Arhi Fan-Fiction: Making You Mine~Prologue~

S-e-n-s-e-l-e-s-s !

He wanted to fu*k her senseless. That pert,round,tight bottom of
hers, hanging in air as she bend to pick up the fallen tray,tempting him to do things that he had promised,he never will …


Atleast,not to his wife !


He let out a short laugh as the word ‘wife’ hits his mind.




Khushi kumari Gupta..his wife of almost 2 months. The supposed ‘newly-weds’ that they were. Going against his sane thoughts,he couldn’t help but sometimes got this sudden urge to just grab her, put her over his shoulder and lock them away in the sanctuary of his bed room,to take her hard and fast in every damn possible way..till she reaches the height of her ecstasy only to come down screaming his name and them enjoying the aftermaths .all this was possible, if only they were normal couple like others.If only!


The irony of this whole situation was that ..they were not the NORMAL couple .


He jerked back to present when he felt a tap on his shoulder “Arnav ji..will you have some tea ?? “


Nooo, I want to take YOU..that too right now ..his lust reared its ugly head inside him that he tried his best to shove back. It was all a crazy mess. All cause of her.


CONTROL… the thing Arnav Singh Raizada was famous for, was quickly slipping away from his hands like sand granules  AND all because of this hell of the woman standing in front of him staring with her almond shaped eyes with utmost innocence on her face.



He mentally slapped himself for behaving like a lusty teenager salivating after his innocent wife .He just answered with a curt ” NO ” and continued typing furiously on his laptop..the keys were now the victim of his wrath. Furious with himself, he shuts the laptop with a loud thud and headed towards the washroom for the cold shower !



YES..He definitely need one ..!

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