Chapter 15-MYM

~Chapter #15~


“The person you are trying to reach is currently not responding..Please try again later”


Arnav Singh Raizada,this time,swore furiously under his breath when he again got the same message from the other end of the phone. The message that had now started to irritate him, alongside raising his temper..thereby attracting curious glares from the other peoples in the group he was conversing with.Raking a hand through his hair in frustration, he tried controlling his anger that was certainly rising with each and every passing second. His gaze was buzy with its own work..doing a very expert job of searching around the lawn, looking for a particular red saree clad figure admist the crowd of several heads.

“What you have to say about that idea.. Mr. Raizada?..”

The sudden question from Mr Bakshi, that was directed towards him,momentarily distracted him and he turned his gaze back to his business colleagues who were now looking at him curiously, waiting for his reviews on god-knows-what particular idea.

Damn this woman!

Shrugging his shoulders, he muttered some valid excuses to the gathering. The shrewd business man inside him could always bounce back given any situation, likewise,within few seconds he got involved in the conversation his valuable suggestions..when needed. But it wont be a lie to say he was present there fully..only mentally it was..cuz his mind was definitely somewhere else.

His fingers trying her number again and again..his gaze searching throughout to look for her. With each second that was passing in this manner..with him waiting like the receiving end and certainly not in control..with panic starting to poke its head along with the hard crust that usually hides his emotions well..with that strange n ugly feeling of restlessness returning thing was sure..Arnav Singh Raizada was definitely NOT liking the whole say the least.

He gulped the remaining bit of scotch to subside the bubbling rage that was directed to one person only. She had the gall to went ahead for the dance with that douche sid, of all the person. He never had liked that guy..not that sid had done something wrong to land up with that accusation..he couldnt exactly put a finger upon why he felt that way about was just his instincts that said so and Arnav Singh raizada was really not interested in giving him a benefit of doubt either for that matter. The whole duration for which they were dancing on the floor, he found his gaze automatically drifting towards them after every few seconds. For others, he had presented a calm composed n sophisticated self which they firmly believed too..but only from close inspection, one could know that it was hardly so..the way his jaw was twitching in displeasure every time sid placed his hand on her bare skin, the way his hand were tightly gripping the stem of the flute in order to divert his anger..every time he saw some other people looking at khushi n sid in awe and praising them. The way he felt frustration coursing through his veins..every time she as much as smile at that sid.

I think i can manage one dance..thats what she had said right..and now How hopefully he was waiting for that song to end. Meanwhile,he was momentarily distracted from aman’s call, and when he was back after attending that..khushi n that sid were off the dance floor..and he dint know where.

Closing his eyes momentarily, he took a deep breath. A frown now marring his otherwise beautiful features. Not able n interested in pretending anymore he excused himself from the group. His calm exterior was slowly crumbling into shreds n pieces. He took out his phone again and redialled her number..and it just fueled his anger when it kept ringing till eternity.

Tring tring…tring tring…tring tring…

Pick up the phone dammit!


The faint but continuous ringtone,that she had set specially for arnav ji, echoed in the air..for the umpteenth time now. Piercing the silence of the otherwise quiet and secluded area and likewise a dread filled her heart when the phone again went unattended.

Devi maiya..please help!
She mumbled, silently under her breath..with trembling lips. Fear gripping her whole body..making her numb and lifeless. Panic, in turn, paralyzing her mind to react coherently..for that matter.

Cold fear ran through her veins, making her shiver violently. She was trapped in there..secluded..all alone..away from the hustle and bustle of the party that was going on in full swing. The only sound that was coming in..was that of her cellphone..which might be lying discarded somewhere on the ground..and was dutifully ringing after every 15 seconds.

Arnav ji…please come..soon!

with each call, that went unattended in the same manner, she felt panic settling its paws more firmly inside her.

She could literally imagine how her husband might be reacting to this whole scenario at that moment. All hyper.. agitated…frustrated…irritated.. furious.

in short, on borderline explosion.

but even in that state..with all the above mentioned character traits..HE was the only person, she wanted desperately at the moment. His presence, was what she was praying repeatedly come and rescue her from this situation which was her doing.. her fault that was..completely.

she uttered a helpless cry but the voice refused to erupt above her throat..a lump that too size of a ball forming there. Tears leaked from her eyes, smudging her mascara along and traveling all the way to her chin. Slowly, she raised her trembling hands and held her head with both of them. Touching the back of her head she winced was hurting..painfully if someone was constantly hammering it.

She leaned towards the wall..fully supporting her body weight against it..too weak to stand on her own feets.

“Come your eyes..”
Came a devilish voice laden with arrogance..a voice that send chill to ran down her entire spine.

She tried opening her eyes ..but the instant she put so much an effort to do so, her head started spinning..thereby ,stumbling her in the process.

A snarl evil laughter that followed,from the very obnoxious man looming over her..made her skin crawling with disgust and the incident of five minutes back replayed infront of her eyes again.

To say, she was shocked to her very core..would probably be an understatement..Is this the same Sid she had met half an hour back? The man that had displayed a genuine Charming smile at their first meeting..the man that had so effectively punctured holes in the facade she had maintained throughout the evening .. he had seemed true n friendly and why the hell did she not guessed something fishy behind such a polite n friendly gesture.

Because YOU wanted to believe that in the first place Khushi!

A voice that raised inside her head mocked her for her immaturity in handling the situation.

Yes , she was angry..on Arnav ji. For the way he was treating her. For the way..he had trapped her in this whole weird kind of situation..for making her attend this party in the first place ..for the way he manipulated the situation in his favor and for automatically assuming that she’ll play her part default..and what about that whole apology or sorry thing that he was dying to say that day..what about that ?..or did he just changed his mind about that also..feeling it as some useless shit.

Yes..these thoughts were definitely going on somewhere in the back of her mind..and over the time, throughout the evening ..she had effectively snapped a lid over them.

Until he denied Sid’s request for a dance ..on her behalf..without even asking her in the first place …

Not that she was interested in dancing with that guy named Sid..but could he do that was just the last nail in the coffin ..and with that ..the rebellion thoughts that were trapped till then..overflowed and plastering a fake cum sarcastic smile..this time directed solely for her husband ..she went ahead ..or to better say, against him..leaving him all angry and fuming.

A decision she very much regretted making.. some 15 minutes later.

She had looked at sid..all shocked ..angry..and scared at what was happening when he had grabbed her wrist n cornered her all of a sudden. Her gut instincts that all of a sudden were now screaming that something bad is gonna follow, shook her to her very core.

she had gathered herself quickly. Feigning courage that she was loosening at lightening fast speed and managed to demand in a firm voice ..effectively hiding the shiver from it,

What are you doing..Letme go..Arnav ji must be looking for me..”
She demanded, alongside trying to wrench her wrist from his vice like grip.

The look that she saw in his dark n dense eyes clearly told her that letting her go was probably the last thing on his mind .

He tightened his grip more on her wrist ..if that was even possible. His fingers digging into her flesh..breaking her bangles in the process. She winced in pain when few sharp pieces pierced her soft skin,oozing blood out of it.

He took out a sleek liquor bottle from his trousers pocket n drank its entire content in a gulp..wiping his lips with the back of his hands he looked at her hungrily..just the way a predator stare at its prey and let out that evil laughter again.

Arnav ji will never leave you..”
She snapped angrily with tears now leaking her eyes..fumed at herself at how badly she failed in judging him.

He raised his hand and brushed it across her cheeks..all the way tracing the path those tears have covered. Collecting them on his finger tips ..he replied,

“Save these tears for later on..when I will be f**king you..I’ll make sure you will be screaming my name..”

and the next moment, her hand got connected to his cheek..with a loud voice ..she had slapped him hard..real hard ..that for a moment had left him stunned too.

“Don’t you dare touch me..”

He touched his cheek and then looked at the woman infront of her..all furious, angry and visibly shaking ..

“Ahh..feisty hmm ..I just love horny just turn me on..Letme tame you ..”
He replied leaning over her..grabbing her wrist ..sandwiching her between himself and the wall. She raised her hand to slap him again but unfortunately he was quick this time and effectively halted her efforts by capturing it before it could make any kind of contact with him this time. She screamed helplessly when he twisted her hand brutally..almost to the point of pain.

Arnav ji..please come…

She cried helplessly again chanting the above mantra ..putting up a good fight..the best she could afford at that moment ..given her state..buying enough time so that her husband could reach before this retarded bas***d could do any kind of her body n soul.

HELP !!!!

She screamed gaining her voice..which automatically caused him to tighten his grip on her some more ..and he crushed her small form by his larger one ..more ruthlessly.

Sworing under his breath, he shifted both her wrists in his one, and with the other one he fisted handful of her hair tightly to the point of pain..tilting her head upwards ..he leaned a bit and crushed his lips to hers.

She writhed underneath him..still not giving up ..trying to wrench her wrist..putting all the left out energy for that purpose.

Arnav ji…save me..

Tears clouded in her eyes at the assault she was going through at the moment …all cuz of her one mistake ..he kissed her cruelly..brutally..bruising her soft as rose petals lips.. biting them when she did not opened them..denied him to enter ..drawing blood out of it

Devi maiyaa…

She pleaded in distress..alongside trying to stop the devil which was highly influenced by alcohol..her courage,  energy and hope dropping with every second that was passing .. can not give up like this ..Arnav ji will be here soon..fight till he came ..

she pushed aside her trauma and swallowed her tears..holding onto a very thin thread of hope..she gathered her distressed broken self and inhaled deeply collecting every ounce of energy left in her before aiming her thighs and kicking him hard on his groin.


He groaned in pain and snapped at her in anger..boiling rage written all over his face..he swore loudly alongside dragging her hair downwards and slapping her hard. Her heart shattering cries and tears were fueling his anger more and more,making him to behave all beastly..and likewise in one such moment ,he grabbed her head and thrusted it hard on the concrete wall behind her..twice.

She closed her eyes tightly..all her senses pointing to the area of her head that had hit the wall and was now throbbing very hardly ..making her aware of how very painfully it was hurting ..her entire body went numb for a second and as a result she stumbled on her steps ..

“Come your eyes…you s**t”

The nasty voice echoed in her ears..his words swarming inside her head which she couldnt make sense either. She tried opening her eyes and immediately felt her head spinning..her whole body lifeless and numb..her vision blur..she tried raising her hand but it felt very heavy as if cast in iron..her breath coming in short gasps..she tried screaming for help but felt her voice choking in throat not getting past that..the sore point still throbbing..pain becoming unbearable with each second that was passing.


She heard someone calling her name..a male voice..her husband..?was he here?…or was it sid..her attacker? …she tried remembering the person to whom the voice may belong to..but even before she could stressed her mind anymore..her body surrendered completely. she felt total darkness in front of her eyes, eyerything blackened out and she collapsed on the ground in the form of a lump.

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