Chapter 3-MYM


Life was never a bed of roses for Khushi kumari Gupta. Now, Singh Raizada.

She whispered her full name slowly as if testing it against her lips. Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada!

The better half of Arnav Singh Raizada, CEO of Raizada Empires. The object of envy for every single girl out there, The luckiest girl ever on the face of the earth, that made Arnav Raizada fall head over heels in her love.

The lady love of Raizada’s life, that turned him from a playboy to a committed man. The man who was commitment-phobic, who used to change his girlfriends as often as his attires, happily tied himself in the sacred bond of marriage.

She let out a short laugh at the above thoughts.


They were projected like this by the media, at the time of their marriage. All these above headlines used to run and re-run, again and again, at the time of their marriage. They were declared as the next IT couple. The media had gone berserk just to click their pictures and for their interviews. she went from being a complete NOBODY to a celeb wife within a span of few days.

she released a heavy breath,


when her life changed completely by the sudden turn of events and the next moment she found herself married to a man. A man, who was nowhere close to her dream man. She hadn’t asked for a prince charming or a rich guy. All she wanted and always desired, was a man, who could keep her happy despite the circumstances who could wipe out her tears and hold her close to his chest when she needs him the most. one who could kiss away all her worries and fears, one who could laugh wholeheartedly at her silly antics, one, who could accept her, the way she was!

All she got in return was Arnav Singh Raizada!

No matter, how happy and an oh-so-much-in-love couple they were, in front of the world,but the truth was confined within the four walls of their bedroom where they were nothing less than strangers. There were numerous times, when she cried silently, remembering her babuji, on her side of the bed..waiting for someone to hold and soothe her but that someone never came.

There were times when she so desperately wanted to hold somebody’s hand while sleeping cause of her fear of darkness, but that hand never came for support. There were times when she was in pain, during that time of her month when she just wanted someone to sit closely with her, to whispered sweet nothings to her or anything to distract her from pain, but that support was never there. Every day, she wanted to share the minutest details of her day with that particular someone But life wasn’t just fair to her while distributing happiness.

But she knew she can’t blame him or anybody else for that matter. she was aware of this at the time of her marriage itself and still she had entered in it, but what else she could have done.

Their 1-year marriage agreement. She hadn’t thought, it would be so difficult at times. Every day, after taking bath, she wears a mask along with her attires. A mask to go along with the day. A mask for the world to know how happy she was.

she felt so guilty at times, after seeing the happy faces of her new family. yes, that wonderful family who had accepted her wholeheartedly and given so much love to her, that she never felt out of place. she had developed a very strong bond with all the members within days of her marriage. Nani, mama, mami, Anjali di, Akash and even the prakash brothers were the most caring and lovely persons she had ever met. Her family! but, only for a year.

But what after that?

how will she leave them all without hurting them in this process? She had cried silently in her room that day, when Anjali di thanked her with misty eyes for entering into her brother’s life, for marrying him, for making him fall in love with her innocence. and most of all, for changing him!

How could she tell Anjali di that it was all a lie? how could she tell, that those loving glances he showered her with, at the dining table were nothing but a lie? Those times, when he just wanna eat on her plate were nothing but a facade. Those times, when he lovingly holds her in front of everybody, demanding a goodbye kiss before going to the office, were nothing but a lie.

Those times when he lovingly placed her curls behind her ears while she was busy chatting during their evening tea sessions. but, those were the times, when Khushi ACTUALLY wanted to believe that it was anything but a LIE!

Those were the things only a man, deep deep in love with his soulmate will do.


she could mask her sorrows in front of all the members But how could she control that particular feeling each time he touched her. How could she control those stupid butterflies to dance in her stomach when he calls her lovingly. She knew she couldn’t control the trembling of her body whenever he was in close proximity with her, she knew she couldn’t control that shiver to ran down her entire body whenever he glanced in her direction. She knew she couldn’t control her knees to turn into jelly whenever he kissed her cheeks. She so so wanted to forgot that contract at those times.

What was happening???

she wasn’t supposed to spend 10 minutes, every morning just glancing at his sleeping form.

She wasn’t supposed to notice that he snored a little while sleeping.

She wasn’t supposed to notice, that while sleeping he looks just like a child..with no hint of his world-famous arrogance and frown on that lovely face.

She wasn’t supposed to run her fingers across his lovely chiseled jaw, admiring that early morning stubble.

she wasn’t supposed to get dizzy each time she inhaled his aftershave that filled the room, whenever he enters after taking a shower

she wasn’t supposed to sleep, clutching his shirt whenever he’s out of town for business purposes.

she wasn’t supposed to get butterflies in her stomach whenever she spotted an article featuring him in the newspapers.

She wasn’t supposed to wait eagerly for the moment when he would hold her and kiss her goodbye, every day religiously before going to the office.

She wasn’t supposed to judge his mood in a second just by looking at him.

She wasn’t supposed to enjoy his temper tantrums that scared others like hell.

Her heart wasn’t supposed to behave this way when she knew all this will vanish someday.

Her heart wasn’t supposed to…

her train of thoughts came to a halt when she heard loud yelling coming from her room.

She smirked, rolled her eyes muttering ‘Laad governor’ under her breath, made her way towards her room. on entering, she saw him sitting on his couch with his laptop, a coffee mug crashed n its pieces scattered on the floor in every possible direction. and a pale looking om Prakash, standing at a distance, or more specifically, shivering.

” Om prakash ji, What are you doing “, she asked placing her hands on her hips.

” bhabhi ji..vo.. ”

a visibly weak Om Prakash replied, stuttering in between.

” kya vo…What did i say? You are not well. Go and take some rest. “, she ordered stubbornly.

” Vo bas ye saaf.. .”

” koi bahana nahi. JUST.GO.NOW. i’ll do it ”

” Bhabhi vo.. ”

” NOW!”

She said with a finality in her voice.

After Om Prakash left the room, she tied her dupatta across her waist and started picking the broken pieces. Controlling those fluttering butterflies in her stomach and controlling her cheeks to gain any sort of color, she kept her head low cause she can well, very well felt HIS piercing gaze on her the entire time and that was enough to turn her body into a bundle of nerves.

Khushi Kumari Gupta!

High time you control this before it goes OUT OF HAND!!!

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  1. Fantastic update. Felt really bad for khushi that she has to hide her pain from everyone while actually she is suffering so much keeping the sham of a marriage alive !! Looking forward to the next update. ship13(IF)

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