Chapter 2-MYM

Arnav Singh Raizada was immersed way too deep in thoughts..which was probably a first for a professional like him,specially when he has a laptop n a file in his hands and on the top, he wasn’t thinking about the work at all in the first place

But then,he had never found himself entangled in such kinda situation earlier in his life. How had his life took a complete about turn just within a span of 2 months.
He sighed heavily.

Two months ago, Arnav Singh Raizada was a bachelor..a playboy bachelor would be more specific to state that. He would have probably laughed off on somebody’s face,if whoever told him dat,two months later he would be a married man.

That very eight letter word MARRIAGE gave him irritation at that time n he would probably vanished away from the face of the earth, than to get married.

Never in his wildest dreams, he had thought that he would probably be sharing his whole life with someone.

with some one like Khushi Kumari Gupta.

If not WHOLE, then a PART atleast.

Khushi kumari Gupta was just not his kind..she dint belonged to the category of girls, he was familiar with uptill now. She wasn’t any top class model, any actress, any high class socialite.

she certainly dint belong to that category of girls,who were ready to throw themselves at him at any given chance.

He sat on his couch, immersed deep in thought, screensaver rotating in front of him.

She was just the opposite of girls he had dealt n taken bed to in his entire life.

He was very well aware of his charm n power he hold over the species of opposite sex. At 28, Arnav Singh Raizada was a lethal combination of Rich n Ruthless that makes him dangerously sexy in its own way.

Sinfully sexy!

He was used to women’s attention, they go literally swooning over him, doing any possible thing to just grab his attention once, showering him with come n f*ck me look all the time..and he won’t be lying to admit that he enjoyed that for sure.

Ofcourse, NO strings attached that’s what he wanted n preferred all the time.

He glanced across his bedroom n observed the changes that had taken place since his marriage.

Marriage ?

He let out a short laugh.

A marriage in name only.

A marriage of convenience that they had.

Probably,more Convenient for you than her?
A voice raised in the back of his mind which he shrugged off effectively.

The dressing table was stocked with cosmetics of top brands, fighting with one another to make spaces for them.

But they were barely touched,apart from one or two items.

His closet that was his own, now contained her dresses,mingling her scent within him,

Without his permission.

The room wasn’t as grey or dark as it used to be.

A welcome change, though.

The vase in the corner, containing the  fresh flowers, mocking him on his face.

A constant reminder of someone, who each morning arrange them a routine.

The soft n soothing voice of the wind chime, hustling in the background Adding its own contribution to the fact.

The whole aura of the room that was his own,now Screaming loudly about the presence of a certain someone, gripping n intruding his life…slowly n poisonously.

The presence that he was fast becoming accustomed to.

NO !

he growled mentally. He wasn’t supposed to feel this way.

He wasn’t supposed to open his eyes, glancing the beautiful fresh flowers first thing in the morning.

He wasn’t supposed to take a moment longer glancing at all those colorful dresses sharing his closet now, touching them, feeling them n deciding which color suits her the best , while fetching for his own clothing.

He wasn’t supposed to closed his eyes in contentment n inhaling deeply, while entering the washroom for a bath.

With Dat intoxicating smell of her strawberry flavored shampoo that left him dazed all the times.

He frowned again !

NO !

this definitely wasn’t something he had remotely planned while entering into this sham of a marriage.

He wasn’t prepared for this. This is going the wrong way.

He felt his head spinning lightly at these thoughts and he felt irritated.

irritated at the situation.

irritated more at himself.

Things weren’t supposed to turn this way.


His head started aching at the enormity of the thoughts..going into a territory dat was certainly dangerous.

bhaiya aapki coffee”

He jerked back to present due to the sudden interruption, he titled up his head to found a pale looking om prakash standing in front of him with a tray in his hand.


Yes, he needed that badly. He stretched his hand to pick the mug, however in this process, om prakash tripped in his steps n the next instant the mug laded on the floor with a loud crash.

This was certainly his undoing. May, the last nail in the coffin for his temper.

Cant you do something properly DAMMIT

He yelled way too loudly at the top of his voice..a genuine way to vent out his pent up anger.


He frowned glaring at him n felt a little in control.



Control was what dat he needed the most at that moment..founding  om prakash shivering badly  under his piercing gaze, he turned to his laptop again,a bit relaxed after venting.



Very much relaxed.


Feeling ASRish again.


Yes, nothing is wrong..everything is still the same.

His power

His dominance

Every damn thing that defines him

He convinced himself mentally.


OM Prakash kya kar rahe hain aap?


His ears got alerted at that familiar voice n he felt the object of his thoughts since that morning entering the room. He fought his sudden desperate urge to look at her but he forced his gaze n lock it on the laptop screen.




He could control his gaze but not his ears,



bhabhi ji, vo..” om prakash replied meekly, stuttering in between, but was again cut off by her.


Kya vo? Kya kaha tha humne aapko..aapki tabiyat theek nahi hai..jaiye aap jake aaram keejiye

Khushi replied stubbornly, her hands on her hips.


vo bas ye saaf”


koi bahana nahi.JUST.GO.NOW..i’ll do it


bhabhi vo..




Om prakash left the room quietly n next he heard khushi bending to picked up the pieces of broken mug.


It wouldn’t be wrong to say ,for the first time in his life


Arnav Singh Raizada dint felt RIGHT !


Right being in CONTROL !


n he couldn’t explain WHY !

5 thoughts on “Chapter 2-MYM

  1. For future chapters could you put the english translation for the dialogues in hindi please? I’m Jamaican and a far cry away from knowing of the many indian languages but I love Arnav and Khushi nonetheless


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