Chapter 14-MYM

~Chapter #14~


Arnav and Khushi were going out on their first ever dinner party together since their marriage.

and needless to say, the growing silence in the SUV was killing..him!

HIM this time.

Even though this particular Raizada wasnt always the talkative kind in the past but right now the need to start a sane..errm..scratch that..’any’ kindof
conversation was important to him…so bloody important!

and To top that, a particular Mrs Raizada was as mum as  some statue sitting in the passenger seat..looking out of the window as if some important blockbuster was going in there and she wouldnt want  to miss a second of it.

He shook his head in irritation.
Why this woman is hell bent on pushing his wrong buttons?

First she choosed to wear that red saree in which she was looking an epitome of beauty and grace and then she choose to ignore him.

seriously,What the…?

He cursed under his breath glancing a look her way who obviously got way more interesting things outside the window…than to look at him.

He gritted his teeths when he recalled how she managed to ignore him since they stepped outta the house. How slowly she detached her arm in name of straightening her saree pleats and then walked a bit faster leaving him to follow her.

and now she’s sitting here as if she’ll ruin her tongue if she’ll talk to me.


He released a long frustrated breath and closed his eyes momentarily waiting for that sudden wave of anger to subside. ofcourse, he cant yell at her again.

Yelling is not something that helps you to earn a sorry..right?
He questioned himself silently.

Take it slowly Raizada!
Dont hurry and ruin it somemore. Talk to her during the a good atmosphere n not in this cosy space…atleast…where she’s obviously not in the mood!

He nodded to himself. The party they were going to was one thrown by his top business client. So, a formal business dinner it was but a spectacular one too, he knew that. The venue itself was one massive space. Thats why he asked her to accompany him..okay, NOT really asked but demanded.. but then he knew it would be a good opportunity..right!

Yes..he’ll just have to wait for the right moment and then  everything will be all right.


“ah…Mr Raizada..there you are!”

They had just reached the venue and were making their way to the main hall crossing the massive lawns that were decorated with tiny fairy light allover, when a familiar voice startled their movement, and they turned back to acknowledge them,

“Hello Mr. Verma..Nice to meet you here..”
Arnav replied with a warm smile extending his hand for a hand shake.

65 year old Mr Verma, was also one his business client and since they move in same social circle, it was expected to meet many of his colleague in this event..the thing he really wasnt looking forward to today..but ASR quickly put on his business mask, and shaking their hands,continued further,

“Meet Khushi..My Wife…”

“Mrs Raizada..nice to meet you fynally..must say you lookin’ very pretty..and we were wondering why you never introduced her before.. now we know the secret young man..!!”

The old man patted arnav’s shoulders and replied laughing alongside.

khushi acknowledged with a polite small smile and blushed a shade red on the compliment thrown. Of course, she was accompanying him to any such
event for the first tym but the reasons were totally different from what the old man predicted..and with the sudden annoying thought she shook her head and engrossed herself once again in the conversation.


In the next few hours, she was introduced to a lots of new people..all his business colleagues..and she greeted each of them warmly putting that smile intact on her face. Playing her part well. Almost everyone of them complemented on her good looks and some even went on to say that just her presence  there was enough to soothe the eyes.

ofcourse that goes without saying, she was having a hard time hiding her blush that seems to be plastered on her face permanently now.. but even the above thing took a second seat to something other that grabbed her attention more than anything else.

A certain Raizada’s hand!

Every time they moved ahead to meet someone new, he placed his hand on the small of her back.

and with her low cut blouse back, it was almost touching her bare skin. The first time his palm made contact with her skin she couldnt stop that shiver
that flowed through out her form..eventually embarrassing  her. The scorching heat emanating from his palm was producing almost burning like sensation that was now flowing freely through her veins and the till now calm n perfect Mrs Raizada for the world was having a hard time maintaining her calmness.

She tried moving a lil faster this time,when they were moving ahead to meet someone else..but then she felt a tug at her elbow, keeping her in place and the same hand was now residing low at her waist.

Hey Devi maiyaa!

Is this how he is trying to show he’s sorry!
She hissed internally at his audacity to dominate her just to prove his point.

Wasnt he the one who told her to stay in her limits?

wasnt he the one to accuse her of being a gold digger?

wasnt he the one who told her not to expect anything else from him?

Wasnt he the one who told her to serve the contract keeping the rules in the mind?

He wished that n now he’ll get THAT ONLY!

Controlling the sudden wave of anger mixed with the irritation at her feelings that were now playing with her, she freed herself  from his grip by clutching his palm and throwing it away by force..indirectly sending him a much needed message.

He, indeed must have gotten the message when she felt his eyes boring holes onto her body..which she refused to acknowledge by meeting with his gaze and kept looking on to the group of people they were chatting with..the group which obviously missed this small war of egos going on between the newly wed couple here.

khushi felt the surge of satisfaction after playing her rebelling teen part..ofcourse, he deserved that!

Her train of thoughts broke away when someone called her name,

“So unfair Mr. Raizada..A beautiful lady like khushi dont deserve to be stand here..looking bored to death…”

A handsome looking man came n stood in front of  her..flashing her a charming smile before turning yet again to her husband.

The man was almost same the age of arnav..a couple year younger..if so. A medium built but definitely with  as what girls say, ‘to-die-for’ looks.


she noticed, arnav greeted him just by his name. No warm pleasantries n definitely NO smile this time that he was so hell on distributing for free this evening.

Both men were looking at each other with a sharp glint in their if conveying a message..She brushed aside the stupid thoughts keeping them in her not-my-business if she care!

The charming stranger however broke the silence by flashing his charming innocent smile and she guessed him to be more freely, jovial, easy-to-talk to kind..not as grumpy as her husband.

“Raizada..not fair..she is feeling outta place standing next to you while you are engrossed in finalizing yet another BUSINESS DEALS here..common man..give it a break…”

Arnav put his palm on her bare waist..pulling her to his side..keeping her in place,in his tight embrace, before replying to sid curtly..but a tight smug smile made a way on his face now.

“she’s enjoying my company..dont you darling..?”

He asked her, leaning down pecking her lips this time..raising his eye brow…in front of the crowd..marking his territory!

and that was the last nail in the coffin.

How dare he!
Just to have a upperhand in any conversation..he thinks he could do anything…he think he rules this world…he thinks he can manipulate people according to his wish…

and that baffled her some more…she closed her hand in fists, digging her nails on her flesh to subside some of the rage she was strangely feeling for the first time in her life.

and the feeling to wipe off the smug look off his face was becoming overwhelming with each passing second.

she dint replied just kept looking at sid, flashing a small smile…which resulted in the tightening of his grip around her waist, when sid interrupted again,

“Common Raizada..May i dance with your lady..since i know you dont dance…”

Sid asked arching his brow, asking the question politely, before turning to look at her.

oh..NO..she wasnt prepared for this.

she was feeling at a loss of words on how to decline that polite request, since she wasnt the declining kind.  TRUE, she was feeling bored in this  strictly business conversation, and the dance floor was tempting her plus the guy seems genuine and she really want a change .. a dance couldnt harm her husband,she guessed. She was still in the process of making up her mind, when arnav interrupted,

“she dont do either…”

and that was the limit!

seriously..what does he thinks of himself…first he trapped her in this dinner by announcing in front of all the family members, then moving her here n there like a trophy wife to display infront of the world..enuf!

with that, khushi Singh Raizada..masked the fake smile, she learnt doing from her husband and replied to him innocently,

“umm..yeah..i dont do..but m sure i can manage one..dont trouble yourself darling..will be back…”

she replied pecking his cheeks, before pulling herself back from him, and then acknowledging a smiling sid over there, before they both made their way towards the dance floor.

with the smug look now plastered on her face..rather than his!


Even though the dance floor was a bit far..on one side of the open lawn but still she could feel his gaze on her skin..watching her evey move..and she knew he must be cursing her right now for going out of her way to
disobey him.

and that just ignite the fire burning inside her..and she laughed out loud at whatever sid was saying..she was too busy  feeling her husband’s gaze over her skin …rather than concentrating on her dancing partner’s ramblings.

when they whirled a full round, she tried sneaking a peak at him, who was obviously looking at her now with a drink in his hands and the tough expressions on his face..nodding to the person on his side he was engaged in conversation with.

So, you deserve Raizada !

and then she flashed a smile to sid for the first time..feeling content at what she just achieved after rebelling against her husband.


few moments later,Khushi kumari Gupta Singh Raizada cursed the impulsive decision she took few minutes back just to show tit-for-tat to her husband.

Yes,they started off really great..after initial hesitation she was dancing sync with the beats and rhythm of the song that was playing.

But the moment he came closer..too closer for her liking..invading her personal space..she felt the sudden wave of panic.

but she brushed it aside..may be a dance step.

but there was no mistaking about the alcoholic smell of the booze coming from his mouth..that just added to her now nervously beating heart beat.

she smiled nervously while maintaining the distance and looking at the dance floor towards the other couples to check if they too were this close or not.

ofcourse they were..but they were all couple..errm..or might be?

after few more twirling and twisting, she felt a sudden wave of relief when she realized the song was coming to an end.

Thank you devi maiyaa!

She thanked her deity for showing her a escape when she desperately needed one and searched for the excuse to end their dance.

but suddenly her breath hitched in her throat, when she felt his hands dipping low..dangerously low to be called as decent and now unashamedly were resting on her buttocks.

she gasped at that brazen act n met his eyes..with hers, as widened as a soccer ball. The smug smile on his face just confirmed her stupidity for accepting his request.

How could she react now without making a scene..she searched for the comforting gaze of her husband and looked around the lawn for his sign..but to her disappointment..he was no where to be seen.

sincerely apologizing to her devi maiyya for her actions, she freed herself off his grip suddenly pushing him off lightly..n muttering some excuse,

“errm..i need to use the washroom…”

with that, without waiting for his reply she quickly escaped from the dance floor..just to get as far from this swine as possible..back in his comforting grip of her husband.


She closed the washroom door and leaned against it for some time, trying to control her beating heart.

khushi ki bachi…tu bhi na..kya jaroorat thi

she cursed herself under her breath..cursing the swine sid along.

washing her face with the water, she gained a bit of her composure..relaxed herself and straitened off the vanity.

releasing a deep breath, she wiped her face..the confidence back in place now..and the need to be back with her husband was growing tremendously.

looking at her one last time in the mirror, she opened the washroom door..with just one person’s thot in her mind,

search him!

so engrossed she was in his thoughts that she stopped inches short from bumping into someone,

raising her gaze,she realized it was the very person she dont wanna look again in her entire life, however..maintaining the social mask in place..she
replied to him politely,

“sid…errm..look, i really need to go back to my husband..he must be worried for me..”

saying that, she opened her handbag to search her cellphone to call him..there’s not even a second more she could talk to this bloody swine now.

she tried moving ahead, when he grabbed her arm tightly, haltering her movement..her bag dropped from her hands in the process.

and before she could scream,she felt being pinned to a secluded corner.. his big hands covering her mouth..his form plastered to hers..the toxic smell
filling her nostrils made her wanna puke.

“Your good-for-nothing husband is busy sealing bussiness deals here..huh…till den ..let me seal his wife in the meantime…hahaa…”

he replied wiping the drool off his lips with the back of his hand and leaned forward towards her to mark the beautiful lady in front of him!

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  1. Oh dear, impulsive actions will always lead to distress. What has shd got herself into? She should have listened to Arnavs silent moves, this sid was bad news


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