shattered her in this process. He ran a hand through his hair and glanced at her sleeping form. He was already feeling a bit guilty for stealing that peck from her without her knowing. Her shook that embarrasing thought and returned to present.

Better stay away from this much as you can, 
he reminded himself for one last time and that was the last thought on his mind before going to bed.

That thing will definitely never work! NEVER!

Now after a very sleepless night, Arnav Singh Raizada took the very first opportunity to escape.

So, there he was in his office, on a Sunday afternoon, after making some horrible excuses to his sister. He couldn’t afford to be in close proximity with Khushi after what he did when she ws asleep and what he was about to do. No, he can’t be near her. as least not before he could gather his thoughts properly and decide on his nect course of action. He knew he has to come up with something before it could totally get out of control.

The last of the vehicle exited the parking lot. After thinking for like ages, Arnav Singh Raizada came up with one solution and with that he made his way to his home, with his newfound resolution.

IGNORE her…even if it means HURTING her !

4 thoughts on “Chapter 4-MYM

  1. Amazing update. Loved the fact that Arnav is trying so hard to not give in to his attraction for khushi and making different plans to maintain a distance !! Wonder how long his resolution will last !! 🙂 Looking forward to the next update !! ship(IF)

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