Chapter 16-MYM

~Chapter #16~


He curled his palm tightly into a fist..pouring all his anger into it that just needed a way out..pouring all the rage he was feeling at the moment..adding each n every ounce of frustration bubbling inside him,which he had till now managed to kept in limits throughout the evening..immersing every moment of helplessness he experienced today..along with the jealousy..that he had felt probably for the first time in his life..that too for a woman.

His face was as hard as stone..reflecting what was going on in his mind..his eyes were turning dark as they were filled with disgust,..his jaw was etched with lines showing his aggressiveness at the moment and his lips that had carried a formal smile today, were now thinned into a razor sharp line.


This was his worst.


Yeah..he was known to be a Ruthless personality in business world..but this was something even his worst enemy hadn’t had a luck to witnessed till date. It was ASR ‘s anger at its worst..even worsen than that..and it just got multiplied seeing how a bloody man who was already nowhere in his good books, was behaving with khushi.





With one hand, he fisted sid’s hair tightly, tilting his neck,craning it to the point of pain and as a result sid, who was all in the effect of alcohol to even try counter attacking, screamed in exuberant pain. Even before he could save himself, next moment 2 very tight and hard punches welcomed him..landing on his nose and beneath the left eye and he was flat on the ground like a dead meat.





He growled in a voice that was enough to shiver anyone…a voice that was laced with disgust and hatred towards the man..towards the entire scenario. His eyes were blazing with fury.His anger wasnt down even a bit..on the contrary,it just got multiplied several times. He stormed towards sid’s limp form and pulled back his lifeless body by catching hold of his shirt. pulling his arm back, fisting it again, the white knuckles just showing the effect that knock must be having on the person at receiving end and landed on half dead sid’s face again…the blood now rushing in streams out of his nose, did gave the satisfaction he was looking for.

but surely it wasnt enough!


No damn person on the face of earth could harm or even tamper ASR’s property. He had always made sure of it in the past..and when it involved his family members..he would leave no stones unturned to make the culprit’s life a living hell.

and seems like Arnav Singh Raizada here was busy in doing one such thing here.

He growled lowly in anger, alongside gritting his teeth and punched his already swollen face again..and again..yet again.

Arnav Singh Raizada who seemed on a mission to kill sid today came to his senses when he heard her wincing in pain.It was enough to sent hairs on his nape straight up.



scrunching up his eyes momentarily, he cursed himself and instantly got up..but not before gifting him one final punch for the evening.

“khushieee…its okay…baby am here…”

He managed to keep his voice from trembling anymore, fearing what might had happened to badly that swine had hurted her.




He should never have allowed her to dance. Why dint he stopped her..denied her..or even scolded her…DIDN’T MATTER if she would have been hurt by his words..atleast that way..she would have been saved.




she felt someone calling her name softly.

she felt someone patting her cheeks lightly.

she felt someone wiping her sweat and putting her locks behind her ear..repeatedly.

she felt someone gathering her into arms and cupping her face.

she heard someone pleading to open her eyes.


She knew this voice..though it was sounding somewhat faint to her ears but she could never mistaken it for anyone else..this voice..this someone..this comfort..this support.


Arnav ji!

She tried opening her eyes, flicking her lashes but even that slightest moment sent pain screaming through her entire head. she tried moving but even her body was aching in places unknown to her..reminding her of the agony she had faced and the battle she had fought. she tried assuring him that she was fine..alive..but all her efforts went in vain as she wasnt able to do that. Pain sliced through her head as if it will explode anytime..and she cried internally..feeling defeated.

When one of his tear rolled out n touched her face…her heart went out and praying her devi maiyaa, she gathered the whatever left energy she had inside and and flicked her eyes open. Though the amount of pain she had to endured for doing that brave act was highly but it was nothing compared to the relief she got when she saw him…finally!

she tried uttering his name in her broken voice which felt like a uphill task as her throat was completely dry as if it was rubbed with some sandpaper.





He buried his face in his hands..certainly ASR never felt this much helpless in his life ever..and helplessness was the feeling he hated the most. The feeling of NOT being in control of the situation..the feeling of being ‘mocked’ by the hands of fate..the feeling of being at the receiving end.

He blamed himself for the state she’s currently into. He cursed himself for not reaching any faster..He disgusted at himself for still sticking up in that conversation with his business mates earlier,he was least interested into.

It was ALL his doing.

and that’s when he heard her trembling voice…calling his name. He opened his eyes suddenly and found her staring at him with dazed eyes…trying hard to open them..trying hard to raise her hand towards him..trying her best to smile to assure him she’s alright..though her face gave away the amount of pain she was hiding in doing that.

“shhh…shhh…i am here…you are are fine..”
he said repeatedly, alongside gathering her in his arms, burying her face in his chest and caressing her hair. Though it wasnt sure, he was actually convincing whom.

Her or Himself?

He halted in his actions when he heard her wincing slightly. He pulled back to saw her biting her lips..doing a failed attempt of muffling her sobs..tears now leaking from her eyes were a proof enough to tell him that everything was indeed not fine.

“Khushi…are you hurt..?…where…tell me?…”

she just replied with a mere nod and closed her eyes, her face etched in pain. he checked her for any visible sign of injury..a single drop of blood and he would make sure to punch that bas***d again.

and what he found,horrified him.

The bruises on her hands were displayed brightly, in stark contrast with her pale skin, many of her bangles were broken..clearly telling him the fight she had faced..the pain she had endured. He caressed her head, this time carefully and found a big bump at the back..There wasnt any blood though but still, since it was the matter of head..he wasnt sure the amount of internal injury it must have caused. His heart was still beating rapidly, showing his panicked state.

“khushi…stay with are going to be fine…i m taking you to the doctor…j..just stay awake…”

He said,embracing her, carefully avoiding that injured spot..adjusting her form and picking her up in the arms.

she nodded her head..telling him she was listening…and that was the best she could afford at that moment..her legs dangled in air..she felt them as good as lifeless..she felt him adjusting her head in the crook of his arms..she felt him moving faster,traveling distance…she heard him saying something in her ears which sounded like “stay awake”, “we are gonna be home soon”, “just kept open your eyes”. she tried assuring him that she’s trying her best but after every few seconds she felt drumrolls beating in her head…a stream of pain waving through it…slicing it yet more..she felt energy leaving her body…she felt her senses once again ditching her and becoming numb.she inserted deeper into his warmth cuz that was the only comforting thing in this whole situation..and before she knew her body chose to protect her from enduring more pain by the only way possible.

and within few seconds, khushi kumari gupta, once again passed out..this time, in her husband’s arms!

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  1. “khushieee…its okay…baby am here…” brilliant! I font think he realises what he just said! Glad Arnav arrived in time, maybe a bit late…but in time and beat Sid to a pulp which he thoroughly deserved

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