Chapter 13-MYM

~Chapter #13~


Arnav Singh Raizada!

Ask him to earn few quick bucks, he could mount a pile of that within the blink of an eye.

Ask him to earn a SORRY, and he will have NO DAMN clue in the world.

ironic but true!

Earn a

thats what she had said, ryt?

So,what exactly earning a sorry means..?

He sat there scratching his head while trying to find the answer for the same.

Dont say it until n unless you feel it.

Dont say it according to your convinience and comfort.

specially DONT say it just to prove something to me or yourself..

you cannot buy someone’s apology but can only earn it.

Say it only when you genuinely feel that your actions hurted someone and that you are ready to make amends for it.

each n every line of her “Dont say sorry under following conditions” was revolving inside his head now..that too in a loop.

On the poolside recliner,working on his laptop, with a blue file in his hand, Arnav singh Raizada’s mind was definitely elsewhere..where it shouldnt supposed to be.

How can you show that you are GENUINELY sorry apart from saying the word itself..right?
He muttered to himself, half confusedly.

and Hadnt he tried that?..however difficult it was to utter that word for him..he still did that.

Wasnt that genuine enough..errm…or wasnt it?

Was he wrong when he dismissed the idea of buying her gifts,jewellery or materialistic stuff?

The above idea that had always worked with other women in the past.

But, its NOT the other women you are dealing with Raizada.

His mind corrected him.

Women..surely the most difficult creatures on the planet.

Shaking his head to brush aside all those wayward thoughts that were not letting him concentrate on his work..he snapped a lid at them, turned his attention back to the file and read the para for the 6th times in a row.

damn..if only there’s some algorithm for earning a sorry..Life would have been so much better!
he wondered.

well, he’ll figure out something or the other for SURE. He is Arnav Singh Raizada for nothing if he cant tackle this little problem that bugging him continuously..he just need to finish this task at hand first.
Smirking with the above thought, he once more got engrossed in the file, with a much better state of mind this time.



2 days later, He was sitting on the same poolside recliner,

With the same laptop perched on his lap,

Yet again a file, in a different color this time

and still the same questions dancing in his mind.

but true again!

eh yes, one thing was missing..the smug confindent look of 2 days back was no where to be seen now.

however along wuth the pile of questions that had bugged him since more thing was residing n relaxing peacefully in his mind for sometime now.

an accussation?
errm..yeah..dats what if you wanna name it.

How dare she ignore me..huh.
he frowned once again gritting his teeths.

YES…some Breaking News?

However ironic or unbelievable the above line was..but it was one true shit Arnav Singh Raizada was dealing currently with.

Yes,No one ignores Arnav…specially NOT if that was some unwritten rule in his dictionary..and hadnt they all followed that till now without any questions…Dint they just fell on his feets at his single command..dint there were women, who were ready to kill others just to be his arm candy,even if that was for a single event only.

and THIS woman!
God..she will make him crazy someday.

He mumbled to himself, rubbing his temples recalling all that had happened in these two days..since they had returned back from Gupta house.

~2 days earlier~

He came up with this idea of apologizing once again, by saying the word a bit genuinely this time.

He realized that the last time he said was anything but SORRY..he recalled how he had practically yelled at her..clutched her forcefully just to make her listen to him..ofcourse..what kinda woman will categorize that whatever action of his as sorry.

He shook his head at his stupidity of that time..ofcourse she must be expecting some genuine n polite stuff..that starts with totally different line..and will come at that sorry sentence after a while.

OH yeah..woman love going round n round..dont they? They love stretching things..Cutting the apology short to just a sentense might put them off..perhaps, he should start with complementing her dress…or her cooked food…errm…NO, food is a safe choice..NOT that he’ll lie..ofcourse,she genuinely makes delicious food.

NOT dat she looks bad..she looks deli…errm, good in every dress of hers too.
he corrected the word in his mind.

But praising her for her looks would sound a bit..errm..intimate..?..yeah?

so,DONE..FOOD is final!

and then puching in air triumphantly, he eagarly waited for her to bring his dinner to their room that instructed by him.

However, he felt that very sudden n strong pang of dissapointment on finding that it was OM prakash flashing his teeths infort of him, who was carrying that plate loaded with food.

The aroma wafting from it however confirmed that it was made by her hands only.

Suddenly loosing his appetite, he asked in a gruff voice,

“Khushi kahan hai..? “

“vo..khushi bitiya khaana bana rahi hain…”
OM prakash replied still with the plate in his hand, a bit confused on where to place it since arnav was neither giving him any space on the single stool that was on poolside nor showing any interest in it.

“ kahan rakhu..”
om prakash asked hesitatingly motioning towards the plate by tilting his head.

“andar rakh do..”

He replied gruffly again in a voice that indirectly told the poor help that he’s been dismissed…already.

“khushi bitiya ne kaha tha ki garam garam khaana…”

Om prakash however left the above sentense midway when he earned that famous ‘dont-mess-with-me’ look from him and quickly left the poolside to kept the food inside.

taking few deep breaths to control his sudden anger that was piling up now, he immersed himself in his work again..yeah, the thing that will surely keep him sane.

getting up from the recliner.A now COOL & in control Raizada checked his watch, 11:45 pm..

GOD..what this woman is doing in the name of kitchen work?

Its not that she had cooked for the entire city..n is washing the utensils for the same. He long ago ate the dinner.

Om prakash showed his not-so-lovely face yet again, this time with his medicines..and Arnav singh Raizada decided not to throw tantrums this time on the poor soul..without any mistake of his.

Changing into his night clothes..he closed his eyes..relaxing his body and the straining muscles..counting the tick tock of the clock..awaiting her arrival to said what was pending…and without he could plan on further..he got drifted away in a slumber..against his choice this time.

He opened his eyes next morning, to a now empty right side of his bed..with a cleanly made up bedsheet of her side. If it wasnt for the dent on her pillow, no one could have even guessed that she even slept there last night.

and there he started his day with a newly found frustration.

The scene at the dining table was not different..with her being in kitchen most of the time..making hot chapaties for all..declining all orders of eating together.

thus eventually raising his temper too!…if unknowingly.

and what was about that sudden call from her buaa when it was almost time for their morning PDA..huh?

He however pecked her on her cheeks, waiting for 2 seconds to acknowlegde his presence and left from there fumingly when instead of meeting his gaze she kept on scribbling the reciepie to make mango pickle.

like, seriously??

That goes without saying that AR emloyees had to bear the burnt of it for the rest of the day.

What topped the whole situation was that the very same process repeated the next day…and then the next day …again!

What the..?

IT wasnt dat he dint tried anything else..but the fact was that she was never alone.  either she was with di n nani doing her ‘rather important’ stuffs or in the kitchen making those receipies.

Needless to say, the rage was slowly piling up inside his head at being blatantly ignored like that.

and after 2 days.. Arnav Singh Raizada was this close at loosing it..and he was just pretty sure the next tim, she as much ignored him..she’ll have to face the wrath of it.

Closing his eyes momentarily..he tried controlling the growing temper that was now reaching its threshold.

Shutting down his laptop with a loud thud..he made his way downstairs for dinner.

Khushi was as usual serving the hot chapaties one by one, moving to n fro from he kitchen to the dining hall.

during one such round of serving, she was about to move back when she felt a sudden tug at her elbow,

“khushi baitho…”

he noticed how she hesitatingly looked at others before meeting his eyes n replied plastering that fake smile that he had started to hate now.

“errm..koi baat nahi arnav ji..hum baad me khaa lenge..”

“Maine kahaa na”
Those 3 words in that dangerously low voice of his was enough to alert her of the upcoming danger n she reluctantly took her seat along his right.

Loading a plate with daal, sabji, chapati n her favorite pickle he placed it in front of her, toring a bite of it..hold it in front of her ..literally waiting to stuffed it in her mouth..if he could.

averting her gaze she wiped her hand off her dupatta, before raising them again to meet with his and saw the warning flashing over there.

and hesitatingly, she opened her mouth..which earned her one of his smile in return.

“Di, aap meri biwi se kitna kaam karwati ho..”
Arnav complained toring yet another bite and putting in her mouth while khushi just move her eyeballs from
di to him n vice versa.

Anjali rolled her eyes, grinning alongside before replying,
“Chotey, tum hi control karo apni wife ko ab..pta nahi pichle kuch dino se super woman banne ki taiyari me hai..”

He let out a short laugh, stuffing yet another piece, before replying,

“Kal se dinner tum nahi banaaogi “

“p..par arnav jee…

She tried interuppting when he suddenly inserted a spoon full of daal in her mouth.

“No arguments…”
He just replied flashing her an dont-you-dare expression.

When he was almost done,feeding her full..he got up from his seat, lean down a lil to wipe off some stray food from the corner of her lips before handling her a glass of water..straightening up, he cleared his throat and replied in a clear voice loud enough for everyone to hear it,

“Khushi, kal taiyaar rehna..we have a dinner party to attend tomorrow night..”

Leaning down, he pecked her cheeks lovingly before meeting her eyes,

The smug look was definitrly back on his face now.

cuz he had her now where he wanted her!

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