Chapter 1-MYM

Arnav Singh Raizada was one hell of a complex character!

He had learned from his past experience not to TRUST anyone and he was following that rule completely .

ASR, 28, was the youngest self made millionaire, a successful business tycoon and the owner of one of the leading fashion house in Delhi . He was The next ‘big thing’ as often quoted by various business magazines and analysts. He had made his way to the TOP in a very little span of few years.

He was a man of few words. His work speaks strongly for him. But there was this another thing about him that was making rounds in social gatherings recently . His lifestyle and his choice of girls

ASR, was famous for changing his ‘arm candies’ like he changed his attires . He never dated a girl more than a week normally . The longest fling that he was involved in, lasted for 2 months.Not that he prefered in ‘use and throw’. He entertained a girl as long as its a NO STRING attached thing . He preferred this kind of arrangement only because this way He got someone to warm his bed and they got their 15 minutes of fame plus all material comforts . As soon as they start expecting more, he dumped them . So, all in all it was very hard to tangle him in the web of relationships and commitment, and marriage is definitely not the word in his dictionary.

Only one relation matters to him more than his life and that is with his Di ‘s .

His Di, Anjali.

His life, his heart beat, his soul, his center of his universe. His everything.!!!

The only motherly figure in his life and his strongest pillar of support when he decided to conquer this cruel world.

Life was not always like this battlefield for him. He used to be a normal carefree boy, utterly loved and protected in the warm cocoon of his family, once upon a time before everything spiraled downwards.  His mother committed suicide owing to his father’s infidelity and within a matter of few hours, the notion of his happy prosperous family came crashing down.  As if that was not enough, they got thrown away from their house on the streets by his own uncle as soon as the cremations were over. That was the day when the transformation of ASR from Arnav begin and Today is the day when no one can guess, he was the same cute, once shy little child named Arnav. He never let anyone to have a glance at that child except only one person ..Di !

He had vowed that day to give his Di all the happiness in the world that she could desire and he was fulfilling that promise. His parents would have been very proud of him ,had they been alive . He can never deny her anything.. NEVER !

Even if she would ask for his life , he will give that too happily.

He was reading the text sent by his Di for the 10th time hoping it would change, but all in vain. It was still the same.

” ASR, you are getting married and that’s FINAL!”

It was just a single line, but he could sense the anger with which it was written because the endearment ‘chotey’ was missing and the presence of ASR just confirmed, something deadly was waiting for him.

He lost his appetite in the naked blonde beauty, his latest arm candy, waiting, for him to join in the shower in his penthouse,for a raunchy make out session followed by hard FU*K till the wee hours of the night as planned earlier!

Grabbing his car keys and made his way out of his house , informing the driver on his way to drop the ‘unlucky’ girl at her home first thing in the morning!

The look on his face clearly telling ASR was definitely in BIG TROUBLE !

5 thoughts on “Chapter 1-MYM

  1. Now that you started uploading the password protected chapters, i started reading again.. this chapter clearly shows how much His Di means to him and also how his current lifestyle is 😉. Hotwa is naughty


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