Arhi Tiny Tales: Second Chances

1e76bd6632552325fd3c50cb02281abd.jpg~Tiny Tales of Arnav-Khushi~


~Second Chances~

“Arnav jeee…they are sooo pretty…thank you

She squealed up in joy as he entered the pool side area carrying a bunch of red roses in his hands and couldn’t help as his lips twitched up in amusement. The innocence on her face, the softness of her expressions, her joy in appreciating such small things reminded him one more time as to why this woman should be treasured like rare n precious diamonds and try as he might, he would never be able to let her go even if deep down his heart knows that he doesn’t deserve her. Not a bit. He chose to ignore the pitch deep down his gut at that revolting thought. A fact he couldn’t digest. A world without her, he couldn’t even begin to imagine now. His resolve solidified as her eyes twinkled with child like excitement as she inhaled those roses. Her beauty wasn’t just skin deep.. It ran deep inside, touching her soul thus illuminating her with a unique glow of it own. He couldn’t survive in his black n white world anymore.It suffocated him, choke him to death .His world desperately needs that fresh splash of color that was khushi.His khushi!

“They used to be your favorite. You like them?”
He asked her softly while carefully tucking a lock behind her ear and a warmth spread itself slowly all over him as she blushed at his touch.  Unable to help himself, he tenderly caressed her cheeks with the back of his palm, wanting to make up for all the times he had mistreated her but now he was glad he has the entire life infront of him to make it up. And making it up, he will.

“Like them? I love them Arnav jee”
She whispered softly, unable to hide her overwhelmed emotions that Arnav could very well relate to now.

He presented a box of jalebies hidden in his other palm and chuckled when his wife actually squealed like a child and hugged him. He couldn’t ask life to reward him with anything better than this. Cause this was the best thing to have ever happened to him in his entire life and Raizada has every intention of keeping it that way,lifelong. He would make sure to treasure it all with everything in him, till his last breath.

“Arnav jee..tell me about our first meeting”
she asked him after a long silence ,with hopes lingering behind her eye lids. He felt his heart churning inside with guilt and remorse and he drifted his gaze away.  Their first meeting? Sheesh mahal? He had literally insulted her, abducted her in a room, invaded her privacy and what not. He felt like drawing his own blood for treating her that way. His shoulders slumped under the enormous burden of guilt at his own actions that he was so proud of back then. and then he met her gaze again. A gaze full of hope and affection and the clouds of doubt that have fogged themselves in his mind, started disappearing in thin air and he felt himself seeing clearly for the first time. The translucency in his life till then gives path for the transparency and he couldn’t thank heavens for this second chance he got.

He glanced at khushi and realized that the uneasiness in the pit of his stomach whisked itself away and a serene calm made it way there, filling his veins with the courage he needed the most. He owed her a life full of happiness, a life without hurt, a life full of love and he would make sure it will be a life she might have secretly wished in her dreams.

She had rescued him from the clutches of Shyam. Even after how he had treated her. And though She had saved him successfully, she ended up loosing her memory in that unfortunate incident leaving Raizada under the heaps n heaps nothing but guilt, remorse and life long pain.

But now Life was bestowing upon him another chance and he would make sure to clutch it tightly with both hands. All that is left now was khushi, Arnav and a fresh slate where he could recreate those memories. Not the way they happened but the way they should have.

The way they should have met!
The way they should have dated!
The way they should have married!
The way she should have been treated!
The way she should have been loved by him!

He would recreate them. Each one of them. He would shower her with so much love that she would never remember those cruel horrible memories of the past and even if she would ever remember them someday, her mind wouldn’t accept her horrible past over her beautiful present. He would make sure of that

He looked at her with his eyes twinkling in joy, with the prospect of how beautifully he’s going to craft a future for both at the same time mending the past while enjoying the present, together,hand in hand.They would relive it all over again. The hope was now transferring from her orbs to his own as he linked their fingers together before placing a small kiss on the joint. Perching his legs up on the coffee table infront of the swing, he smiled when she placed her head on his shoulder n shifted to a cozy position before glancing up at him with curiosity. He smiled in return and kissed her hair before he started weaving tales of their first meeting at Sheesh mahal while putting his past mistakes at rest burying them deep down from where they couldn’t ever rear their ugly head again. He would make sure to take her to all those places they have met and encountered before, sheeshmahal, that dargaah, nainitaal, the temple..every single one to create the memories from the scratch.

He has been granted another chance purely by a stroke of luck, maybe he wasn’t ready the first time. They say a second chance is nothing if you didn’t learn your lessons from your first mistake. So if you are lucky enough to got another one, make sure its counts and with a steely resolve, he went on to make sure its worth it as life presented him with a fresh canvas.

Now life doesn’t give such a second chance to everyone..does it?

11 thoughts on “Arhi Tiny Tales: Second Chances

  1. Lovely OS. I love your work. 🙂 Just to let you know I have got locked out of IF. If my ID changes then I will send you a new buddy request. ship13(IF)

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  2. awesome ……… awesome ……. simply awesome.

    the concept is extremely beautiful.

    the way you said it , it became more beautiful.

    can I make a request. can you make a series on this second chance – like how they should have met , how they should have dated , how they should have married

    like how will Arnav recreate those moments – a series on that. if you like this idea …. plz let me know.

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    1. Hi jayeeta!
      First of all thankyou for this wonderfully encouraging comment. Trust me its nothing less than a reward. ❤ and secondly I very much love this idea of yours.its something that hasn't crossed my mind and it could made up a v worthy series itself 🙂 I would further need ur help but. Give me a little more clarity on this series. The areas I should cover ..u want these to be tiny as well? Would love to read ur thoughts on this 🙂


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