Chapter 20-MYM


Time allows things to fall into place!

Whoever had concluded the above saying in the first place must have been a genius of his/her time for it was indeed the golden rule on what life play its cards upon.Time is what one needed to come to terms with the hard and difficult phases of life. Time is what allows a person to have a better judgement of situations. Time is what one needed to ponder upon how they had reacted in a particular situation and how they should have reacted. For sure, it must have happened to all of us every now and then and Arnav and Khushi were no such exception to the very well known fact.




Time was knitting the otherwise separate threads of their lives into one single piece, without them knowing, ofcourse and this time thing was what playing a vital role in shaping the path leading to their future. Had anyone told them few months back that this is how the way they would be behaving with each other, they would have surely laughed if off on their faces. Arnav to be more specific. Wasn’t he the same man strictly against this idea,this whole institution of marriage. Witnessing his parents’ disasterous marriage was enough of an experience to last for a lifetime for him to beleive in its sincerity in the first place. His mother was everything an ideal woman could have been.An honest, faithful wife, a wonderful mother, a dutiful daughter in law and other complementary things with thirty six other relations a woman is bound into during her whole life time. But just how his mother got rewarded in the end for religiously obeying every single thing, making every single compromises to maintain the dignity of the Raizada name also ensuring to keep the facade of a happy prosperous family while his father was outright insulting her years long dedication in this marriage by nurturing his very own extra marital affair.



He had long lost the faith in this thing called marriage the day his mother shot herself to death. Unable to see the only man she loved lusting after a girl half her age was heart wrenching and it slowly took her hope for still a better future away, bit by bit.So much devastated her husband’s betrayal made her that she dint even think twice about her two innocent kids who were fated to be punished with no fault of theirs. Life was so not fair for a youger arnav who learned his lessons the hard way after experiencing a horrible childhood which ultimately took his innocense away . A 16 year old arnav was all grown up so suddenly in the span of few days. A naughty and lively teen that he once was, with craze only about gadgets, play stations and football with loads of friends, suddenly started repelling every one of the above mentioned thing. Gathering himself after the incident he diverted his bubbling rage against his father, against the almighty whom his mother had worshipped so thoroughly throughout her life, against the whole world for that matter, towards studies only, with aloofness as his only companion. His nani took both the orphaned kids under her wings and did her best to provide the motherly love they both had lost recently. With mama mami as the constant parallel support,it was his anjali di that was his backbone throughout. Her love was what kept
him going through the dark phases of life, kept giving him hope that they could still make their way through this dirty world. But by then the naughty carefree chotey had started building walls around his heart.keeping it safe from yet another heart break  and with the feeling of loosing your loved ones was the last thing he ever wanted on this earth and thus presented before the world Arnav Singh Raizada, a sharp, shrewd and intelligent business mogul with midas touch. With strict decicion making capability and sharp mind it was a matter of few years when his name started making rounds in business magazines. Starting a newly found company from base level and then taking it to new heights was what became his sole mission. Garnering fame, name and money is easier but the tough part is to keep maintaining the flow of all three and Arnav Singh Raizada just became an expertise in it.Amidst all the success kissing his feets in his professional career where he had putin all his heart and hard work, his  personal life remained as aloof as ever.Not that he was some monk or saint but Never was he heard having a serious romantic relationship in his life ever. A steady relationship? far from it. Commitment, the very word he repelled strongly like a magnet’s opposite pole. Marriage, the very word makes no sense for him.  Might be for others,but surely not for him. Many a breakfasts he had left in between in anger cause of that very topic making rounds in dining table, uninvitedly. Many a times he had to pacify a sulking anjali di to make her see sense about his theory. But among all this, the very person that provide the stability to his otherwise revolting n ever changing life was his anjali di and the thought of upsetting her every time she put up the topic of his marriage had started bothering him. The dissapointment in her eyes every time he denied her was started eating him up and ASR started feeling guilty over the time. His closest companion after his late mother was his di,and hurting her constantly was what he detest the most.Wasnt that the only reason that he agreed to it, finally. But on his own terms. How carefully he had paved his way out of the marriage even before entering it at that time. Like a business man, how he had calculated the pros n cons of it, analyze his solid proof plan form every angle possible. Ofcourse, he was Arnav Singh Raizada for nothing.





Okay so exactly what transformed in last few months, he actually had NO idea and seeing him these days, it feels like that surely, he’s Arnav Singh Raizada, for nothing!
Waking next to khushi every morning was the natural thing for him these days. The way a small smile perched on his lips everyday while gorging on delitious lunch sent by her to his office was definitely a first here.A contentment that made its way inside his heart every time she opens the door for him after the office. The way he got protective of her and make a fuss over her carelessness when she got as much as a slight burn was definitely raising few eye balls n giggles from the ladies of the house, not that it matters.The way green eyed monster reared its head every time as much as she praised her fav good-for-nothing-actor. The way she was now becoming comfortable with him warms his heart everytime he thinks about it.After the way they had started on the wrong foot, one can surely say they had come really a long way together.




To say, he had no clue about what changed might not be right. Cause the change that had happened was definitely not overnight. He knew that for one. Trust, that was earlier missing in this relationship was slowly nurturing itself and strongly growing with each passing day.Judgemental that he was of her while at the beginning was what lead him to behave stupidly and made mistakes and he wasnt a fool to repeat that grave mistake now. The way he ran away from his ever changing emotions while dealing with this girl plus the thought of having an upperhand in whats and whys of this marriagewas certainly uncalled for. The dimentions were changing slowly and he was aware of that. He was happy with the way things are going between the two. The thought of the contract was locked in a box and was pushed to the back of his mind, for the time being. You could say ASR here was following the old proverbial theory of crossing the bridge when it comes. He certainly wont like to complicate things now when finally he had found peace with his heart and the battles between his heart n mind were also at rest. The contract was a very delicate issue n he would rather not touch it
unless he was bored of the calmness he experienced these days, admist of his tight working schedule.End of.





“didi, khushi bitiya keh rahi hain vo baad mein naashta kar lengi”
His attention got diverted when hariprakash who was carrying a plateful of food, informed anjali di to which his di nodded after pondering over it and it was then he noticed her absense from the dining table. He had thought she must be in kitchen like always so he found the situation somewhat strange.


Acha theek hai aap rakh dijiye, hum baad me unhe de aaenge..abhi aaram karne dijiye unhe”
anjali repied to the retreating back of hariprakash while serving him breakfast..and that last line definitely gained his attention over Economic times.




“Di khushi kahan hai?”
He asked in confusion at the sudden absense for his otherwise dancing from kitchen to dining table wife during breakfasts.




Chotey kar rahi hain, thodi tabiyat kharab hai..”
She replied and looked at her brother who was now potraying expressions as if nobody told him this deep down secret.


“arre..its nothing chotey..vo bas…suno toh..”
but her vo bas remained dangling in mid for arnav hastily made his way upstairs,with both Economic times and half eaten breakfast now discarded.






“ okay?”

She opened her eyes instantly as his voice landed in her ears and came across a tad bit concerned arnav standing at a distance looking for her reply.



she replied in a low voice with a small smile. Okay, that dint convinced him much for he leaned forward and felt her forehead with the back of his palm.


Resisting the urge to roll her eyes she put up a bright face this time before replying,
“are arnav nothing..hum theek hain”



okay..that certainly DID NOT convinced him at all for Arnav Singh Raizada was not the one to take anything but exact answers. Looking at her pointedly, he exhaled a breath before again asking in a calm voice,



“are you having headache?”



she shook her head in denial.



“You dont have temperature too?”



she nodded her head as she wasnt having fever.



are you feeling sick then?”



she shook her head in negation again.




she raised her lashes to be gifted with his confused but pointed glare as he ran out of the possible diseases to list before her.


“Kuch nahi arnav ji..hum theek hain..aap office nahi gaye abhi tak?”
she tried changing the topic elsewhere in case he dig it a lil more. This man is so adamant at times, devi maiyya!


“damn whats wrong?..tell me..why arent you downstairs if you are fine?”
he snapped at her while ignoring her attempt to divert him from the topic,clearly his threads of patience now sharding to pieces by her repeated hum-theek-hain replies.



and his snapping seemed to worked too cause then she rambled immediately like a student does when summoned infront of principal,
“ having a bit stomach ache..bas”
she replied now clutching her lower abdomen, her face now giving up the smile she had managed to kept there purely for his sake.



He gave her that famous i-knew-it look, before the virus of responsibilities and protectiveness reared their head inside him and he immediately donned that i-m-the-best-husband hat.
“Cant you tell that very thing before?”

He scolded her while inspecting her again this time in a new light now that he knew the cause of it, but mellowed down a bit while seeing her scrunching her nose in pain while clutching her stomach.


“I am taking you to the doctor”
He announced in a no nonsense tone with a note of finality there.



devi maiyaa!
her eyes snapped open at his blatant isnt something you visit a doctor for. Also for that matter it isnt something thats happening for the first time. she is used to it but still these initial days are such a pain in the ass. Okay, not exactly in ass but still it pains. and pains a lot. She closed her eyes when another such mild cramp hit the lower region of her abdomen and she tried her best to stifle it in case arnavji’s hawk like eyes caught that also.


“arnav ji..hume nahi jana hai doctor ke paas”
She retorted stubbornly now with slight annoyance lingering in her voice.



Okay, this man, The Arnav Singh Raizada, The tycoon, standing infront of her, dressed immaculately in a 3 piece business suit,looking clean, freshly shaven with a hint of aftershave lingering around him is all looking delicious enough to eat and is uber cute while fretting over her health n all.BUT. Right at this moment his attention is the last thing she wanted to have. Devi maiyaa, why isnt he letting it go? She would rather prefer to die than sharing the cause of her pain with him, lest he turns magically into a woman.if only! and then she imagined a lady Arnav Singh Raizada cursing all what da’s and similar curses while having such menstrual cramps.but he’s not the one in her shoes.. God, life is so not fair at such times.


“Stop acting like a child khushi.”
His hardened eyes n similar voice dragged her attention back towards him, and she closed her eyes momentarily,sigh! Devi maiya how to make him understand without embaressing myself, she pleaded to her deity.



and then he added a moment later,
Fine if dont wanna go..i am calling in the doctor here”



and even before she could say or voice the protest lingering on her lips, he moved towards the recliner to pick his blackberry lying there. He was in middle of scrolling his phonebook looking for the doctors number when realization choosed to dawned upon him. Looking up towards a irritated, cringing, frowning and whining khushi, he asked her as his limited knowlege regarding women came in handy this time.



“Are you having THAT time of the month?”
he asked her a little unsure of the question himself as his brain tried to wrap itself whether this is what they call it,right?


and khushi wanted nothing more than to vanish in thin air that very moment. The last thing she wanted him to know. Its too intimate for her to share with male species. Least of all, him.



He did not need any other response for his query after the way her face turned another shade of red and her expressions showed he had just hit the right spot. He scratched his head as he still dint know that to do in such situation, so he continue with searching that family doctors’ number.



“Hello, Can i talk to Dr. Reema Sehgal?…Yeah, Raizada here”




Actually My wife is having menstrual cramps and she’s in pain. can you suggest some remedi…”




Rest all she heard was muffled voices as by then she had covered her face with the duvet and placed a pillow over her head lest she melt with more embarrassment infront of him, if that was possible.

This adamant man will some day be the end of her.Period!


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  1. Dammit! Men…I somehow wished they’d covered this in the show! Mind indian tv… still in the dark ages! Well at least he is concerned, most men think we need to get over it 😉


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