Arhi Tiny Tales: Happiness

~Tiny tales of Arnav-Khushi~


“so..i heard you are getting engaged”
he texted her, typing with nervous fingers.That slightest of burning sensation that was running  throughout his body, mocking him and trying to climb through his facade along with that bitter taste in his mouth ever since he heard the news.

“i don’t have any reason to deny the proposal”
she replied finally, after typing, deleting, retyping, discarding numerous times. Not wanting to sound like clingy or desperate she settled for this answer, partial truth that was. The max she could do without baring her soul to him.

“Are you happy?”
He asked again, gathering the courage that was whisking away itself. The uneasiness constantly  propelling to new heights and he tensed underneath as he replayed her previous reply in his mind again and again like a broken record.

She opened the message the minute it arrived. Her fingers crossed with hopes lingering beneath , her heart thumping in anticipation of what might be his reply in response to hers. He might give it away this time. Might give her a last chance to hold onto what seems like an impossible wish. Hoping for a glimpse of atleast a slight crack in his bolted walls.sadly, he didn’t. Her hopes died a slow death as a sharp tug of disappointment engulfed her and she began questioning whether it was one sided the whole time.



Mourning in her sorrow of loosing something that was never hers to begin with, her defeated mind couldnt conjured any reply other than a curt “Yes

After a very long time, she got his reply. Hope started chirping inside her again like birds, as she hold onto that very tiny flicker of hope to atleast give her an opening. Her gaze involuntarily drifted to the small devi idol placed on her desk. Praying to her devi maiya, she closed her eyes one last time as she exhaled a nervous breath.

“I am happy for you too”

and it was sealed. They couldn’t have guessed that a message or two more might have made the difference they both were wishing for deep down in their respective hearts, while plying safe on the outside.

Two friends who could talk to each other for hours literally on anything couldn’t converse that day.

Both Khushi and Arnav were happy

But sadly, even happiness shed some tears that  day.  

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