Chapter 22-MYM

~Chapter #22~


Clutching the file closely to her heart she witnessed the scene infront along with the myriads of emotions playing havoc inside her. Seeing her husband getting comfortable with some other woman set a unsettling feeling in the pit of her stomach. A scene that was so rare in itself in the first place. So different from the pictures painted by the tabloids with regard to his husband’s No nonsense image over the months since she had started following them. There, he wasnt resembling to the harsh boss but the opposite of that to say the very least. The lady concerned here, as she noticed, was the epitome of beauty. Gazing her from top to bottom, from her perfectly manicured nails as she pointed to something on the monitor, to the thick heavy hair falling in layers over her sholders, to the model like figure perfectly accentuated by her perfectly immaculate n crisp business attire. All things screaming royal about her. Plus the fact that the air around them was indicating something friendly than that of a mere boss employee relation could be seen without applying any rocket science. she felt as if a sudden bout of misery had taken over her senses leaving her immaculately fragile n open, there n then. May be she is overthinking but a voice that raised its opinion about how good a couple they look together did nothing to chear up her dampened spirits. She was still lost in her thoughts when a voice broke her trance thereby drawing her back into the real world for good.

“Khushi..what are you doing here?..”

She saw his attention finally drifted away from the beautiful lady standing inches away from him and settled on herself. That too at the moment when she was rethinking her decision of coming here. Plus the question he asked hadnt helped a bit as she now felt like a fly in the ointment..closing her eyes momentarily, she swallowed the lump in her throat meanwhile buying some time for the reasons that might help her in making a quick escape when his next words soothed her bruised emotions a bit,

“please come”

The gleam in his eyes fractionally helped her in managing a small nervous smile when she stepped inside his wide cabin hesitantly like a lost puppy in the big bad world. Closing the lid of the laptop , he get up from his seat pushing the chair back n met her halfways. taking the file and the box from her hand,he placed it on his mahogany desk and wrapped his arms around her waist, drawing her closer.

Turning sideways, he carried out the introductions with an air of authority in his voice
“Khushi..this is lavanya, our Head designer, but before that a very dear friend of mine…and,meet my wife”

He mentioned her as wife while briefly kissing her temple and tightening his hold on her a little bit. The kissing and holding might be for the sake of pretending in front of a dear friend she realized, but this small gesture suddenly lifted a heavy weight from her shoulders that was crushing her since she first stepped in here. and just like that khushi’s soared spirits bounced back immediately.

“Hello lavanya ji..”
She replied in a polite voice accompanied by a small smile.

Lavanya squealed making a gesture of sending prayers to almighty before coming in with open arms and engulfing her in a friendly hug.

any remaining doubts in khushi’s mind suddenly vanished in thin air as the last of her misery went away in a fraction of second before a genuine smile made its way on her lips and she hugged her in return.
Pulling back from her, lavanya replied to ASR in an accusing tone, who was now standing at a distance watching their union with amusement,

“I cant believe, it took you this much months to finally introduce us ASR?..”

before, turning to khushi and continuing in a voice laced with adoration,

“God..she’s so a doll”

she said gazing her from top to bottom.

ASR cleared his throat before adding,
“Is that the friend talking or the designer in you??..”

lavanya replied with a giggle, before shifting attention back to khushi who was now blushing like a newly wed

“Khushi ,we need to catch up sometime on our own, without external help”
she replied stressing the last part while boring holes in ASR with her gaze.

“Sure lavanya ji, anytime”
She replied flashing one of her cutest smile which instantly got reciprocated by her newest friend.

“Fine then lovebirds, am gonna leave you two alone. ASR we’ll discuss this tomorrow, letme work on the idea some more..kay?”

Lavanya said, closing her laptop and grabbing few folders lying there before bidding bye to khushi with a hug and making a swift exit.

Now that she was gone, khushi who was still in the process of deciding what to do when that man in concern requested in a authoritative tone,

“Come, have lunch with me” 

scratch that, definitely not a request that was.

and just like that the remaining ounces of dark clouds swiftly moved away to fill her heart with pure sunshine blessing upon her.


ASR picked up his desk phone while his eyes was still glued to the document he was reading. His eyes shifted from it when his PA informed him about an unexpected visitor outside the cabin and who was quite
adamant on having a few minutes with ASR despite the lack of appointment. Leaning back on his desk fully, a self satisfied grin appeared on his face as he gave instructions to his PA.

Hardly an unexpected visitor for him though. Oh, he was expecting to have a face off with the visitor anytime but he was amazed it took that much of time for the opposite party concerned to conjured up the courage and though it may be the last person on earth whom ASR would waste even seconds of his precious time with but then he couldnt quite miss the opportunity of rubbing salt on wounds where its necessary.

Seconds later he was very well prepared to receive his guest as he saw Sidhdharth Malhotra entering his cabin, sporting a 3 days stubble clearly reflecting his mentally disheveled state. The Charming n charismatic
Malhotra wasnt visible anywhere at that moment. Plus the agony on his face gave away the crypted message that the blow had definitely landed where it could hurt the most.

He saw sid’s hand fisting at his side to control his fury clearly visible on his face, before he launched into the veral attack.


In response, Arnav just kept shuffling the round paper weight in his fingers as if it was more important ,before turning his attention to the man seething infront of him,

“Then guess what..i just did that”
He said as nonchalantly as discussing politics or sports on a formal business dinner. The reply instantly hit the spot when sid’s eyes turned to slits with fury burning in them,


“You are the last person on earth who’s eligible for giving lectures on Ethics”
He replied crossing his hands across his chest with that permanent smirk lingering on his face…obvious content to see him suffering.


“You are right, that was your company, not anymore “
ASR scratched his stubble before replying to his last accusation, emphasizing a little more on ‘was’, before glancing a look at his watch,

“now if you are done,i’ve appointments to keep. Close the door before leaving”

He said, clearing dismissing sid before taking up the file again to resume reading


This time the statement laced with the pain and misery of a man who had just lost his precious treasure got to ASR ,as sid, who just a week back had lost his precious company in a hasty takeover and then was thrown out of it at the first opportunity.. the whole takeover thing took them almost a month, but then in the end, it was definitely worth the trouble for arnav. He got up from his seat, placing his hands wide on the large mahogany desk,replied in a serious tone without the hint of smirk in it.

“I hadnt had to take that route if only you had kept your hands to yourself”

That reply was all it took for sid’s agony to replaced with something nasty as his eyes turned to hard granite chips and an expression of loathing etched over his face, as now his rage was completely turning to some other direction.

“ that s**t is behind all this..i bet that wh**e must have..”

Sid hadnt even completed his sentence when he felt ASR moving in a lightening fast speed to cover the distance between them and next second his hands were on sid’s throat in a deathly grip that was choking him of any air.


though the words were said in a voice no more than a whisper but the danger and the promise attached with it had its impact to the fullest as sid was now shivering seeing the fury and rage that was flashing in Arnav’s eye and was building up by every passing second.

A punch that followed on his nose threw him off balance to even try to save or defend himself and before he could react,he saw several security personals around him grabbing him with ASR hurling instruction to them.

something about not letting him set foot in his property was the last thing he managed to listen before he was mercilessly thrown out of the  building.

2 thoughts on “Chapter 22-MYM

  1. Ok n8t chursil, Lavania, she seems nice… I hope she is. Good for Arnav, delt the blow low, ehere itcwould hurt him the most his company. What has Sid got against Khushi? Calling her all sorts of rubbish, he made a move on her not the other way around, just cos she goes against her husband to have dance eith him, he cant assume dhe threw herself at him, creep needs mord than his nose broken


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