Chapter 19-MYM

Strike your enemies where it hurts the most!

This golden rule of business was what Arnav Singh Raizada had learned in early days in the business world. This was yet another shade of Hard-ass businessman Raizada,a shade quite unknown to the rest of the world.The otherwise Philanthropist Raizada could be so cruel and ruthless while taking revenge was best known only to his business rivals and its probably someone’s sheer bad luck to be placed in one such category.

and guess what, Sidhdharth just secured a damn solid place for himself.

Aman entered the cabin without knocking, knowing very well what his boss must be waiting for and even a second’s delay was not something he would prefer.

He stopped within the other side of his large mahogany desk to find his boss standing, glancing out of the floor to ceiling length window. Hands in his pockets, a serene but dangerous calmness settled in his aura and emanating from him. Someone must have occupied his thoughts, aman thoughtfully concluded.

His boss here seems like a man at work. more on the lines of a predator, ready to play with its prey before attacking.It was something aman has got well versed in reading him correctly. All in all from his past experience he could say that whoever that person was, occupying his thoughts at the moment..definitely their good time’s soon gonna end and Arnav Singh Raizada seems like a man on mission will damn make sure of it. He smiled sardonically pitying the fate of that man before clearing his throat,


Arnav Singh Raizada turned and looked over his shoulder at the source of the interruption.  the voice that had broke his thought process. He saw ,Aman standing at a distance was holding a file in his hands with a small acknowledgable smile adoring his face. He quickly covered the distance in few strides and aman effectively handed the blue file over to him.

His eyes glinted with a fire of its own seeing the words scribbled over the top of it. “Singhania Enterprises” . He made a mental note of promoting the ever effective Aman for being almost perfect..every damn time. This man is surely his right hand, things wont go this smoothly ever in the absence of this man and Arnav Singh Raizada was very well aware of that fact.

“Sir, seems like things are working in our favor”

Aman says without a trace of humor this time.

He was still studying the contents of the file when aman added a minute later, twitching his brow indicating towards the file. Glancing up , he too passed on a secretive smile at that statement..a secretive victorious smile…a smile that held a unsaid promise to it.

“hmmm…Whats the current status?”
Arnav Singh Raizada added in after acknowledging the fact.

“Sir, Stargaze, One of the major investors of Singhania Industries have backed out from the project at the very last minute leaving them in a hung. Certainly a crucial life and death situation for them as they had started this project on a very grand scale. Need not to mention, the word got out in the business circuit and spread like a wildfire. Shareholders are taking their money out from the company. As a result Singhania industries shares have fallen drastically in the last 3 days. They have already incurred a loss of crores by the minute you are getting this news.”

With each second,with each statement, Arnav Singh Raizada felt the satisfaction settling inside him. The satisfaction a predator got after hunting. The feeling of having your prey within your clutches, under your mercy, helpless, surrendering to you.

The first thing he had ever wanted to do was to report that bas***d Sid in police and send him behind the bars as long as his power n money could afford. But in this process he was afraid it would malign khushi’s name, who was nowhere at fault. Plus the promise he had given to khushi about not disclosing the incident to anyone, restricted him in proceeding further with his plans. Doesn’t mean, he would just sit and watch. No one..No bloody anyone can mess with Raizada and his things and when there’s a family member involved, he would leave no stone unturned to make him pay for his deeds.

So, Singhania Industries is Sidhdharth Singhania’s  priceless possession..right?The company that Sid had worked his ass hard in forming since last 10 years. That was the thing common between Arnav and Sid, They both were self made men..but that was it..the only similarity among the two. He dont even wanted to be categorized in the same place where the bas***d resides. His eyes flare momentarily with suppressed rage. He wasnt even started yet. He was very well aware of the power of money and by god’s grace, Arnav Singh Raizada has that in abundance. He knew money can buy anything..or better say anyone. The reason why those investors choose to back out from Singhania Industries. soon, Singhania Industries will face the worst ever financial crunch and it was then, he’ll strike them where it hurts the most. How he would love to see Sid Singhania’s company slipping slowing through his own fingers. He would make sure it happens pretty soon. Overtaking any company hadnt provide him this much satisfaction yet which he was feeling right now..and the game has just began.

“There’s a list of other shareholders that are still funding the company. ASR, as per your orders, we are in talks with them, will let you know about that as soon as something positive happens”

He nodded affirmatively in aman’s direction before adding.

“By next week,arrange a meeting with their board of Directors.. I guess, if they are genius enough it wont take long for them to decide S.I’s future is doomed. Throw them a amount they couldnt resist. If they decline to us, involve a third party. I dont know, i want this company at any bloody cost”

“ASR are you sure about this?”
Aman asked apprehensive of his boss’s sudden interest in not so worthy rival’s company, but his boss’s response to his query washed away all his apprehensions on the matter.

“More than my life”


He had just entered his room after another productive day at office, when the scene before him caught his attention and left him amused. A smile perched on his lips seeing khushi on the bed, mass of cushions  and pillows scattered around her, aroma of popcorn dancing in the air and the dolby sound system roaring and marking its presence. The LCD screen was showing a lethargic muscular man doing some actions and beating some goons with a click of his fingers. But that wasnt what had amused him. It was indeed that oh-so adorable expression on khushi’s face was what transfixed his gaze on her. Her eyes were glued to the screen..totally. Not even blinking in case she might missed a nano second performance,  a dreamy expression on her face, her mouth stuffed with popcorn more than it could afford and a cute chiseled grin was there completing her looks.

Shaking his head, he sat down on the recliner, placing the laptop on the table. Folding the sleeves of the shirt and cracking his knuckles, he cleared his throat.

what? she dint even noticed him..what the..

“ head is aching..i need a coffee?”

Okay..may be a lie, but who knows his head might actually start aching with the amount of violence being shown on screen.

and why the hell she’s watching this..shouldnt women watch rom-coms?
Strange woman.

But instead of listening to him, when she giggled at one such scene, thus breaking his thought process and then clapped frantically like a child watching cartoons and then went on to add, ” waah salman ji..aap chaa gaye..aap se acha koi nahi”

Certainly,by that time, Raizada had enough ..and by enough, he meant it.

Getting up from the recliner, he stood infront of the huge television screen, facing khushi with his hands crossed across his broad muscular chest and by looks of her face seems like she had just now noticed his damn presence. G.R.E.A.T!

For a moment she seemed torned up in choosing between her hero and her husband..her eyes darting to and fro from his hard-as-a-stone face to the television screen at his back where her hero was delivering magical performance…arnav ji was also delivering a performance of his owm..errm, sort of, she concluded.

at last, the fangirl inside her won ..for the time being.

“Arnav ji..aap kab aaye?..humne toh aapko dekha hi nahi?”
She asked mechanically without taking her eyes off screen,shifting her position a bit to get a better view of salman now dancing around the tree.

and Arnav Singh Raizada just got tutorial on how to ignore someone without actually offending them.

“Khushi whats this crap you are watching?”
He scowled when looking over his shoulders he found that same man was now dancing with 100 other dancers in background doing a very weird step with his belt or whatever was that. Oh, he wasnt wrong, the lyrics of that song were giving him a head ache, what in the name is hud-hud-dabang

“kya Crap? Ye salman ji ki block buster movie hai.. aap salman ji ko nahi jaante?..”
Her eyes bulged out of their sockets when she realized that he wasnt aware of the lead of the feels more like he had just done the horrendous crime ever.

When he just shook his head in negation, while twitching his brow, she jumped up and continued,

“Arnav ji…salman ji sabse best star hain..aapko pata hai unki saari movies blockbuster hoti hain..kya action karte hain..kya dance karte hain..aur aap unka punch dekhoge na..unka koi comparision hi nahi..vo toh..”

He raised his hand up, signalling her to stop and she did too. she had seen salman doing that in his films a lot and the action meant “Shut up or pay”

So, she just zipped up her mouth when seeing his face adoring a scowl, his lips thinned into a line, his jaw lines etching into a hard frown. devi maiya, why is he angry now?

oh..yes..Arnav Singh Raizada definitely had enough. So probably somewhere in his heart, he knew he was overreacting but he couldnt quite control the feelings that emerged from within. He was never the jealous kinds,, he never had to was always the opposite sex in his cases, so he couldnt quite put a finger upon why he was having this sudden urge to hit the man on the screen. He couldnt quite understand why he did not like khushi praising that other man in front of him.

may be over the time he has developed protective feeling for her since that incident. His mind came up with best possible explanation and he was happy to accept that as long as this newly found feeling remains in its limit.

“No, i dont know him and i have no desire whatsoever. I have to watch some important business news. bring me a black tea..please”

Ok..that please didnt sounded like a please at all but it would do its work.

He extended his palm signalling her to hand him the remote.

She narrowed her eyes sceptically at him before thrusting the remote in his hands and thomping her foot, strode out of the room.

He shook his head in small laughter..a triumphant smile perched on his lips at the task just accomplished.

turning back, the scowl marked its presence again on his face when he saw her so called the best salman ji on the screen.

and Arnav Singh Raizada just locked horns with the angry looking salman on screen, a minute or two later,realization dawned on him

did he just threw a fit of tantrum over a silly thing?

Did he just got jealous of a movie star who doesnt even aware of her presence?

holy hell..this is not how Arnav Singh Raizada should behave!

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  1. He he! Green eyed monster lurking in the background making him fo stupid things! But really hes around 50 if not more.. old enough to be her dad! Khushi get a grip! What were the writers thinking…


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